Bangalore Apex Legends Ability tips and lore

   Bangalore is the conventional trooper class of Apex Legends. Dominate with Tactical, passive and Ultimate Abilities, Bangalore runs quick, shoots well, and is extremely worried about the various pieces of different firearms. She may work like characters from different shooters, however, she’s no less complicated than Apex’s different Legends. There are a lot of mechanics that help make Bangalore intriguing to play.

Bangalore Apex Legends Ability
Real Name – Anita Williams
Age            -38
Home PlanetGridiron


Bangalore Apex Legends Ability

Bangalore is free to unlock legend which comes already opened in-game.

Bangalore is an Offensive Legend extraordinary with any playstyle. Her Smoke Launcher is extraordinary at breaking view by conveying a smokescreen that would then be able to be utilized to withdraw or twofold down on an assault. Her latent Double Time gives her speed support when taken shots at while her ultimate, Rolling Thunder furnishes her with zone refusal capacities.


Naturally introduced to the military family background where she, her folks, her four more older siblings all served as fighting in the (IMC) Armed Forces, fighter, callsign Bangalore, is an extraordinary trooper since she was youthful. She always top of her group at the (IMC) armed Military Academy Bangalore is the main student who could dismantle a Peacekeeper, outfit it with  Precision Choke hop-up and set up it back in less than 20 seconds – blindfolded.

Three years prior, Bangalore and her sibling Jackson was requested to recover a hired soldier armada from the Outlands to help in IMC’s battle against the Frontier Militia. In any case, they lost contact with IMC Headquarters and were trapped in appearance. The squad dissipated, yet Jackson remained behind to save her sister he gave Anita time to getaway. Alone with no chance at home, Anita keeps her preparation, broad weapon information, and serious soul to work by joining the Apex Legends Games. Presently, she battles to fund-raise for section back to the IMC command post, where she would like to rejoin with what survives from her family.

Bangalore Abilities

Bangalore Abilities

  • Smoke Launcher
Smoke Launcher
Tactical Ability
Cooldown Time 33 sec.
Description of Ability fires canisters who explode and make a wall of smoke.
  • It has two charges, permitting it to be utilized twice in succession.
  • The launcher permits Bangalore to fire canisters more distant than projectiles can be tossed.
  • After landing, the canister parts into three, which land in a line opposite to where it was propelled from.
  • The canister’s blast bargains 10 harm to foes.
  • Danger highlighters, for example, the 1x Digital Threat, 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat, or Bloodhound’s Beast of the Hunt, can see through the smoke. 
  • Wattson’s Interception Pylon can destroy the smoke canisters.


  • Smoke Launcher is utilized both unpalatably and protectively; to trap a clueless squad by evacuating their capacity to spot you and react, or like a weapon of a break to darken yourself and Teammates from adversaries. Bangalore can likewise use the smoke launcher while she is as of now utilizing a consumable thing, for example, a Medkit or Shield Battery, as both just requires one hand. 
  • Utilize this furthering your potential benefit to cover while you are healing.
  • Consider utilizing it as an obstruction among you and a foe when you are assaulting the foe. This makes it harder for you to see the foe and makes it simpler to get you trapped.
  • Toss a Frag Grenade or some dangerous gadget into a smokescreen. This arrangements harm to them, or powers them to come to you, or retreat.
  • Double Time

Double Time Ability Type Passive Ability
Cooldown Time N/A sec.
Description of Ability While sprinting taking fire can increase speed.
Double Time actuates after being hit, or when projectiles/explosives scarcely miss you, giving you a 30% speedup for 2s.


Bangalore’s Passive is a reactionary one that reacts to adversaries connecting with you. Use the transient speed help at whatever point you can either by running for cover or return fire with the speed-up like makes you a troublesome objective to hit by.

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder
Ability Type Ultimate Ability
Cooldown Time 270 sec.
Description of Ability Call for an artillery bombing strike to the landscape.
  • Bangalore tosses a flare, and a few lines of rockets land successively before the flare at that point stick for 8 seconds before detonating. Since they land in lines, this makes a kind of wave of blasts pushing ahead from the flare.
  • The rockets land in a 6×6 square.
  • Every blast bargains 40 harm and eases back foes. This capacity can’t harm squadmates, however, it will at present reason the slowing impact.
Wattson’s Interception Pylon can destroy both the rockets (before landing) and the underlying flare
  • In contrast to Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment, the rockets land before the flare rather than around it, so toss it among you and the territory you need to besiege.
  • Moving Thunder ought to be best put something aside for huge group commitment or ambushes, at last, to cover teammates while getting away. It can find a clueless enemy group napping and make them run for spread.
  • This extreme capacity isn’t autonomously ground-breaking enough to completely compelling without anyone else, it is unequivocally prescribed to pursue the enemy down as they get assaulted.

  Using this guide of Ability tips You Can Dominate with Bangalore’s passive, tactical and Ultimate Abilities you Can stay till the last in the arena of Apex Legends. Bangalore is a fearless warrior who can turn the tide of apex legends games if played correctly using this Tips guide. 

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