Apex Legends Mobile HUD Setup (2/3/4 Fingers)

Apex Legends Mobile HUD Setup (2/3/4 Finger)

Believe it or not your heads-up display or HUD is will ultimately decide just how good you could be at apex legends mobile if you have a HUD that’s clunky difficult to use and just overall unorganized imagine being in a 1v3 situation you’re the last person live in the squad to clutch the wind but you’re struggling to just find where your buttons are on your HUD and you end up catching only 1.

Apex Legends Mobile HUD Setup (2/3/4 Finger)

No one likes to be in that situation so that’s why in today’s Article I’m going to be giving you all the best HUD display designs for both two three and four finger players also later on I’ll be giving some tips on how you all can switch to becoming a three or four finger player as changing to this claw play style will drastically increase your skill.

Setting up Control Interface 2

now a quick rule of thumb for all the HUD displays I’m going to be showing you all is they have all been created using the controls interface 2 setting.

Apex Legends Mobile Hud Setting

This setting basically just combines a lot of the clunky UI elements like switching weapons or showing your teammates health it just condenses them down into a really nice form factor and gives you all more space on your screen which is perfect for phone players because depending on what device you’re using you might not have too much screen starting off already.

Apex Legends Mobile 2 Finger HUD Setup

Now let’s go ahead and hop into the basic two-finger HUD display and I say basic because for two fingers you’re only allowed to use your thumbs with this play style which means that any buttons at the top of the screen really need to be buttons that you don’t access a lot things like map or the settings button or the emote button they could stay at the top of the screen while all the other important buttons need to be around the middle or the bottom of the screen.

2 finger HUD Apex Legends Mobile

so there’s really not too much creativity you can throw into this HUD display as if you get too creative it’ll probably end up hindering your gameplay making it worse so for this style being basic and being simple is what tends to work best.

it’s pretty close to what apex mobile just starts you off with when you make a brand new HUD display but I’ve resized some of the buttons move them around so that the key action buttons are closer together and some of the less important buttons they’ve also been grouped together as well I will say that though for any of the HUD displays you guys decide to copy down for this HUD please feel free to make any changes you think need to be made to fit your certain play style.

If you just think one or two things needs to be changed then feel free to go for it each player has their own preference and play style and these HUD displays are really just templates for you guys to copy down and then make further adjustments to for the two-finger HUD display specifically there are two setting options that you can turn on or off depending on how you want to play they’re located in the gameplay section.

feel free to experiment with them if you’re going to use a two-finger HUD display and one more quick thing all the buttons on the right side of this HUD can pretty much be interchanged if you want to change the fire button with the jump button or the jump button with the crouch feel free to do once again whatever you think works best for your play style.

Why Claw Play Style in Apex Legends Mobile

This is where things really start to get interesting now if you’ve ever heard of a play style for mobile called the claw play style that’s basically where you’re just playing with more than two thumbs and you’re adding in your index fingers on the screen to play.

But the reason this claw play style is super beneficial for mobile games especially apex legends mobile is you’re able to give this pointer finger a lot of the essential duties your thumbs normally carry out such as shooting aiming jumping and crouching this drastically lightens the workload that your thumbs have to do.

Meaning they can focus more on the movement and more on the aiming which is the literal two main key aspects of apex legends mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile 3 Finger HUD Setup

and so here’s the HUD display I have created for the three finger play style testing it out myself honestly it was really fun and it kind of made me want to just keep using this hut and keep practicing this place out because it was really fun.

 3 finger HUD Apex Legends Mobile

Noticed how much more fluid my gameplay was compared to the two finger play style if this is your first time switching to a multi-finger HUD display then I’m just going to go ahead and warn you it’s going to feel a little weird at first and it’s probably going to take you a few days to get used to it but over time you’re going to build up muscle memory for this HUD display.

Let me tell you muscle memory is your friend when it comes to learning and mastering new HUD displays but if you feel like three fingers isn’t enough for apex mobile and you want to step it up to that last notch on the totem pole.

Apex Legends Mobile 4 Finger HUD Setup

4 finger ultimate apex legends mobile HUD display now I’m going to be honest you can technically play apex legends mobile on a phone with five or six fingers but the people I know who play with more than four fingers on a phone their gameplay and their skill really doesn’t take huge leaps like it does from two to three and from three to four fingers.

So honestly there’s some pretty big downsides that come to switching to five or six fingers and they kind of outweigh the positives so even though I’m a mobile veteran and been playing mobile shooters for years I’m going to recommend that you stick out four fingers as your max.

but without further ado here is the four finger HUD display I’ve created for apex legends mobile

4 finger HUD Apex Legends Mobile
4 finger HUD Apex Legends Mobile

now you’ll see that there’s actually two different shoot buttons ones on the top left and one’s on the top right the top right one is the shoot button that if you press it down it’ll automatically aim in for you and fire the same time while the shoot button on the left is the one it just fires whenever you touch it doesn’t automatically ADS.

For both the three and the two finger HUD display the shoot button on the right is the one where it automatically aims in for you when you shoot you can switch this out for all the HUD displays if you just want to have your main shoot buttons be the one where it doesn’t aim you in I think though personally ninety percent of my gun fights I’m already ADSing and so removing that one little step I have to do in order to start shooting and getting into the action.

I think it’s worth to use this fire button over the other ones so movement, aim everything is just so fluid my thumbs get to focus on what they’re designed to do moving and aiming and my pointer fingers can do the rest of the jumping and the crouching and the shooting which is why these claw play styles are really overpowered compared to the two finger standard.

Tips For Learning Claw Control Fast

and so I said at the beginning of the Article I would give you guys a few tips on how to switch from two to three fingers or from three to four fingers now the core fundamentals of becoming a claw player is making sure you’re holding the phone correctly.

Basically just want to make sure you have your index fingers resting towards the top of the screen if your index fingers get too stretched then it can lead to bad muscle memory bad habits and it can make you end up having some miss inputs and miss clicks later on down the road so make sure you try to keep your fingers up towards the top of the screen.

Make sure you’ll have a really good line of sight for both the left and the right hand side of the screen.

Focus on when trying to learn a new HUD display it is trying to build muscle memory and there’s no way for you guys to force your brain and your muscles to adapt to a HUD display quickly it just comes down to time and practice if you end up changing your HUD display around a ton then your brain won’t be able to build those reflexes that it needs to in order for you to not even have to think about what you’re doing you don’t have to look at the screen anymore to press a button your body and your hand just instantly react and do what they’ve been doing in practice but if you change around your buttons too much and you have to focus a ton on trying to remember where each button is located because you just changed it a few games ago then your brain isn’t going to be able to build that snappy muscle memory and it’s going to have some disadvantages in the long term.

So there’s nothing wrong with making changes and adjustments to your HUD display but try to wait at least a few days in between so that you’re not throwing yourself for a loop that is the best two three and four finger HUD display designs if you guys ended up learning something for this Article I’ll like be greatly appreciated so it can spread around and help other people become better at apex legends mobile.

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