80 Tips & Tricks to Dominate in Apex Legends Mobile

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Tip no. 1 – Grow some courage, be confident and go look for gunfights this is literally the best way to get good at them.

Tip no. 2– Deal with the stress and pressure early so you get used to it there is literally nothing worse than hiding and when a gunfight comes around you panic and die immediately.

Tip no. 3- Stick with your team and work together apex Legends Mobile is heavily team-driven it’s hard enough taking down one enemy why would you want to fight multiple enemies at the same time.

Tip no. 4- turn off auto-open doors in a setting so you can manually exploit its mechanics.


Tip no. 5- when you need to heal but you’re constantly getting chased you can use a door to block enemies chasing you just run past it close it and block it by standing or crouching next to it then pop a heel.

Tip door

Tip no. 6- The doors can only be opened outwards from your character so you cannot pull a door open hence the ability to block a doorway doors can be broken with melee attacks but it takes two hits but the explosion from grenades and arcstars immediately breaks doors.

Tip no. 7- understand the zipline settings it has plenty of variations for example there’s a setting that will force your character to look to a specific direction based on where the zipline ends as soon as you ride a zipline.


Tip no. 8- crouch walking prevents loud footsteps indicators to pop up as well as almost eliminating footstep sounds.

Tip no. 9- slide then heal healing slows you down to a crawl however healing while sliding will not cancel the slide and therefore you’ll travel faster while you’re healing.

Tip no. 10- remove these hit markers and visual clutter in the settings so you can have a clear field of vision.


Tip no. 11- for maximum game performance set the frames per second to highest but graphics lowest this is something that literally all professional players do number.


Tip no. 12- you can tap the jump button to ride the zip line while you’re mid-air.

Tip no. 13- you can double-tap the screen to quickly ping something however it does have a range you cannot ping something that’s 2 million miles away.

Tip no. 14- understand the ping system and use specific pings and ping as often as you can.

Tip no. 15- if you’re playing with randoms and want the team to stick together but the random keeps running away follow that random two players are better than one ask your other teammate to do the same.

Tip no. 16- armor swapping check enemy loot boxes for spare shields and swap when you know you’re about to fight. a full blue shield is better than a zero hp red shield.

Tip no. 17- armor dropping this one has the same end result as armor swapping a fresh shield basically but a little more complex you basically drop the shield that you’re currently wearing in a safe place and go pick up another shield to wear when your current new shield breaks you’ll have a spare one right where you left it.

Tip no. 18- finishers fully heal your shield if you complete the animation unless you change the finishes effect using the perk system and finishes also fully ignore knockdown shield.

Tip no. 19- get creative when climbing you can climb tall structures that you normally cannot climb in one go by using ledges along your way up.

Tip no. 20- jump slide sometimes it’s just not enough time to build momentum to slide from a sprint move to any direction jump and crouch as soon as you hit the floor you’ll slide at max velocity.

Tip no. 21- focus on one enemy when there are multiple enemies ahead so you don’t spread your magazine too thin,

Tip no. 22- do not over-expose yourself always find cover build a habit of running from cover to cover asap where possible.

Tip no. 23-always look for the high ground so you can get easy headshots on your enemies and also a high cover advantage.

Tip no. 24-plan your entry and exit routes before you engage in a fight.

Tip no. 25- dolphin dive this technique allows you to glide longer and reach farther places for better loot this one’s not really hard to do all you gotta do is dive down as normal with your left d-pad and using your right d-pad just swipe it up and down up and down that’s literally it.

Tip no. 26- free firing predict enemy movement and starts firing before the enemy shows up on your screen out of that corner that they’re hiding from.

Tip no. 27-the flying kick melee attack has a quicker animation speed than the standard punch melee attacks meaning you can attack more often and do more damage per second super easy to do just jump up and hit the melee button for a quick.

Tip no. 28- pay attention to the kill feed and see if anyone is wasting everyone so you can adjust your strategy based on what you’re seeing.

Tip no. 29- watch the top players and learn from them analyze their gameplay take notes and copy them likewise analyze your own gameplay after every match good and bad.

Tip no. 30-also, lower your weapon when running to sprint 15 faster.

Tip no. 31-understand all legends and their abilities asap there is nothing worse than fighting someone you have no idea about.

Tip no. 32- always warm up in the firing range practice movements weapons and legends use this control panel for moving dummy target practice modes learn every gun’s recoil patterns asap even if you don’t actually want to use them at least you’ll know what the pattern is just in case that gun becomes your only choice.

Tip no. 33-try out different scopes same reason as the recoil.

Tip no. 34- .practice hip fire in the range learn which guns are best for hipfire.

Tip no. 35-familiarize yourself with the ring shrinking patterns it’s not the easiest thing to do but just pay attention to the pattern by constantly looking at your map and remembering the ring movements the ring however always shrinks within the ring area never outside where the players could take damage.


Tip no. 36- recon legends can use these survey beacons to find out the next ring location.

Tip no. 37- drop in different locations every game at the start to familiarize yourself with the map learn each drop spot and the environment around it loot bins doorways buildings higher grounds.

Tip no. 38-dead teammates banners can be picked up by anyone and scanned by another person in the squad but beware whenever you’re using the respawn beacon there will be a huge green light that will shoot out from the beacon which everyone can see likewise the ship that comes in to drop the revive caused a huge spectacle that everyone can also see.

Tip no. 39- gold items have special perks and do not evolve.

Tip no. 40- mirage Gibraltar and lifeline gets ownership priority of the gold backpack due to their abilities that synergize with the gold backpack’s healing perk the gold backpack provides teammates that get revived from a knock extra 50 shields and 50 base hp on top of the standard 20 hp on revive.

