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so the apex legends mobile developers decided to add a brand new feature into the mobile version of the game which hasn’t been seen on the pc or console version and if you’re wondering what I’m talking about it is perks yes you heard it right perks exactly what you get in call of duty or other games around that category but apex has decided to put that in for themselves.

Apex Legends Mobile Perks

so we’re going to take a brief look at what they are what how they work and what they can be used for real.

Let’s jump into the perks so perks are pretty much exactly the same for all of the legends, but the only difference is you need to unlock them individually for every legend so if you buy one on bloodhound for example you would have to buy the same one again for Gibraltar.

so they don’t get crossed over to the other legends but I don’t want to confuse you so let’s just go into the information about what they are as you can see on the top left it says

“perks only takes effect in battle royale mode”

This is surprising to really because honestly thought that perks would have been for the multiplayer game modes that they added into the beta this current beta which is multiplayer team deathmatch and arenas so I would have thought perks would have been more suitable for that instead of battle royale but we’re going to the balancing and all that kind of information a little bit later in the Guide.

Apex Legends Mobile Perks
Apex Legends Mobile Perks

Apex Legends Mobile Universal Perks

what are perks then so you get free perk slots in fact you actually get five but I’ll talk about the finisher and exclusive later on in the Guide but the universal so you get free perks just the same as the call of duty and perks give you advantages within the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Perk AP-21 Warhead Fragment
Apex Legends Mobile Perk AP-21 Warhead Fragment

so, for example, let’s take a look at the AP-21 warhead fragment so if you use a sniper rifle to hit the target the sniper rifle bullet will penetrate the target and deal 15 points of damage to nearby enemies so it’s like playing a mobile game at this moment in time.

If you equip this perk and you do damage with a sniper rifle you do any damage it will deal 15 damage to any enemies well they’re any of their teammates around them. so technically if I hit you for 50 damage with a sniper I would also be hitting your two teammates with 15 damage as well.

There are even more perks here.

 Apex Legends Mobile Perk - Pursue Enemy
Apex Legends Mobile Perk – Pursue Enemy

Pursue Enemy – so when smashing the target’s armor you can see through the target for two seconds not too sure what that means maybe it means you get like a bloodhound effect so you can see them from the walls once you’ve destroyed their armor so if they’re running around to kind of redo their armor put some shield cells back into their health then you can see where they’re hiding doing that for two seconds which is quite good but overpowered.

Apex Legends Mobile Perk Tactical rifle
Legends Mobile Perk Tactical rifle

The tactical rifle then so when using an assault rifle to take down the target tactical ability CD is reduced by 20 percent again so your abilities are reduced by 20 if you guys are familiar with the apex legend series on pc and console abilities is what makes the game competitive you have to be careful how you use your abilities if you took a Gibraltar shield down you won’t be getting that for another 15-20 seconds time so you can’t engage in people you can’t protect you know to protect your team with another Gibby shield for a certain amount of time but with this perk, you can reduce that timer which again kind of weird and it takes away the passive abilities of some of the legends as well.

but yeah so you know obviously we get three different perks they are literally exactly the same on all the classes but you’re allowed to choose three out of these nine perks that you’ve got here so you can choose three out of nine per legend.

Apex Legends Mobile Finisher Perks

Apex Legends Mobile Finisher Perks
Apex Legends Mobile Finisher Perks

and then if we go to finisher then finishers are your golden perk so these are a little bit slightly different but basically it says it in the title finisher so when you’ve knocked somebody and you go to finish them this gives you additional benefits.

So currently if you finish an enemy you regain all of your shield uh battery straight back so you get all of your armor back but with these perks, they’re completely different.

so let’s take a look at the ammo recovery so after taking down an enemy with a finisher your weapons will refill with bullets and you will not need to consume ammo now that’s quite good I do like the sound of that perk because of course if you’re finishing an enemy that has a gold shield and it was the last on their squad and of course you want to finish them to heal your shields back up if you’re about to get third partied and you haven’t reloaded you your weapon as soon as you finish this enemy your weapons will be loaded for you so you can engage straight away now that makes sense.

