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Apex Legends Movement Full Tips and Guide

At the end of this Article, you should be familiar with every single advanced movement technique available in Apex legends. I expect you to have at least finished a training mode of this game, and have a fundamental understanding of basic movement in fps games.

Techniques to present in this Article are available to all legends, they all have the same base speed and movement. The different speed of arms animations is the only thing tricking you into maybe thinking otherwise. Before we start, I strongly advise you to switch your crouching from toggle to hold. And if you’re on PC, adding your mouse wheel as a second jump input if you really want to be bunny hop god.


It could be argued that the slide is the most important movement take in this game. And it is much more nuanced than what you get to see in the training mode. To start, you shouldn’t underestimate the slide you can do on flat ground, slide around a bit and get a feeling for the boost the slide gives you and when this boost comes to a stop.

Slide Jumping

If you now add jump into that you get to keep the momentum from that boost for a bit longer with what is called a slide jump.

So sprint, hold crouch, jump, land let go of crouch. I want you to hold on to the crouch for the landing. So you internalize the following as soon as possible. always hold crouch as soon as you’re in the air. If you want to keep momentum in this game, the slide is the first step for that.

Jump Sliding

If you add a jump before the slide, the resulting slide will get a bigger boost. That’s called jump sliding. Slide jumping only works well if you started with a sprint, or jump sliding can work out of the simple walk, which also means you can do it in every direction.

So walk, jump post-crash. Try to get into the following habit. Let go forward as soon as you’re in the air. If you do a jump slide forward, but keep holding on to the left or right if you do to the sides. This has no influence whatsoever on whether jumps Slides work or not.

You can do it in all directions with or without holding on to the movement. But training it this way will prepare you for bunny hopping later. Just trust me on this one.

So slide jumping, and jump sliding. Both have their utilities. Jump sliding, for example, can be really great in a gunfight, you can use it to pick a corner in a way that the enemy doesn’t expect to throw their aim and get behind cover for reloading.

Slide jumping on the other hand is the backbone of many other movement techniques. So I advise you to really deepen your training with it. Especially get used to how long you need to sprint in between slight jumps since doing it too quickly in succession will not work.

Air Strafing

Air strafing is your ability to steer yourself mid-air by turning your view into the same direction you’re moving. It’s easiest to train this with octane and his jump pad. Be aware that if you input a forward movement while trying to strafe you will lose large parts of your steerability.

The best way to get comfortable with it around the map is by using it down slopes. To initiate a slide. Keep

holding crouch, jump, and strafe before landing in a slide again. Here I also want to enforce that you don’t need to hold forward while sliding. Once you start sliding. The only button you need to hold is a crouch, which also lets you spin in any direction without slowing down.

You start the slide let go of forward and don’t have to worry about it anymore for any following maneuvers like an Air strafe. Jump or the second jump, and then a third and a fourth and so on, which leads us into bunny hopping.

Bunny Hopping

If you want to train bunny hopping specifically, it’s easier to not use an airstraffing in the beginning. So the same as before. Slide keep holding crouch jump and as soon as you touch the ground, jump again. Rinse and repeat. Get used to it like this first, then introduce small air strafes and increase them to bigger ones slowly transitioning on to shallower slopes before transitioning on to flat land.

On PC bunny hopping is much easier to do if you bind your mouse wheel as the second activation key for jumping. This isn’t as important for a bunny hop down some slopes, both on flat land and in close quarters, it gets much easier this way.

Let’s go through bunny hopping on flat ground in slow motion. The main thing I want you to notice is that switch air strafe directions, I do it while being in the air. Trying to switch directions together with the jump is the biggest beginner mistake.

Sadly, there is no fast way to magically make you into a bunny hop God. You just have to practice it a lot. bunny hopping is especially useful to Pathfinder and octane, who can easily generate their own momentum. But all other legends also greatly benefit from it. Basically, train yourself to hold a crouch whenever you’re in the air and bunnyhop When possible, you would be surprised how often you can generate momentum out of your traversal around the map this way.

But be aware that this is not always the fastest method to get around. Experiment around with introducing jumps into slides to get a feeling which is faster in particular situations. If you mastered all of this,

Strafing Techniques

it would be time to talk about something I call close quarters Air strafe is not only about large corrections, but also very much about tiny maneuvers while traversing around the map.

You can use it to turn around the corner, correct little jumps, or even avoid obstacles. But air strafing does not only help in changing your direction but also adds momentum to your movement.

If you strafe before slide jumping, you can add an air strafe towards your target and get there faster. The advantage from these advanced slide jumps is definitely lower compared to what else you can do with movement in this game, but it helps in keeping you alert and build up muscle memory for bunny hopping.

The most helpful is close quarters are strafing in gunfights or intense moments. So another thing you should practice here is holstering and unholster your gun. Running with a gun out is slower than running with its holster.

So not having your gun out why or just traveling around the map is pretty self-explanatory. But knowing when to holster and unholster your gun during a fight can give you the tiny little speed advantage over your enemy.

The big difference between training and an actual gunfight is that if you get shot, your slide is briefly disabled. Sometimes this will get you killed, but the duration your slide is disabled is very short. And more often than not, it’s totally worth trying to slide during gunfights.

