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Apex Legends Mobile in Emulator for PC

Apex Legends Mobile Global Launch started on 17th May and Many of you enjoy playing Apex Legends Mobile in your Android or IOS, But If your device does not make the cut for the minimum requirement or because of other errors you are unable to play Apex Legends Mobile in your Mobile Device, Then this Article is for you.

Playing Apex Legends Mobile on an emulator is fun, but need to choose the right emulator, Setting, and Layout for the best performance and lag-free gaming. all of this will be covered in this Article so read till the end.

Apex Legends Mobile Supported Emulators.

  • NOX emulator (Recommended)
  • LDplayer
  • Gameloop emulator
  • Memu emulator
  • Bluestack emulator

There are lots of emulators on the market to play Apex Legends mobile as mentioned some of the best above.

But we need just one which will give us a high performance and lag-free experience of Apex Legends Mobile.

So we will be using recommended NOX Emulator for playing Apex Legends Mobile and Optimising it for best performance with custom layout and All.

Why NOX Emulator to Play Apex Legends Mobile on PC ?

  • Nox is very light weight emulator and consumes very less resouces for running itself, so more resouces for Apex Legends Mobile and Your PC to Work.
  • Nox can be optimesed for game and performance can be really boosted by NOX setting (Gonna discuss this later)
  • Custom Layout is very good (even some game like PUBG have ready made Layout)

Installing NOX and Apex Legends Mobile in Emulator.

  • Go to and download exe file. install the file and thats it , emulator is installed
  • Now to play Apex Legends Mobile Soft launch beta you will need VPN if you are not for Supported contries so download and free one.(Dont forget to add google account )
  • Now get in google play store and search for Apex Legends Mobile, if install button shows up, hit it. if not then try Changing VPN country or directly download APK from Here
  • Install the whole game and before opening lets look at NOX Performace Settings.

NOX Emulator Performance Setting for Apex Legends Mobile.

  1. Switching to Android 9 64 bit

    If Nox Player opens then close it and After installing the NOX player you have to go inside the multi-device. you can see two apps over there after installing the NOX player you can find both of the first ones is not the second one is multi-device so you have to go inside the multi-device.
    After Clicking multi-devices you can check your android version actually so if you have android 7 64 bit then you have to delete that one after deleting that you have to press on add emulator and you have to add Android 9 64-bit

    this one is the beta version but this one is the excellent this version is the best one actually for NOX player this one is the best emulator ever for Apex Legends mobile, so if you want to play full size and mobile without any kind of lag then you have to install android 9.
  2. NOX Emulator Setting for Apex Legends Mobile Performance

    Start your emulator, so after the start the emulator go to emulator settings, after press on setting you to have to press on custom and have to choose 4 core at least processor and here you can see the memory it’s 4096 MB so after that you have to choose the compatibility

    mode OpenGL over there.
    Resolution can depend on your Screen size, so select what you prefer.

  3. Maximum FPS for Apex Legends Mobile

    Enable the High FPS Mode and keep the bar also for 120 FPS other things are your preference.
    high frame rate over 120 FPS will boost the performance of Apex Legends Mobile to a great extent.

  4. Choosing a High-performance device in NOX Emulator

    using Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra is the best one because this one is the only device that has GPU 120 fps normally.
    High-Performance Device = Hight performance Gaming (you know this math already)

Setting up Custom Layout and Keybind in Nox for Apex Legends Mobile.

After Setting up a NOX Emulator for high performance, we are now ready to start Apex Legends Mobile

Start the game and after that, you will need to set a custom layout for Apex Legends Moblie.

For today’s date 11 March NOX Emulator does not have a ready-made layout for Apex Legends Mobile but they will surely roll out one in the future and save all the fuss of keybinding (They have for PUBG)

If you played Apex Legends in PC before you will surely know Keyboard Keys for Apex Legends but if you are new to this, Don’t worry and Follow as Image Bellow

Apex Legends Mobile Nox Emulator Custom Layout

Now you can use keys as you like too and place keys right in front of the game layout.

The fire button and keypad button are predefined for movement keys and left mouse.

If you want this to look clean you can change the layout of apex legends like kipping buttons inside of the screen or making its opacity to the minimum (you are not going to use in-game layout while playing so changing this can be very good, just make sure to keybind perfectly)

Now you are ready to play Apex Legends Mobile on Emulator with high performance and without lag to ruin your gaming…

Have FUN playing Apex Legends mobile Game with your buddies…

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