Apex Legends Mobile Legends Tier List

Apex Legends Mobile Legends Tier List

Let’s kick it this guide will teach you which legends are best and worse for beginners and why.


Octane: Its ability to travel quickly is entirely dependent on it. Choosing this option is the ideal choice if you enjoy playing quickly and flanking other teams. The player must know when to strike and when to retreat in order to be successful in 1v3 battles.

Octane apex legends
Octane apex legends Moble

Starting with Octane movement speed boost is king in mobile gaming it’s very hard to track enemies using your fingers which is why his tactical, stim provides him 30 movement speed boost is an absolute godsend in apex legends mobile.

Ocatne Apex Legends Abilities

his ultimate is perfect for moving around the map also known as rotating and last but not least his passive heals him over time which works absolutely perfectly with his stim tactical because every time you use his tactical ability octane loses 20 of his health so once you’ve been out of combat for about nine seconds your health will start to regenerate.

he is super fun to play really easy to get used to and because of what his abilities offer octane’s playstyle allows you to actually focus more on gunfights with all this in mind I am putting octane right at an S Tier.


Bangalore apex legends Mobile
Bangalore apex legends Mobile

then we have Bangalore Bangalore does get a little bit of a movement speed boost kinda like octane but it’s not as flexible because she can’t manually activate it what happens is whenever Bangalore gets shot at or thrown a grenade. she gets like a 4 second 30 movement speed boost which is quite nice.

Bangalore Abilities
Bangalore apex legends Mobile Ability

then we have a tactical ability which is a smoke launcher this tactical ability is absolutely fantastic for creating cover but it can be annoying for teammates.

then we have her ultimate is actually really great for splitting enemies finishing knocks or taking high ground off of people trying to hold it but the major drawback to this is even though it does damage and slow your enemies it can also slow your teammates down.

if they get too close and on top of that it can also damage and kill you with her tactical ability and her ultimate being a double-edged sword even though Bangalore is actually a great legend to play with and easy to get used to unfortunately her tactical ability and ultimate drawbacks drops her down to A Tier because as a beginner you’re not gonna have much clue forward planning when it comes to like dropping ult and teammates over there you’re probably gonna be like just going to drop that ult without even looking at your teammates and where they are so yeah A tier at best now.


Bloodhound’s abilities are all super easy to use and super helpful to the entire team in shooter games in fact in a lot of games information is power and getting information before your enemy does is absolutely advantageous for you and your team.


starting off with his passive ability highlights enemy activities for the last 90 seconds so when you get close to an area where there’s been like enemies looting in there and stuff there’ll be icons that will pop up on your screen to say the enemy’s been there within the last 90 seconds you don’t even have to do anything these icons will literally just pop up.

Caustic Apex Legends lore and Ability

then blow down tactical ability allows you to scan up to 75 meters in a kind of like a dome shape in front of you what this does is highlights enemies in real-time as well as traps like caustics toxic gas or Wattson’s electric fences and it doesn’t matter if there’s an entire building blocking your line of sight enemies and traps will be highlighted visible for you and your teammates to see.

there is absolutely insane ultimate ability beast of the hunt this ultimate ability enhances his scan so basically what it does is the scan normally has a 20-second cooldown before you can scan again whenever bloodhound uses his ultimate for the entire duration of the ultimate his tactical ability drops to six-second cooldown so in effect you can spam your scan every six seconds then his vision will turn black and white and any enemies that pop up on your screen will be highlighted in orange.

just like his scan guess what it doesn’t stop there either bloodhound during his ultimate form also gets a 30 movement speed boost for the entirety of his ultimate absolutely ridiculous with all this in mind I’m sure that you can all pretty much guess where I’m gonna put bloodhound.

yes, he belongs in the S-tier category.


