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Ash Apex Legends Mobile season 3 (1)

Ash Apex Legends Mobile

In Ash is a Offensive legend who also called by name of Incisive InstigatorAsh abilities are very dominating if used correctly.

in this article, we will see Apex Legends Mobile Ash backstory, Ash ability tips and tricks, her interaction with other Legends and much more to know about Brand New Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 Legend Ash.

Ash Apex Legends Mobile season 3 (1)

Real Name – Dr. Ashleigh Reid

Age  ~46 (as a human)
~75 (as a simulacrum)
~121 (total age)

Home World – Unknown

Legend Type – Offensive

Tactical Ability- Arc Snare
Passive Ability- Marked for Death
Ultimate Ability – Phase Breach

Real-world Info
Voice Actor – Anna Campbell

Ash can be unlocked by using 10 Legend tokens  in Apex Legends Mobile.

Ash can be very good when pushing enemies hiding in any locations on the map.

 Ash passive ability which is Marked For Death can detect enemies by analyzing teammates death box

By using Ash Tactical Ability – Arc Snare Ash throws a device that damages enemies and snares them.

And Ash Ultimate Ability Phase Breach can tear open a one way portal in straight line connecting two locations. 

Ash is High precision Legend which excels  while using Offensive.

Ash Apex Universe Lore

Ash Biography

Many Titanfall 2 gamers are familiar with Ash. Ashleigh Reid, formerly known as Dr Ashleigh Reid, was an expert pilot and mercenary before being transformed into a Simulacrum (a robot with a replicated human brain pattern) after a disastrous mission. They were also one of the villains you had to battle, since they were members of the Apex Predators, a mercenary force comprised of Titans hired by the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation, or IMC, to exterminate the human frontier militia.
Kuben Blisk, who currently manages the Apex Games, led this group. Our first sight of Ash’s backstory comes from fellow legend Horizon’s own animated cinematic, which comes before Titanfall 2. Prior to being transformed into Simulacrum, Ash collaborated with Horizon’s Dr Sommers on a quest to recover Apex’s mysterious chemical, Branthium.
Horizon is then betrayed by Ash, who allows her to be pulled into a black hole before invading the facility to take the Branthium. However, this expedition goes tragically wrong, and Dr Reid is killed. In an effort to rescue her, her mind is transferred into Simulacrum, leaving only as Ash and Dr Reid.
Her memories were encrypted with a code, but Ash’s account from the outlands reveals that Dr Ashleigh Reid is still alive inside Ash.
Jack Cooper beat Ash during Titanfall 2. They were then reassembled and utilized by Vision Dynamics. Ash’s corpse was then dumped. Blisk even tosses Ash’s head into a fissure, severing it into nine pieces. During Season 5’s Broken Ghost mission, Hammond Robotics assigns Loba the duty of reassembling Ash.
Hammond Robotics uses Ash for codes and then discards her, where Pathfinder later discovers her and remembers just her name. Blisk then pays Ash a visit and offers her a position in the Apex Games. From here, Ash controls the Apex Arenas, an underground deathmatch, but they now attend the Apex Games as participants, seeking to recall her past.

Ash Abilities

Apex Legends Mobile Ash
Ash Apex Legends Mobile Tactical Ability





25 seconds


Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy that gets too close.

Ash Tactical Ability Info

  • A slow-moving projectile is thrown. Creates a spherical snare trap with a radius of 4 meters upon landing.
  • The first adversary to reach the radius is snared for 3 seconds and receives 10 damage.
  • Shields take twice damage.
  • If no target is snared, it may last up to 5 seconds.

Ash Tactical Ability Interaction with Other Legends

  • Tethered players may escape capture by using a Dimensional Rift or a Phase Breach.
  • It sticks on all surfaces.

Ash Tactical Ability Tips

  • Within the radius, a snared adversary has plenty of space to dodge and maneuver. Because their mobility will only be hampered if they attempt to flee, snare someone after they’ve received some damage so you can finish them off.
    Combine the snare with AoE attacks like as grenades, Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps, Fuse’s Knuckle Cluster, and so on.

  • It’s difficult to target at long range since it’s a slow-moving and visible projectile. Expect it to be used for area denial rather than really capturing attackers from afar.


  • Throw an arc snare at a doorway or hallway to temporarily close it, allowing you time to heal.


  • Snare an opponent Horizon’s Gravity Lift or an Octane’s Launch Pad with the snare. It will essentially turn them off for a few seconds (for one enemy, at least).

Ash Apex Legends Mobile Tactical Ability







Ash’s map shows the location of recent deathboxes.
Press  on a deathbox to mark surviving attackers (once per box).

Passive Ability info

  • A marker appears above every Death Box which is less than 180 seconds old on Ash’s map screen.
  • By clicking on the markers in map view, she may ping them from any distance.
  • To determine the current position of a squad, Ash may interact with the Death Box of any player (including your own squadmates) slain by another squad. If the assailants are no longer alive, the response will be “No Living Attackers.
  • You may utilize this skill to locate the assailants of your own squadmates’ death boxes.
  • The attackers’ whereabouts are highlighted on the map by the  Enemy Here ping lasting 8 seconds.
  • Ash is told the amount of designated foes for 4 seconds. On their HUD, those foes see “POSITION REVEALED BY ASH.”

Passive Ability Interaction With Other Legends

  • Upon a teammate’s elimination, the killer’s location gets marked.

Ash's Passive Ability Tips

  • When paired with kill feed, the map-ping capability may assist in locating conflicts or avoiding areas where fights occur.
  • You may assist your teammate in finding treasure by utilizing the map-ping feature to indicate deathboxes; this is particularly useful in areas renowned for fierce firefights or in the last few rings.
  • Marking deathbox should be done with caution: certain adversaries are skilled at tracking their former location, therefore marking deathbox may wind up revealing your own position instead.
Ash Apex Legends Mobile Tactical Ability

Phase Breach




120 seconds


Tear open a one-way portal to a targeted location.

Ultimate Ability Info

  • When activated, Ash enters the phase tear instantly.
  • The maximum distance is 62.5 meters.
  • This effect lasts 15 seconds.

Ultimate Ability interaction with other Legends

Anyone can use portal

Ash's Ultimate Ability Tips

  • Any player that enters the portal will face in a certain direction.
    Take advantage of this by quickly stepping backwards after leaving your phase to catch any adversaries that pursue you off guard.

  • This functionality may be accessed through open windows. Use this to escape from a structure or to catch adversaries off guard.

  • The majority of “May’t Place Here” issues can be avoided simply hopping when building the gateway.


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