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Apex Legends mobile unleash punishment

Good news is May 17th you can Download apex legends mobile from the app store, it is launching globally worldwide that’s what globally means worldwide on android and apple and everybody including you can download this amazing game

We gonna see everything you need to know regarding apex legends mobile if you’re brand new and have no idea what the game is stick around if you think you know about apex mobile because you watched and played the soft launch you should stick around too because we’ve got a lot of new stuff that is coming to global

Apex Legends Mobile Global Release Date

17 May 2022 Apex Legends Mobile Launched Globally.

Apex Legends Mobile Poster

What is Apex Legends Mobile ?

if you have no idea what apex legends is it’s one of the most successful battle royale games in pc and console history and given how popular it’s become it’s pretty safe to say it’s gonna be a hit on mobile as well now this game is also very unique because you’re placed in teams of three for trios and every player gets to select their own legend at the beginning of the match each team will have three different legends so there’s no duplicates and each legend has their own abilities and skills to master

How to Install/Download

Android and IOS user go in to App store and Search for Apex Legends Mobile. If your Device is compatible you will see install button there, just install it and enjoy the game.

What Are Legends?

there’s a ton of depth and a bunch of mechanics for a very high skill cap it’s easy to learn but tough to master no matter the play style everyone can find at least a couple legends that they’ll love using some are very quick and can move around the map with ease while others are sneaky and can evade the enemies and some legends are brutes and can just dig in and take a fight anywhere

all the legends available at launch will be Bangalore, bloodhound, caustic, Gibraltar, lifeline, mirage, octane pathfinder, wraith and a brand new mobile exclusive legend named fade because he’s mobile exclusive that means fade has never been seen in pc or console mobile is going to be the only place that he’s ever been seen in the apex universe.

Apex Legends Mobile Game Modes

starting on launch there will be three different types of game modes that you can play in apex legends mobile of course there’s battle royale with 60 players on massive maps there will also be ranked with leaderboards so if you’re competitive you can push up as high as you can in your region there’s 3v3 arenas where you fight against another trio to win the rounds and of course there’s tdm which is actually a mobile exclusive mode which is a 6v6 team deathmatch and it’s great for practice and very fast paced arenas will have three maps and tdm will have five maps.

Apex Legends Mobile Updates

Start off with the main menu features to begin with then so as we’re aware this is very common we’ve seen this in the soft launch but anyways levels so there are actually 500 levels where you can unlock different rewards going through all the levels and this goes all the way up until level 500 which is the max level

Apex Legends Mobile Levels

We now have personal stats where you can actually check your stats per season or click on all to see them all and this is for third person and first person you also have the option as well to private your stats and nobody else can see them again you’ve also got a history just like the soft launch and you’ve got your profile that shows all your stats as well.

Apex Legends Mobile Battle Pass

Apex Legends mobile battle pass
Apex Legends mobile battle pass

So brand new skins and other Items the price of the battle pass is slightly different so for the premium pass it’s 799 and then the premium pass plus is 1599. and as we are already aware battle pass missions are also back in the game allows you to rank up your battle pass nice and easily.

Apex Legends mobile unleash punishment

We then have the limited time prime time store which is the seasonal store and the first one is going to be the unleash punishment this is with the new legend fade which i will be going over just in a moment but you’ve got different like activities that you need to do and it unlocks stories so you can actually see the story and the law behind the legend himself you then have a finance management where if you spend a bit of money you do get money back along with a heavy duty skin for the vault smg and then.

finally you have the rookie rewards where again we’re very familiar with this this allows you to collect free skins on a daily login and it also gives you daily missions to complete for even more rewards.

Apex Legends mobile Club

Apex Legends mobile clubs
Apex Legends mobile clubs

Now let’s take a look at clubs we also now have the club feature which you unlock at level 7 where you can create a club which is a clan invite your friends and then compete against other clubs to gain rewards.

Apex Legends mobile Game Modes

Apex Legends mobile 2

let’s take a look at the new game modes starting off with the game modes then battle royale you’ve got world’s edge


We then have it ranked but as you can see there’s a brand new rank that has been added the ranks now are iron, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master and then predator with three to five sub ranks and the seasons last for about two months onto multiplayer.

Apex Legends Mobile TDM

then you got TDM base respawn Team Death Match random respawn and arenas now random respawn is a new game mode this spawns you in once you die closest to your teammates so you’re never going to get spawn trapped consistently like you did in base respawn.