But if you want to avoid getting shot in the first place, you should start using evasive maneuvers to dodge bullets. You start this by strafing left and right. different weapons have different spray speeds. When ain’t on the sides.

pistols are the fastest LMGs are the slowest. This is one of the major reasons why the wingman is still so strong currently, you can just spray spam with it so easily. This is also the reason why you want to hit fire LMGs in close quarters, an extreme version of strafe spamming would be strafe spam picking, where you don’t aim at a target, but also spam your aim left and right.

It’s a mix of evading bullets, faking out the enemy, and making it harder to guess in what direction you will go next. But if we go back to normal spray spamming, the next thing would be to add a jump and a slide and there.

If you want to evade bullets while sprinting, you could try a momentum stop, Sprint, and just switch directions while jumping. If you want to get away from someone and quickly into cover, you could give momentum-shifting a try.

It’s using a reverse air strafe to very suddenly switch directions. So slide john, turn your view to the right by performing a left backward right movement or turn your camera to the left while doing a right backward left movement.

In high tense clutch situations. This can save you if you want to melee someone why they are shooting at you jump as you may. Not only does this make you a bit harder to hit, but you can also melee in quicker succession.

Climb Jumps

And the last thing I want to talk about to dodge bullets Is this a climb jump, which is incredibly powerful around trees to throw off the enemy’s aim but can also be used for traversal. So let’s talk about traversal via climbing.

In the Apex Legends game, you can hold a jump while inputting a forward movement to climb. But you don’t have to be standing at a wall to climb but you can also do it out of a jump. So run-up to the wall, jump once, and then keep holding jump while continuing to input forward movement.

It gets really interesting. You can while you are in the climb animation, let go of holding jump and forward before inputting another jump, this throws you back off the wall. And you can do all sorts of things with this.

Another technique that throws you off the wall that is useful in far more situations is wall jumping. If you slide jump into a wall, you can wall jump off of it. So slide jump, let go of moving forward, and jump a second time at the highest point of your jump.

You also have to look perpendicular to the wall at the moment of impact, you can add an Air strafe thing towards and of the war to gain some serious speed from it. I think especially the Air Strafe variant has some serious implications for traversal around the map. While you are climbing if you let go of the forward input at the right moment, you can grab onto a ledge and peek over.

Overall just be creative with climbing, you cannot only climb forward but also to the sides of it. The game also gives you a little boost when at the end of a climb. This lets you climb many more things around the map than you’d think. Not only are there unexpected climbing routes around buildings for the bunch of rock formations can also be climbed this way.

Using Formations and Ziplines for movements

Where we are at buildings, you can also use doors to assist you in climbing a roof. Also, use them with your movements. Close them as you move through them to briefly block off an enemy for use as cover when you enter a room.

Speaking of things you can interact with within the map, while you ride on a zip line, you can sort of bunnyhop on it. As long as you keep holding the interact button, you can jump on it as much as you want, and will always re-engage. This is especially helpful in throwing off an enemy’s aim. This is slower than actually writing it. So try to find a balance of traveling fast and being harder to hit the target.

You can also use sublines to Super jump, just interact with the zip line and immediately jump off of it. If you input a crouch before interacting with the zip line and jump off fast enough, you can get a huge boost from it. And you don’t have to slide for this to work, you can also do it out of a walk. This is another case where jumping the mouse wheel is really helpful.

But this as many other movement techniques requires some training. Use this technique to not only get a boost into the direction you’re traveling but also to get the height and change directions. For this, you want to turn in the direction you want to end up in before reaching the zip line.

If you don’t use the zip line of the redeployed balloons for Super jumping, but for their intended purpose, you might want to know how to extend your range from them.

Look up when you get to the top immediately look down and then level out again. You want to peak at a speed of around 142. This is the optimal tactic to cover the most distance on flat ground. But you can vary this technique to adapt to different terrain.

If you dive against the slope, for example, it doesn’t matter which technique you use. While we are flying. When you drop out of the dropship and your target is in line with the ship’s flight path. The fastest way to get there is to drop at 300 to 400 meters away from it.

If the surrounding area allows for it, you could try to hit walls or rocks on your way down. This cancels the dive and falling is faster than diving. This can give you the split-second advantage, you might need to win the first critical gunfights try to hit melee before hitting the ground. This uses the melee animation to cancel the timer for getting stuck for a second.

This does not only work here, but for all faults throughout the map. The timing of this is hard to get right but why not try and train it from now on. You want to have nearly finished animation before you hit the ground. But even better than that is holding crouch and aim for slopes. This way you can transform some of the falls into forwarding momentum.

Fast Landing Technique

If your target is not in line with the ship’s path, you need to make some distance. Here’s the best tactic for that drop straight down till you reach a speed of 145 level out as fast as possible. continue till around 130 to 132 then drop again till you reach 140 level out again. repeat over and over. If you approach the ground, try to hit slopes and hold crouch as you touched on.

Legends Specific Movements and Using abilities

After we talked about the movement that is available to all legends, I want to just briefly touch on legends specifically the bloodhound, octane, Wraith, Bangalore, and Miraj all get speed increases from their abilities, so use them with that in mind.

For example, use it as the ability is about to end and Bunnyhop to keep the momentum a bit longer. You can also use them to run away from enemies or get back into the ring a bit faster.

speed increase from abilities is also the only way to heal by again. Hoping else you will come to stop after two to three hops, of course, octane benefits the most from that. But even if you have no speed increasing ability available, you can still heal while sliding down some slopes.

Wraith portal is distance-based, not time-based. So don’t worry if you want to wait to cross open areas after you activate the portal. I’m not going to talk about Pathfinder and his grapple because its for another time.

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