Apex Legends Mobile Perk - Execution: Tactical Thunder
Apex Legends Mobile Perk – Execution: Tactical Thunder

Moving on to another one here for example so after taking down an enemy with a finisher tactical ability CD completes now that one is a little bit overpowered in my opinion so your tactical ability will re-gen itself which is good if you using legends such as revenant or Gibraltar

Apex Legends Mobile Perk - Execution: Final Thrill
Apex Legends Mobile Perk – Execution: Final Thrill

but let’s move on so execution final thrill after taking down an enemy with a finisher ultimate cooldown is reduced by 30 percent again this one too depends on legends you are using.

Then moving on to the exclusive then, of course, we cannot see what the exclusive ones are but what I am assuming exclusive will be once they add it is like the overpowered perk so, for example, like killstreaks if you get a five kill streak perhaps you get an upgrade of a magazine so if you’ve got like a blue magazine it will automatically upgrade to a purple if you get a five kill streak and then there might be other perks where it works with the barrels instead or it gives you 50 more health like 30 seconds that’s what I think this means but we don’t know so we can’t predict it but that’s my predictions for it and if it is then they really need to be careful maybe just add it to multiplayer only.

How To Unlock Apex Legends Mobile perks

Level Up Playing the game and Perks will Unlock.

So how do you unlock these again guys you go to the unlocked tab and there they are you purchase with these crafting materials. you can buy multiple ones of course if you want to buy a level six one though it won’t let you because you need to unlock every other perk in slots three four and five before unlocking any sixes.

and again the same thing that goes with the golds finishers so you need to buy the golds to be able to move on to the other golds which is quite a grind so you do need to grind the game quite a lot what I’m hoping apex doesn’t do is to add these coins that unlock the perks in the store so you can buy them because technically that would be paid to win at that moment in time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apex Legends mobile Perks System

Let’s go into a bit more information about how the perks can really benefit you or put you at a disadvantage and what the benefits and disadvantages are overall at the current moment is I don’t like the sound of them I do like the sound of a couple of them but most of them give such a big advantage.

I don’t know how it’s going to fit in the game but my overall opinion on them is okay then if you’re going to put them in casual that’s not a problem but make sure you do not put it into ranks because ranked is all about using your legends to the best capabilities as possible and having perks to give you advantages over the cooldown of your abilities and your passive abilities and your ultimate ability I don’t feel that like that is fair.

and I know that there was a perk inside the options where you get like 15 more accuracies with guns i believe it was again it’s something i don’t want to see. it gives you a boost of some sort but i don’t mind these perks being in team deathmatch is not an issue you know but they need to take into consideration of what perks they’re really going to put into it especially the one with a sniper if i deal with damage to you it damages 15 damage to your teammate as well, of course, that one work in team deathmatch because you’ll be doing you’ll be dealing damage to the whole team if you hit one person which wouldn’t make any sense but in arenas 3v3 situation then that it makes a little bit more sense to have a perk like that it you know it means that you need to play more of a team game instead of you know rushing off trying to be a one-man army for example so it encourages team to play more and you know please don’t peak because if you get hit by the sniper teammates going to take damage too so don’t be a solo player.

so I don’t understand like it would benefit arenas that way and obviously the other perks in team deathmatch in ranked though it’s not going to look good I don’t think it’s going to plan out the way they wanted to plan out of course maybe they’re doing this for a pay to win feature where you can go into the store and buy the credits to upgrade all your perks which again wouldn’t surprise me because mobile games do it and as much as i love apex legends mobile and ea we are you know we do know ea known to like well they like the money then should i say but i don’t want to give them a bad name off the back because we don’t know it’s nothing’s confirmed there on how they are gonna do it but overall i think perks is is a bad idea.

multiplayer it’s a good idea but battle royale and ranked I don’t think it’s a good idea if they are gonna put it in battle royale because at the moment the minute it’s only battle royale only then put it in casual do not have it ranked that is my final thoughts on it.

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