Then you have tutorial so you can play the tutorial once again not too sure why you would want to do this but moving on to free practice you got firing range weekly challenges and advanced training level with its new features.

Apex Legends Mobile Battle Royale

Battle royale this is the core apex legends mobile experience massive maps 60 player matches and ever shrinking ring you’re dropping with basic gear you gotta explore the map and find better equipment the last duo or trio standing takes it all.

three refree arenas fight to the finish in this action-packed 3v3 round based game mode pick your loadout sharpen your skills and outplay people on brand new maps including thermal station artillery and overflow this is a 6v6 mobile exclusive game mode where players will rack up kills against each other with fast respawns once you die you’ll respawn next to your random teammates at the nearest locations playable on five different maps which include school town market overflow artillery and fermo station.

Apex Legends Mobile Legend Customization

Apex Legends mobile legend customizations

let’s take a look at the legend customization so we got legend customization as well so we got brand new features such as the skydiver emotes so now we can do a multi while in mid-air we got the skydive trails as well but if we click onto the ranked one as you can see up the top there are different ones platinum diamond and predator.

we now also have emotes we saw this in the soft launch but there are brand new remotes being added to the global launch we got holo sprays again something that we’re familiar with already and then finally brand new the emoji packs which you can actually put emojis now.

Apex Legends mobile perks

and finally on the legend customization you have perks these perks will no longer work in ranked only casual and the system is a little bit different this time round you can also unlock banners and emojis too with this perk system.

Apex Legends Mobile Store

Apex Legends Mobile Store

Moving on to the store then a little bit different but we’re going to start off with the brand new phase heist roll basically these rolls you can just open them and there’s limited amount of like skins and rewards that you can get but if you click on the image down the bottom left that will take you into the major store then which is the phase high skins you got two options to choose from but you can buy them always entirely up to you we’re starting off with the r99 then we’ve got a wingman and then of course we got a lot of cool customization that we can go through as well including the human spring the acrobat for rafe and much more.

it’s a pyramid of skins and cosmetics and much more the more you buy the higher chance you’re going to be able to get to get one of the unique skins and as you can see there you’ve got a brand new weapon the the 30-30 repeater.

Moving on to the store vault ladies and gents you’re familiar with this in the soft launch but all the skins are different as you can see we got some amazing skins we got some wraith, lifeline we got Gibraltar fade and so many brand new weapon skins these look absolutely amazing along with skydiving trails and much more.

there’s so much in this store that is brand new then we got the packs you’re familiar with these so then you got syndicate packs again you’re fully aware of these in the soft launch and then moving on to craft and then you’ve got crafting skins which you can unlock these by just playing the game so technically they’re free skins that you can just grind your booty cheeks off to be able to unlock moving on to the last thing in the store then is legends you can buy the legends or actually spend unique currency to buy them.

Apex Legends Mobile Settings and Display

there are brand new settings including a brand new HUD ladies and gents but you can still use the original one if you want to and then you got the dead zone as well so we’re going to be seeing some major apex players coming to play mobile definitely in the future
then graphics we’ve got all the same graphics a couple more new features and also original now will run at normal frame rate the maximum frame rate so far is 60
and it is super stable this the global launch i promise you now has been optimized so much compared to the soft launch.

crafting machine now has been added so now you can craft more items to help your survival.

Apex Legends Mobile leaderboards

moving on to leaderboards then ladies and gents so leaderboards are regional now so you will not see anyone from different servers on your leaderboards you will be playing everyone in your region so if you’re European it’ll be European players only in your server leaderboards there’s a new feature right now on screen you actually get banned if you leave a casual or a ranked match on world’s edge there is now a place called climatizer and this has all been changed with snow and even if you go on top of this tower which was overpowered it is now very visible there’s not much cover up there.

replacing the PK will be the volt SMG this care package weapon is incredible the time to kill is extremely fast as long as you control its recoil the peacekeeper is now removed from the care packages making it ground loot and the 30 30 repeater has been added to the game.

Apex Legends mobile Fade

all righty let’s take a look at the legends including the brand new legend fade himself I’ve saved this till last because it’s the best part about the video enjoy now let’s talk about legends and the brand new mobile exclusive first ever legend so legends available on the mobile version will be Bangalore, bloodhound, caustic, Gibraltar, lifeline, mirage, octane pathfinder, Wraith and the brand new mobile exclusive legend fade.

when is apex legends coming to mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Launched at 17th May 2022

how to get apex legends on mobile

Download It From App Store of Android or IOS or get APK and OBB

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