Tip no. 41-if you have a Wattson in a team let her carry all the ultimate accelerants for the team as she can carry two in one slot.

Tip no. 42- practice real gunfights and movement in team deathmatch mode you could even try to not use abilities at all to further focus on just shooting and moving.

Tip no. 43- Gibraltar will be one of the most used legends because of his tactical ability dome of protection so learn about his tactical ability asap.

Tip no. 44- practice 1v1s with friends in the firing range with weapon rules such as shotguns only allowing you to isolate your practice with each gun in real gunfights.

Tip no. 45- bubble fighting is something that you do with Gibraltar’s tactical ability it’s basically when players pop in and out of Gibby’s dome to take enemies out or try and survive for as long as possible and like I said before Gibby is gonna be one of the most used legends in the game so expect a lot of bubble fighting.

Tip no. 46- strafe when in gunfights don’t just stand still when you’re trying to shoot an enemy down.

Tip no. 47- unlock all legends for free with legend coins or whatever the currency is going to be called when the game comes out earn this currency simply by performing well each game earn more currency by lasting longer in games basically aim for the top five.

Tip no. 48- stay healthy with your shield always fix up fix your shield first always unless you’re trying to survive the ring damage 100 base hp plus 50 shield hp is better than 100 hp and zero shields hp.

Tip no. 49- time to kill aka the raid is very slow with apex legend’s mobile because the shield system and small mic capacities keep your shield high.

Tip no. 50- crypto’s drone can do a lot of things it can pick up a teammate banner it can even scan it can damage shield destroy traps distract enemies and reload your weapon when in drone mode.

Tip no. 51- slide your corners build this habit asap it’s really great for surprise attacks.

Tip no. 52- avoid fighting someone with a higher ground they can easily kill you with plenty of headshots.

Tip no. 53-single fire mode for flatline can actually be really good if you have fast trigger fingers it almost eliminates all recoil and deals big damage per hit.

Tip no. 54- check out these hacks you can hold the fire button down on a single fire with g7 scout and the hemlock and they will keep firing automatically while having a decent fire rate and almost no recoil at all which is actually really silly.

Tip no. 55- best legends for high tier gameplay bloodhound Gibraltar octane wraith and lifeline.

Tip no. 56- carries at least one ordinance great for pushing people out of cover or even high ground advantage.

Tip no. 57- zip hop when riding horizontal ziplines this makes you a harder target to hit but do it randomly and don’t spam it or you’ll fall off as there’s a cooldown on how fast you can get back on a zip.

Tip no. 58- gold magazines reload weapons when they are stowed away also auto reloads when healing.

Tip no. 59- learn when to take a break from the game if you keep losing sometimes just going away taking a break and returning is better than playing when you’re stressed try something different if you keep getting clapped to change your strategy try a new legend try something new.

Tip no. 60- learn the 60 40 rule asap, 60 out 40 behind cover this basically allows you to disappear immediately to safety when you’ve taken too much damage.

Tip no. 61- the third party is king target the winning team as they are obviously harder to take down and you can steal their knockdown points if you eliminate them before they can finish off their enemies.

Tip no. 62- gold shield has a perk that doubles the heels you get from using syringes and shield cells.


Tip no. 63- when wearing a gold knockdown shield and you get knocked down you’ll have the option to self-revive even if both of your teammates are down or dead you can pick yourself back up.

Tip no. 64- pay attention to your behind when rotating towards the zone don’t forget to check behind you to see if anyone is running towards the zone as well.

Tip no. 65- learn good positioning and learn how to gatekeep teams that are rotating right behind you.

Tip no. 66- it’s not always about high kill counts guys, especially in rank.

Tip no. 67- learn the rank point system to maximize the number of ranking points you can get per game.

Tip no. 68- thermites can damage enemies on the other side of the door and breaks the door down in the process.

Tip no. 69- lifeline is insane especially for players with great aim and gunfight skills and doesn’t need to rely on abilities.

Tip no. 70- there are plenty of game modes in a game each forces you to play differently try them all and broaden your skills.

Tip no. 71- these flying balloon thingies contain decent supplies such as heals and ammo as well as the vault key in world’s edge in this part of the map there is a room called the vault and guess what this is where you can use the volt key to open a door for high tier and game loot.

Tip no. 72- the Creber sniper rifle is the only weapon that can one-shot someone at full health even with helmet and shield of the highest tiers but you gotta get a headshot though.

Tip no. 73- familiarize yourself with weapon gunshot sounds you can adjust your approach based on what you hear if someone is busy sniping close to you it could be a great way to sneak up on them and take them out.

Tip no. 74- if you hear someone popping off with a peacekeeper or any shotguns for that matter distancing yourself and lots of movement would be highly advisable.

Tip no. 75- switch weapons and ammo type if you’re low on ammo if needed don’t rely on the chance of finding ammo for the one that you’ve got backpack space is very limited pre-plan your loot and only pick up what you need.

Tip no. 76- Caustic and Gibraltar have a perk called fortified meaning they naturally take 15 percent less damage Gibraltar’s bubble can protect you from core 6 gas if the dome doesn’t cover the gas source but it cannot protect you from ring damage.

Tip no. 77- while in the firing range you can click this button to bring up this quick window for your sensitivity settings a much quicker way to adjust your sensitivities.

Tip no. 78- you can destroy caustic straps by shooting this base part of the canister if the gas hasn’t been set off yet also you can shoot the canisters while they’re being tossed midair to destroy them immediately.

Tip no. 79- you can literally climb any vertical surface if it stops you from moving you can climb it.

Tip no. 80- every single legend has a weakness learn them exploit them once you’re familiar with the game. pick a few landing spots with good loot and land there every game flight path-dependent of course this allows you to have a comfortable start to every single game because you know where everything is.

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