23 Apex Legends Tips to become Pro

Apex Legends Tips to become Pro

And I do believe I have a lot of basic tips that can give a lot of players so they can climb up in ranked and survive a lot longer in this game. So hopefully, after reading this article, you guys learn at least one or two things, some of you noobs will probably learn new things.

Apex Legends Tips to become Pro

1. Dropping Location and Speed

Dropping around the 500-meter range is the most optimal way to drop. And all you have to do is look directly at where you want to land.

Dropping Location and Speed

when you’re dropping anywhere from the 700 to the 1000 meter range, use the wave dive method to maximize speed and distance really get to the location you want to go to.

2.Look For Enemies while dropping

Don’t forget to look around to get an idea of how many teams are landing nearby while you’re dropping. Make sure to branch off from your teammates, so you’re not taking their loot and so they don’t go like yours, just make sure to be close by in case they get into an early fight.

3.Armor Swap when Necessary

This is useful in general, but in the early fights if there is a lot of armor around instead of spending time healing during fights, just grab another armor and continue on

4.Choos right gun skin

some gun skins may look dope. I mean, come on look at the Golden rampage, but they can actually block some of your sites. So if you genuinely care about improving, you should be using skins that aren’t as cluttered. There are some skins that are kind of pay to win in this game where they’re normal iron sights are a little bit better than the natural one, but you don’t really need those to be the best at this game. By the way,

if you press this button, it re-skins the guns back to your skin so you don’t have to use ugly skins from random enemies.

5.Make looting Time saving

If you ping something that your teammate wants and they’re a bit far away instead of wasting more time looting pick it up for them. If you have space this game is all about efficiency.

6.Use Doors as Advantage

Doors are one of the most useful tools in the game. You can block people from opening them if you’re in the way which gives you time to heal or even reload. Also, if you know someone is blocking the door grenades can easily blow the doors up and the thermite grenade can do damage through the door and hit people healing behind it. Just don’t hurt yourself with your own termites.

7.Kill All of them not just One

Yet new get in the habit of not immediately thirsting opponents, meaning killing them while they’re down. Especially when your team is still fighting. All the people that are down will all die if the last member is dead. So just be patient. If you have to thirst there are enemies with high-value items like gold armor, or especially gold knockdowns because they can still save themselves.

the best way for a quick thirst is using a thermite grenade. I would not recommend using a finisher unless you know for a fact that you’re safe or the last member of the squad with a golden knockdown shield. Now finishers are actually useful because they replenish your shields.

8.Never forget Ring is coming

The first ring can look scary, but don’t be afraid to find it. If the enemies are easy targets you won’t die that easily from the first Ring. Just make sure you have syringes and medkits. The last couple of Rings though they’re a different story. You should avoid these at all costs.

9.Teamwork wins the game

If your teammate is dead, one teammate can grab the banner and the other one can revive it instead of both of you guys grabbing the banner and both of you reviving it’s way quicker this way.

When reviving your teammates know that people can see this from a mile away and they hear it as well. Make sure that you get them weapons quickly open the containers for them so they don’t waste any time.

Make sure to stay decently close to your team. There’s no reason to be this far away, especially since you’ll end up losing anyway,

10. Cargo bots are cool

cargo bots have awesome loot but you can hear someone shooting them from pretty far away. So try and shoot them quickly or when you know nobody’s around. Just know that people may come looking for whoever was shooting.

apex legends cargo bot

The quickest and easiest way to get the best color on a cargo bot is to shoot it at the top

11.Just keep it reloaded

When reloading finish the reload animation before swapping weapons this can make a huge difference in your fights. You can turn off automatically switching when you run out of ammo turn that off, you’re good enough to keep track of your own ammo

12. Speedup healing Process and Dodging Bullets

when running away from a fight or the ring and you’re going down a hill practice healing while sliding so you can get up to full health while being fast.

if you’re on a zip line and being shot at practice jumping on and off the zip line. This way you become a much harder target to shoot

13.Ping System is awesome in Apex Legends

People can hear you use the ping system for things other than just pinging items and enemies. You can warn teammates that people travel through an area or let your teammate know that you’re losing the specific area you can call dibs on stuff but make sure you undibed if you don’t want it. it just stays on the screen and it can kind of blocked some parts of your screen as well. Although if you dib something and it goes away, that means an enemy took it so you should know exactly where the enemy is now

14. keep track of what’s in the backpack

backpack space can feel limited you may want to run only one gun that needs a lot of ammo and another that needs a little. later when you get nice backpacks that won’t matter as much but it’s just good to manage your backpack space.

keep track of what's in the backpack

like Phoenix kits are great, but they take up a whole slot so you should only carry one to two max if you have a big backpack. It’s not that necessary even in the late game because it takes away too long to charge.

15. Legends specific Ability, Armor and Attachments

Gold armor used to be basically purple armor with the double healing ability but now it grants the user fast healing so if you are shooting an enemy with gold armor, you may want to knock them before he can heal again. If you’re a lifeline, you already have fast healing and it doesn’t stack with her ability. So give another teammate that armor purple is fine with your ability. However, the gold backpack is amazing in lifelines hands it’s one of the best combos in the game give us your lifeline to ensure safe resurrections with a lot of help start give digital threats to your Bangalore First they have smokes that can benefit from seeing through

16. Melee is satisfying

don’t underestimate the power of a melee it does 30 damage and can be what you need to kill someone at the moment.

17. Third party= Easy Kills

If you see two teams fighting wait until they’re weakening each other and third-party them. just know that a potential fourth or fifth party can come in and do the same thing to you.

There are voice lines that let you know there’s another squad.

18. Rotations and Movements

Sometimes landing in unmarked locations may be better you can loot up and then shoot up the teams fighting in Mark locations. If you’re trying to hide you should crouch people can hear your footsteps but if you’re crouch walking then fighting enemies strafe and also use your slide and crouch to just change up the way you’re shooting.

19. Care Packages

Care Packages

if a care package is not taken it will be lit up like a beacon if it’s taken that beacon goes away and that means people are nearby if you’re finding your unopened containers open them they can give you more vertical cover

20. Ping or Communicate while knocked

if you’re knocked you can still provide useful information to your teammate that is alive to help them win.

21. Gatekeeping= More easy kills

if you see the storm is closing and funneling people to one area, you can do what is called gatekeeping which means you can have an entrance and wait for the enemies to walk through, and then boom, you catch them by surprise and get some easy kills.

22. Ping what you have ping what you need

Keep track of what your team is running with. They may not tell you that they need a backpack or knockdown shields but you can know if you just check but also communicate what you need. If you have any ping armor if you see it. You can even ping that to if you don’t have a mic.

23. Swap weapon that has more ammo

If everyone on your team is running the same type of gun like light ammo, swapping to a different type of weapon like a heavy gun from a dead enemy to help a teammate have more ammo is a really smart play in general. This is why it’s sometimes better to run with slightly different ammo types than teammates.

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