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R301 (assault rifle) - Apex Legends Mobile

This article’s purpose is mainly for beginners right guns are not only easy to use for beginners but are also powerful enough to kill anyone you meet regardless of player’s skill level so just because of that this Guide is good for beginners.

Don’t think these guns aren’t great guns in fact some of them are top tier guns regardless before we get cracking though the challenge is which of these guns do you think are top tier guns in an advanced weapon tier list let me know in the Forum section below alright then let’s kick it.

I’m gonna go through the best five guns for you guys.

R301 (assault rifle)

R301 (assault rifle) - Apex Legends Mobile
R301 (assault rifle) – Apex Legends Mobile

Starting off with the r301,

The R301 assault rifle is the best weapon of all in Apex Legends Mobile, the r301 this gun is the daddy of all that is due to its all-around greatness close range easy claps mid-range easy claps long-range easy claps sniper range easy claps.

The r301 is a highly accurate gun with a great fire rate and deals tremendous amounts of damage with one magazine the recoil pattern for this gun is very easy to control as well all you gotta really do is pull your aiming finger downwards while you’re shooting and with that, you’ll pretty much hit your targets very easily up to a medium-range without any attachments.

When equipped with a stabilizer and a stock the r301 can get players at such long-range distances. you guessed it this is the gun that you should prioritize picking up every game you can even run around and carry two of these if you want its hip-fire accuracy isn’t bad either.

You can easily take down enemies with hipfire using the r301 in fact personally i find it easier to hit fight with the r31 than the r99 smg it’s just super easy to control and hit enemies with so yeah r301 pick it up

Alternator (smg)

Alternator-smg - Apex Legends Mobile
Alternator (SMG) – Apex Legends Mobile

Then we have the alternator SMG, this gun is one of my personal favorite weapons as a hipfire addict the alternator is an absolute dream weapon to use its fire rate is fast but not too fast.

Pro tip having a weapon with a super-fast fire rate doesn’t always mean it’s effective in fact often when the fire rate of a weapon is too fast it can be a bad thing why because super high fire is like r99 leaves you minimal room for error meaning if you miss your spray for half a second that could mean you’ve only got two bullets left in your magazine to deal damage with so yeah not always ideal, especially for beginners.

Basically, as a beginner, you want weapons that offer a good starting point that you can progress from and the alternator offers exactly that.

Its damage is actually quite good too and its hip-fire accuracy is incredibly sharp lastly even when you aim down sight and shoot an enemy relatively far away it’s still pretty accurate one of the best weapons you can carry around, especially alongside the r301.

EVA 8 (Shotgun)

EVA 8 (Shotgun) - Apex Legends Mobile
EVA 8 (Shotgun) – Apex Legends Mobile

Next, we have the Eva 8 shotgun, Eva 8 shotgun is a fully automatic shotgun if you’ve ever played COD mobile this is basically the echo shotgun.

Here’s a fun fact about the ev8 shotgun its bullet spray pattern draws the figure of the number eight so with this in mind you ideally want to aim your crosshair right in the middle of the enemy’s chest for a chance to land some headshot damage with the upper part of the pattern.

Shotguns and the slow time to kill in an apex legends mobile make shotguns in general hard to use put it this way you cannot one tap an enemy with a full shield you’ll need to have really good aim paired with really good movement to become a successful one pump shotgunner in this game.

Now because EVA 8 is a fully automatic shotty it offers great damage at close range as you can just spam it relentlessly without being too much in need of having good aim great weapon to carry for close-range fights.

Vault (SMG)

Vault (SMG) - Apex Legends Mobile
Vault (SMG) – Apex Legends Mobile

Alright, now we go to vault SMG,

Vault SMGis basically a choice between the r99 and the alternator it’s easier to control than the r99 and it offers more damage per second than the alternator as it has a slightly faster fire rate.

The only problem is if I’m being very picky it’s an energy gun personally I struggle to find energy ammo around the map also I wouldn’t recommend beginners not use a havoc rifle or a devotion because of their mechanics.

Typically carry an alternator and an r301 so all you need to look for is light ammo then you can easily swap between the two as they share the same ammo type.

But guys do not get me wrong volt is a great gun that’s just me being super picky it’s absolutely monstrous when you use it close range and hip fire and it’s relatively easy to control when your ADS up to mid-range but do remember it is an SMG so don’t go sniping someone 200 meters away on ads but yeah go ahead pick it up use it, it’s a great gun.

Splitfire (Assault Rifle)

Splitfire (Assault Rifle) - Apex Legends Mobile
Splitfire (Assault Rifle) – Apex Legends Mobile

Last but not least the Splitfire,

Just like the r301, no beginner’s weapon list is good if it doesn’t include the m600 splitfire this thing right here is the jack of all trades not bad but not great it’s good bang smack in the middle this thing can absolutely laser enemies a long-distance as well as being super solid for close-range fights with hipfire.

its hipfire capabilities are one of the best in the game and because of its medium fire rate, it’s very easy to hit a lot of your shots.

on top of this, its magazine capacity is ludicrously large put it this way right now in soft launch it’s an airdrop only gun so you can only find it in one of these care packages that drop randomly across the map but as an example, the care package splitfire can carry up to 60 bullets in one magazine.

If there’s any gun that anyone at any level can use with ease and still be able to take enemies down with it’s the Splitfire find it pick it up use it.

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