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today I’m going to be telling you guys how you can download the new apex legends mobile IOS soft launch beta on both ios and android as respawn has announced that on February 7th March depending on which time zone you live on that is when the soft launch beta is going to be launching.

So let’s go ahead and hop into it now,

If you live in one of the 10 countries Bellow.

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Soft Launch Contries For IOS and Android (7 March)

  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Columbia
  • Peru
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore

If you live in these listed countries then you guys are gonna be good to go as soon as the game launches on February 7th march depending once again on where you live all you have to do is go to either the google play store or the ios app store depending on which device you have search up apex legends mobile and click download it’s as simple as that.

But I’m assuming if Some of you guys are live outside of one of the 10 countries just like myself and you want to learn how you’re going to be able to install apex legends on launch day.

but don’t worry that’s why I’m here I’ve got very detailed and in-depth methods for both ios and android so let’s go ahead and get it started with the ios methods.

Apex Legends Mobile IOS Download

Now there are actually two ways you can go about getting Apex Legends Mobile if you live outside of one of these 10 countries.

Now the first method and this one I personally don’t like but it’s switching your personal and your main apple id to one of the 10 countries that do have access to the beta that is how all of these methods ios and android work is you’re basically getting up account access to an app store in that region.

Now, this is also just a general rule of thumb for both methods it makes the most sense to choose an app store to choose a region closest to you because in case they identify that as to what servers you should play on that will give you the best ping and the best connection when playing Apex Legends Mobile.

so because I live in the united states I’m gonna be using the Mexico app store for all of these but let’s say you live in Europe you definitely should not be using the Mexico app store and you should do some research and see which one of those 10 countries on that list is closest to you.

But anyways for the first method go to settings click on your name and click media and purchases and then you go and click view accounts and then you follow that up by clicking country and region and then it’s as simple as just going through and uh choosing the country you wish to change to now it is going to ask for a Data and address that you are changing to and for all these methods it is going to ask for some sort of address.

Apex Legends Mobile IOS

I’m going to be leaving a link down below a fake address generator it just generates something random and like sort of vague but it still works like it still will accept whatever address you give it but don’t worry it’s not like a real address and no one lives there in real life.

Fake address generator

and you can also just skip the payment option as far as I’m considered but one important thing to note is that if you choose this option and you decide to switch your app store to a new country you can only do this once every 90 days that was all I was able to find it was very hard to find this information out there.

so that’s why I do not recommend this is because if you use your iPhone every single day and you switch to a Mexico app store you’re going to be getting recommended Mexican apps and updates and things like that and for 90 for three months so while yes you can do it I would say you should probably just stick to method two which is the one I am personally going to be doing and I’ve already done to get access to this beta.

Apex Legends Mobile IOS Method 2

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Apex Legends Mobile IOS Method 2

Creating Apple IOS ID

Apex Legends Mobile in IOS

The first step you’re going to want to sign out of your existing and your main apple id.
and you’re going to want to create a brand new apple id it doesn’t matter what the email is what the password is obviously make it something you can remember so you can sign into it later.
make sure you use a real phone number for the verification process I know some of the information we enter into these various methods are fake information but make sure your real information because apple is going to need to verify that once you’ve created your apple id account.

Choosing Country to change to.

Apex Legends Mobile IOS country

go ahead and head to the app store and you need to do this in order to finish the process of setting up the account once you’ve opened the app store it’s actually gonna prompt you to select which country which region you want to create your app store accountant and this is where you get to choose which country you’d like you to be in.
I’m going through choosing Mexico and using the website link down just find a random Mexican address and put it in there put all the details. only put in what is required which is like the street address the zip code and then my phone number and whatnot and then press submit and it works.

Apex Legends Mobile In-App Store

and just like that, you will be on the Mexican app store luckily for ios to my knowledge you don’t need any sort of VPN to bypass any sort of security measures and all you’re gonna need is on launch day just sign in to this ios account or this apple account that you’ve created.
search up apex legends you can download it once you’ve got the game downloaded on your device you can log back into your main apple account and you’ll be good to go.


  • IOS Device

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Method for Android

Method 1 – Use VPN to connect to Countries where Apex Legends Mobile Beta is Available,

and open a play store and search for Apex Legends Mobile.

If you find Install Button then you are good to go..

If it’s not there even after using the VPN try method 2.

Method -2 now we’re moving on to the google play method which is a little bit more complicated little bit tricky but still operates in a similar manner.

the first step is you’re going to want to go ahead and sign in or add a brand new google play account or for me in my case just a throwaway sort of alternate google play account into the google play store.

then you’re going to want to go ahead and switch to the google play store account that you’ve just signed into go to settings > the general settings > account preferences and then here you will see hopefully an option where it just allows you to change your country and your preferences to whatever country you choose.

Apex Legends Mobile Android country

But this is where it gets a bit tricky because for most people you’re actually going to need to use a VPN because google play is really smart about this and it can tell you’re in a different country so it’s not going to let you change your location so if you can change your location without needing a VPN at this point in the game you’re good to go and you don’t need a VPN but for everyone else who it just says the change to the country or it doesn’t give you the option to change like you guys are seeing for me then you’re gonna need to go ahead and download a VPN since I only think you need a VPN for this part of the process.

you should be able to find a free VPN on the google play store once you’ve found one that works open it up connect to the country in which you’re wishing to change your app store to connect to it reopen the google play store go back and then uh you should be able to change your google play store to the country you are now connected to as you can see it says to change the Mexico play store.

but uh it’s a little scary because it is asking you to enter payment details now don’t worry because we can also get around this by entering generated payment details similarly I’ll also leave a link down below in the description to a website where you can just get pretty much fake card details once again these are not real if you try to buy anything with these will not work you can also enter your card details that’s what I did on my main account to do this but just for this purpose if you don’t want to go entering your personal card details which I completely understand you can enter these generated card details onto the account it will actually give you an error once you do this I just submitted it a few times exit out of the app and then as you can see when I reopen the app it actually works.

Credit Card Generator

so it looks like it doesn’t work just try it a few times and then you should open up the app it says you’re in the Mexican play store.

and if you’re on google play you should just go ahead and be able to search up and pre-register for the beta or if the app is already out you should go ahead and be able to download it now I’m not 100 confident if you need a VPN to actually play the game while it’s out but you definitely do need a VPN for the google play method to actually install the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Android download

in the first place once again for ios I recommend the second method it’s a whole lot less messy and it doesn’t involve your personal details and for the google play method same thing you can get away with not having to insert any of your own personal details.

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