13 Tips to Become Noob To Pro in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Tips to Become Pro

We are going to take some of your skills in Apex from the newb level to more closer to the pro level. And by the end, I would have thrown out about 30 tips for you that you can really implement into your own gameplay. And yeah, let’s just get into it.

Apex Legends Tips to Become Pro

So starting off, we’re going to be talking about the movement. One of the most important things in Apex legends. Later, we’ll be talking about positioning, there’s not really going to be too much about aiming because aiming is something that you just grow yourself.

But movements, the most important thing and the thing that you can constantly refine, it’s not really going to be something that you have to build muscle memory for. It’s something that you have to actively learn and push yourself to get better at once you’ve learned certain skills.

It’s like riding a bike, you will be able to do it every time, like aiming, which is like this constant thing you have to keep, like refreshing your ability, you got to keep your aim fresh, right. So either way, we’re going to jump into that.

So first up, we’re going to be looking at strafing how to make the perfect strafe. starting from this basic strafing all the way to advanced strafing with crouches variable movement, speed, and specific legend based strafe patterns.

1.The number one tip is you should strafe in this game as much as possible. If you’re standing still, you are going to die. You have to move do not stand still, if you’re in a fight or an engagement, especially if you’re out in the open. We’ll talk more about that later.

2. second thing throwing some crouches pretty simple strafing and crouching will do two things. Firstly, it changes your player height, which is going to be harder for the enemy to track. And secondly, when you crouch you actually change your movement speed for a short time. And by doing that your stripes are going to be random you’ll have variable movement thrown into it, which is going to make things harder for them to track. It’s a really easy way to mix up your strafe movement speed without getting into the technicalities of doing other things which we will be getting into in a minute.

3. strafe patterns. For each legend, every legend has a different strafe pattern that works the best for example, with Wraith being so small, but has still needing to do the same amount of movement from point A to point B. It makes it look like her player model is moving more when she strafe the same distance so long back and forth strafe with arrays are the best someone like crypto, However, his strafes are better if you just drove back and forth as fast as possible. Because his head wiggles back and forth like crazy. His head goes left to right. pretty significantly Pathfinder, on the other hand, you want to do a lot of crouching because he’s a tall legend crouching is going to create more like height difference between each crouch as opposed to the other legends who focus on crouch spamming like crazy with Pathfinder. There are plenty of different strafe patterns and However, what you need to do is pick your main go into the firing range, activate the Easter egg, and play around with these strafing animations to see what looks the most master that movement, one v one against your friends out in the open using the strafe pattern, get better with it and learn to implement it was just shooting and being able to aim effectively.

4. add strafe randomness. So we’ve learned how to strafe, we’ve learned how to strafe and crouch, we’ve built up a specific strafe pattern that’s good for us and our main character. And now we’re going to add stroke randomness. This is as simple as just aiming down sights at different times, just when you feel like doing it, you know, what you do when you aim down sight is you go from your hip fire movement speed to that aim, the downside movement speed of that specific weapon. If it’s a pistol, it’s the same speed. So this isn’t gonna work for pistols. But if you’re using an SMG, a shotgun, a sniper, or an assault rifle, or anything like that, in fact, the heavier weapons, this works better, try and focus on being hip fire as much as possible in an engagement close range, but then start just zooming in for a couple of seconds getting out of ADS. And repeating that, what that does is it makes it very hard for the enemy to track you because you’re going to be going at a consistent speed, and they’re going to be able to track that. But then you aim down sights for a couple of seconds, and suddenly your speed changes, and they’re gonna miss your shots. And then you come out of ADS and go back to full speed. And you can really start to play with people’s heads by doing this

5. Try not to jump in fights as much as you can, the kind of distance as you’re landing down onto the ground again, your speed and momentum drops, and you’re sort of floating there in the air for a split second kind of feels like that, you’re a pretty easy target when you jump in the air, try not to do it unless you’re going into that jump with momentum.

