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Welcome To Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Playtests (Sign up)

Apex mobile play tests and how you can sign up for yourself now the EA apex mobile play test actually starts today and it does run for a few more days and it is exclusive to only people in the united states and Canada and you also have to be using an android device if you fit those requirements feel free to go over to ea.com/playtesting and you will be able to sign up for the apex mobile play test.

If you do actually complete this EA does give you some free stuff let me know if you’ve signed up and are going to try it out or have already once again you have to be located in the united states or Canada and also be using an android device

How to Sign up for Apex Legends Mobile beta Playtest

apex legends mobile free test so basically there is a website called ea play testing which is a website behind me where you can play games give feedback and even get rewards doing it so a apex legends mobile is available for a free one hour test from 3rd march until the 5th two days long so we’re gonna get into it.

Just head over to link https://www.ea.com/playtesting

it will bring you to ea playtesting all you need to do is press sign up and it’ll bring you to this page play testing says do you want to play exclusive game content before anyone else give your feedback and receive great rewards for doing so join the EA play testing community today unfortunately this is really annoying because it’s only available for guys in the us and canada and the reasons for that are that respawn’s main headquarters are in los Angeles us and Canada Vancouver which is the new apex legends mobile office purely for apex legends mobile.

whoever does this has to sign a non-disclosure agreement meaning that you’re not going to be able to showcase the game anywhere you’re not going to leak it or you might get sued.

by completing the server you acknowledge the following you’re not currently employed by any journalism video game development this basically means so you can’t spread anything to do with this play testing at all or you will get sued you are not a past or present employee of ea nope you will not sign you will sign a play test agreement for admission to every ea playlist and you are 14 years or older so anyone under 14 i’m really sorry anyone over 14 good luck.

upcoming play test so location has to be us or Canada date and time will vary depending on what you pick from the 3rd until the 5th of march play testers must have an android mobile phone a headset with microphone that connects to the android phone a pc mac with access to the internet for survey completion you must have these three things.

and the reward for doing this is you get to try out apex legends mobile and you get two ea game codes of your choice.

review your contact information and make changes if necessary.

play testers must complete each task below to receive their rewards so again you must have an android phone you must have headphones with a mic that connects to your android phone and you must have a pc and mac with internet access to complete surveys.

you have an android mobile phone, please indicate a model of your android mobile device.

After tat fill out more details which will follow up to you next pages and you will get a at last a page which Looks like this if you fortunate enough.

you’ll receive an email invitation to your email which is email

thank you for your interest in EA play testing and that is all you need to do if it’s totally confirmed it will bring you back to the portal.

so again it’s really unfortunate that this isn’t global we fully understand why it is because the rewards are only available for people in the us and Canada where respawns headquarters are so again if you get to try this out some of my guys from the US and from Canada.

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