Pathfinder apex legends
Pathfinder apex legends Mobile

Pathfinder is a very very fun legend to use once you master him however the road to mastering pathfinder isn’t actually that easy because his tactical ability alone requires a bit of time spent in the firing range practicing it and understanding its mechanics.

pathfinder apex legends abilities
pathfinder apex legends abilities

pathfinder is very fun to use once you get used to him however the road to getting it isn’t actually quite easy so you’re gonna need to spend some time in the firing range to understand his mechanics.

then we’ve got his ultimate zipline gun, zipline gun fire is a zip line it’s kind of basic for what it actually provides however zipline and the art of zip lining isn’t exactly beginner although pathfinder can be a little bit tricky to use his abilities are actually quite straightforward if you think about it you just shoot things out you just got to get used to how you actually use it and because of that I would gladly and comfortably and confidently put pathfinder in B tier.



Revenant the death himself, a revenant is a legend that looks absolutely fantastic on paper but is very tricky to use revenant’s passive ability allows him to crouch walk faster and climb walls higher but climbing isn’t a beginner-friendly mechanic of the game.

Revenant Apex Legends Abilities

his tactical ability can actually silence every single legend in the game which means this tactical ability alone is a hard direct counter for every single legend in the game yup this ability alone can prevent every single legend in the game from using their ability however if you get close enough to the orb that you fire you can actually silence yourself as well.

then we have his ultimate ability the death totem even though this in effect gives you and your team a second life this ability requires a massive amount of forward planning and is hella risky to use.

You have to place a totem at a secure spot because the totem can be easily destroyed the enemies can wait for you when you return to the totem and it can leave you very vulnerable without shield hp and because of all this the forward planning the climbing the double-edged sword of his tactical ability.

revenant belongs in the C tier it doesn’t make him a bad legend though guys remember no legend is actually bad so much just harder to get started with than the others.


Lifeline apex legends
Lifeline apex legends

lifeline is the best support legend in the game,

Lifeline’s abilities are super straightforward to use as well lifeline’s passive ability allows it to do what we call a tap revive whenever your teammate is down run up to them tap the revive button and you can go away and do your own thing,

Lifeline Apex Legends Abilities

how is this even possible well her passive ability deploys her DOC drone to do the reviving for her not only this passive ability also drops a shield in front of your down teammate that is completely indestructible and you can revive two down teammates at the same time and guess what this passive ability doesn’t have a cooldown either so you can absolutely spam it as often as you want then her tactical ability healing drone works kind of the same way as the revival drone in a sense that once the healing drone is deployed this thing can heal two people simultaneously over time.

Then we’ve got her absolutely fantastic ultimate ability care package this ultimate ability allows lifeline to cool down on airdrop that will provide absolutely fantastic survival gear and within this airdrop, you’ll find things like attachments heal as well as a guarantee for a body armor upgrade and this is why lifeline is the best support legend in the game which subsequently makes lifeline B Tier legend.


Gibraltar apex legends
Gibraltar apex legends Mobile

Gibraltar is your friendly neighborhood tank not only is Gibraltar very easy to use he is also a legend that just belongs in a top tier meta starting off with his passive ability he brings up a shield in the middle of a gunfight so whenever he ads a shield will pop up in front of him that also provides 50 hp this ability alone makes Gibraltar so annoying to fight in a 1v1 situation.

Gibraltar Apex Legends Ability
Gibraltar Apex Legends Ability

then we’ve got a tactical ability dome of protection which is a portable cover that Gibby can carry around with him all you gotta do to use it is literally just throw it on the floor and then an indestructible dome will pop out and provide you with some cover super useful in a lot of situations.

and last is ultimate ability defensive bombardment quite similar to Bangalore’s ultimate ability actually you throw the flare down you wait a little bit a bunch of missiles rains down on the area gibbys protection capability is absolutely unmatched in the entire game which is why right from day one makes Gibby such a fantastic legend for all levels.

yup you guessed it A tier


Crypto apex legends
Crypto apex legends

all right then here we go Crypto another legend that looks great on paper that’s because he actually is but his kit requires a hell of a lot of thinking to be effective with let’s put it this way his tactical ability alone can actually get you killed if you just use it out in the open so with that in mind positioning is very very important before you even think about using his tactical ability on top of this the drone itself can actually be easily destroyed so again positioning is key and as a beginner nine times out of ten positioning is something that we don’t have as a skill.

crypto apex legends Abilities
crypto apex legends Abilities

On top of all this the enemies are even alerted whenever a drone is near them is ultimate the drone emp is actually super easy to use but it can be cancelled if the drone is destroyed before it can emit the emp but yeah for the fact that you have to hide before you even use your tactical ability and then you gotta make sure that your drone doesn’t get destroyed crypto just makes a very hard legend to get started with as a beginner

so unfortunately for this guide for beginners crypto belongs in a D Tier.