6. movement in cover. Really, really important, you can consciously make the decision to play in cover perfectly, and it’s going to make yourself really hard to hit. strafing makes you harder to hit, if you’re out in the open 100% of your body is in the open for them to shoot, they don’t have to hit you in the head, they just have to hit part of your body. But if you’re playing around cover, a smaller percentage of your body is actually in their view, meaning they’re going to have a harder time hitting you. So the first tip is keep as much of your body behind cover as often as possible. If you’re going to engage in a fight, look at your surroundings, look at the cover you have and try and keep your body behind cover as much as possible peak with only a bit of your body showing change the angle that you’re kind of engaging on that player so that you’re always as often as possible. as much as you can take fights from behind cover. This brings us to sort of another thing that you can do, when you’re using specific weapons that have a slow fire rate, you can actually go entirely behind cover whilst you’re waiting for the next shot to be available to shoot. So that you’re basically only peeking when you’re doing damage or potentially doing damage so that you’re not giving them the advantage, mastiff is a great example of this mastiff is a very strong and very popular weapon in this game. So we’re going to be calling this mastiff peaking, essentially, you take a shot whilst you’re halfway of cover, and then you go behind cover fully, and then peak again, when you’re ready to shoot again. And you can get this timing down to a perfection. But the timing does change depending on what cover you get. But either way, if you’re spending more time behind cover fully out of their line of sight worse, you’re not able to shoot, the fights are gonna go more in your favor massively.

7. learn door play, I don’t know what to call it really door play is something that is all about playing around doors playing around cover, there’s so much you can do with doors, right, there’s sort of a rock paper scissors to it. Okay, I’m going to break that down now. So if you’re healing behind a door, a player is going to do one of three things, they’re going to try and kick the door, they’re going to try and thermite the door, or they’re just going to wait or go through another entrance. So what you need to do is learn their behavior, be prepared for these things. If you’re healing start to heal. If they kick the door continue to heal until they’re about to do the second kick and then quickly stop healing and shoot them. In fact, to get it perfect.

Sometimes it’s best to start shooting. While they’ve already started that second kick animation to that as soon as the door is broken, you’re going to do damage to them. Once they’re stuck in that animation and you’re going to get the most benefit of that animation sort of change as much as possible. If they get out of grenades, all you need to do is step away from the door. And then if they suddenly put that granade away and try and open the door, just push yourself against the door again to keep it shut. And if they leave and go to another door or try and get in the building from another way all you do is open the door and then look it from the other side. And that will allow you to once again stop them from getting to us to healing if you’re doing it the other way and you’re the attacker.

Basically, you’re going to need termites or you’re going to need to try and play around the door and get an angle on them from a different angle. Don’t kick the door. Just don’t do it. Of course. If you have teammates to back up, then kicking the door can be fine. But otherwise, if you’re solo, it’s not a great idea.

8. we’re going to be talking about situations when you’re not behind cover, and you need to get behind cover, but you’re caught out in the open, what a lot of people do is move their aim or their movement control back and forth like crazy to try and dodge a bullet. If you do this in this game, it’s going to break your momentum, the momentum in Apex is very fluid. If you know how it works, sharp turns cut into your momentum.

There’s a movement technique called cut strafing that basically you use this technique to your advantage and you cut your movement specifically, at certain points to make yourself harder to hit. However, you don’t really want to be doing that if you’re trying to escape a situation and you’re out in the open. So what you need to do is do a smooth zigzag pattern as you’re going back and forth.

And that will mean you’re going to keep the maximum movement speed and you’re not going to cut into that speed at any point. And if you want to take the next level, what then you want to do is bunny hopping, Bhopping is faster than this Zig-Zag style be hopping is not faster than just moving straight in a direction from point A to point B, just going straight from point A to point B with some slides and jump is the fastest movement method. But if you want to try and be as hard to hit as possible, bhopping is very good.

9. I’ve taught you how to do strafing, how to play around cover how to play between cover, now we’re going to be talking about pushing people’s angles because or pushing people’s corners. If another player is playing in cover, at some point, you are going to need to push that angle and get to them where they’re trying to pick back angle and have that cover and have the defensive position.

You get a lot of benefit as an aggressor in this game. So are you willing to do is not just run around a corner instead use a different movement technique to push that corner. The first being a very simple slide push sliding around the corner, you will be lower height than they expect you’ll be moving around the corner faster than they expect. And you can get the jump on them.

10. Speaking of jumps, what about our wall jump push a wall jump is done by sliding, jumping, letting go of all movement. As soon as you touch the wall, jump again, and then move your movement in the direction you want to turn. So you can walk jump at a wall and move your momentum and control your movement in the air and push yourself around a corner.

Practice this, you’re really gonna be able to use it in a lot of situations, especially when you’re pushing someone’s corner, you also have the wide swing and be a hot push, essentially, what you want to do is a slide and then in the air, control your movement stick and aim stick or if you’re on the mouse control a and move your mouse in that direction or D and move your mouse in the right direction as you swing wide around the corner. And that’s going to give you a sudden boost in movement.

Because in Apex you gain momentum, when you do these wide parking turns in the air, you’re going to swing around that corner really fast. If you have a weapon like an Eva8 or something like that.

you’re going to be able to do a lot of damage to them. Finally, we have the wall climb push. This one is harder to do effectively, because you do kind of have to lose some momentum. And you’re kind of vulnerable when you do it. But it can work well.

Essentially you climb up a wall. And as you’re about to go around the corner, you drop on them and it can work effectively because they very rarely expect it. But if they peek what you’re doing this can backfire. So just learn that this is a possibility.

11. Now we’re going to be talking about another thing that a lot of people kind of miss out on and that is accuracy in moving. Now in this game movement is really important. But when you move too much some weapons really do struggle to hit shots. Of course, you can ADS at all times. But that does limit your movement a little bit.

Every weapon has different accuracy stats when aiming down sight when hip strafing when hip running and when hip firing in the air. You have to pick your battles when it comes to this. Picking our 99 over the vault is going to be a great choice if you like movement. Over aim movement the online is great. You can hip fire very well on this weapon sometimes even get some good shots in the air.

While shooting the R99 it’s three times better on average hit fire spread compared to the volt or EVA8 is entirely accurate on a hip-fire the spread isn’t changed at all You must-have however you definitely want to ADS with this thing.

However, no matter what you’re doing, no matter how you’re moving, it’s going to have the same spread as well drop would take is a really interesting weapon. If you’re in the air, you can still get 100% accuracy so long as you’re aiming down the sights.

The charge rifle is 100% accurate no matter what you’re doing, although you probably want to ADS checks to see what you’re shooting at.

12. Finally, I’m going to talk about some legends specific combat tips. And then we’ll move into some decision making tips that I think are useful for everyone to know. So firstly, if you’re fighting Gibby, you should aim at his feet if you have a high damage weapon or he has a low-level armor, otherwise, you’re gonna have to go through that shield and it’s not worth it.

However, if you have a low damage weapon going through a shield is technically the best option. Overall the damage and the amount of shots you have to do, it’s going to be about the same regardless, if you’re fighting Wraith Try not to use a Mastiff a good Wraith can crouch and become very hard to hit, and you’ll get more 14 than you ever have done. When fighting a Wraith with a mastiff

If you’re fighting against Pathfinder, aim for his legs, it’s the biggest area on his body and it counts his body damage as he’s still low profile. And lots of Pathfinders like to crouch spam, but it’s no problem. Even if they crouch spam up and down. This is gonna be a great counter to that because you’re just gonna attract the same point just consider his legs his center of mass, right let’s move on to decision making.

You should concentrate hard when fighting octane or Bangalore instead of entirely relying on your muscle memory for the aim to increase movement speed-wise, strafing will mess you up. So just focus on some deep breathing focus hard on your screen, and you’re going to hit those shots.

You don’t really need to do it for the other legends because they will move at about the same speed. When going for 20 bombers pay attention to the ship path and follow it towards the center of the map. This is often the best way to see as many players as possible.

Alternatively, on the world’s edge just land fragment or sorting until they have most of the game until the ring pushes you out.

13. In a ranked try to look at the ring location and find an option that lets you rotate to the next ring safely. Try to remember where people landed and rotate in directions away from them. Try to rotate to the furthest reaches of the next ring. If you think that’s where the least amount of players will be. always just fighting your way through hordes of players that are already deep in the ring ready for rotations, there’s a certain flow of combat.

If a team backs off, don’t assume they won’t jump back into fights. If you engage another squad, be aware. On the flip side, if you’re taking too much heat from a squad, you can back off a bit, get a good position. And then if your original squad gets placed, you can reengage have a better chance of winning your fights.

You don’t always have to engage or take a battle. If someone’s trying to shoot you can use your movement and positioning skills to get away and reengage. When the time is more suitable. fights in Apex Legends should be over fast. If you can’t secure kills or things are dragging out you need to rotate or leave the area to find some way you can safely set up if you’re not in a safe spot from third parties like at the edge of a ring, for example, then you need to stop fighting as soon as possible or finish the fight fires then rotate quickly to a safe spot.

So that’s it. I hope these tips were useful. Hopefully, you can Practice and kind of know what processes you need to go through to go from noob to pro-level really. There are so many more things we can go into about positioning

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