Miraj apex legends
Miraj apex legends

All right time for our boy Mirage this guy is another hella super straightforward legend to use he’s actually one of the most fun legends to use as well mirage is the trickster of apex legends mobile.

Mirage apex legends Abilities

first of all his tactical ability allows you to create and send out a decoy in front of you great for distractions or testing the waters out when you’re trying to get on a corner just send that decoy out and see if anyone’s there if anyone shots at a decoy someone’s there.

Then we’ve got his ultimate ability life of the party this thing sends out eight decoys eight exact replicas of mirage himself so I’m guessing that you can imagine how annoying you’ll be to fight the mirage and all of a sudden you’ve got nine people in front of you also a fantastic ultimate ability to escape with.

then is a passive ability which is one of the best support passive abilities in the game whenever one of your teammates is knocked down and you start to revive their mirage and that teammate will turn invisible after a couple of blinks and on top of this whenever mirage uses a respawn beacon he will also turn invisible this guy is an all-around great legend and is also super easy to use and because of that B-tier baby.


Caustic apex legends
Caustic apex legends

Caustic is a great legend it’s just a bit hard to use but not that hard his tactical ability requires good placements for them to really shine it also has a few mechanics that you need to know and understand first but as far as placing down the gas canisters it’s actually not that hard you just throw it on the floor much like gives tactical ability.

Caustic Apex Legends lore and Ability

This ultimate ability however the gas grenade is a bit easier to use in fact it’s actually super easy to use you just throw it and it’s immediately effective his passive ability is actually quite good but it just requires toxic gas from either him or the enemy to be out otherwise he has no other use caustic is good Caustic is easy to learn however caustic requires a bit more iq to play and quite frankly not a lot of beginners have high IQ to start with so C Tier here.


Wattson apex legends
Wattson apex legends

Wattson is actually very similar to caustic in terms of the player has to be a bit of a thinker her tactical ability actually requires better placements than caustics toxic gas.

Wattson Apex Legends Abilities

why well the fences can be easily seen and destroyed the fences aren’t that effective out in the open space either than her passive ability which regens her shield but it reaches at a slow rate unless her ultimate is out but this is where Wattson actually really shines her ultimate ability is absolutely fantastic it can delete every type of ordnance including gibby’s missiles yes anything that gets close to her intercepting pylon will get deleted and as I said earlier it doubles the amount of shield region that she has with her passive ability the pylon itself can act as a cover and whenever she uses one ultimate accelerant this fully charges her ultimate ability and she can carry two ultimate accelerants in one slot.

but yeah watson is very very similar to caustic her tactical ability is slightly less effective out in the open unlike caustic straps but her ultimate ability definitely makes up for that without door protection so i’m gonna gladly put her in D Tier ,


Wraith apex legends
Wraith apex legends

Wraith is simply amazing remember when i said movement speed boost is king at the start well her tactical does that and more her tactical ability provides wraith with 30 movement speed boost.

Wraith Apex Legends Abilities

she almost disappears her hitbox completely disappears meaning she just cannot be hit and nothing literally nothing can damage you during your phase, not even the ring damage what sort of skill is this.

then her ultimate ability provides absolutely fantastic rotation paths for her team and the enemy teams to be fair and check this out you can also enter the phase from her tactical right before she enters her dimensional portal meaning she can have 30 extra movement speed boost going through that portal insane then on top of all this her passive ability makes weight automatically speak out loud whenever there’s an enemy threat ahead she says something in the lines of i feel like there’s an enemy watching us but just a little less creepy.

wraith is undoubtedly one of the best legends in the game if not the best legend in the game there is no discussion about it no debate wraith is A Tier

Apex Legends Mobile Legends Tier List

Apex Legends Mobile Legends Tier List

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