Apex Legends Mobile Settings to Play Like PRO

Apex Legends Mobile Best Setting to use

Welcome back to another apex legends mobile settings Guide and in this article, I’m gonna be discussing with you guys the best settings for apex legends mobile and also the best hud for the mobile version of the game so guys this is exactly what I’ve been testing and using since the launch of the game and it has worked tremendously I will go into as much detail as possibly can for you guys.

Let’s get straight into this one,

Into the settings as soon as you load up apex legends click on the cog icon in the top right these are the settings i’m going for right now.

Apex Legends Mobile Basic Firing Settings
Apex Legends Mobile Basic Firing Settings

Basic Settings

Firing Settings

Aim Assist OFF

Aim assist is gonna be off guys so the reason for this the aim assist is actually broken right now there is a bug the aim assist can either be very very very strong and lock on to people but at certain distances, it will go off them and you won’t be able to pull your aim back onto them so aim assist needs to be off until they fix that.

Auto-Firing – OFF

Only bots will use this or one who have no skills ( and who don’t want to get aiming right)

Bolt Action Sniper Firing Mode – Tap to Fire

We got bolt action sniper firing mode on tap to fire auto ADS when using a bolt action sniper off. We all have a habit of tap to shoot so setting this up is always an advantage compare to release mode.

Auto ADS when using Bolt Action SniperOFF

If Turned ON this will Automatically ADS with Sniper rifle which is not good to control in intense battles but with higher sensitivity or with gyroscope this can save time to scope up which need lots of practice ( Turn ON if you can handle this)

Left Side Firing Button – ON

You can Select this As per your Layout but turning it ON gives Additional benefits. that’s why a left side firing button needs to be on.

Ability Using Mode – Classic

Utilization of Ability is good with this mode rather than quick mode.

weapon Auto Cycle on Empty – ON

Works very well in fights when using paired Assault rifles, SMG, pistols, and Shotguns but not work well if you have a sniper. so if you use sniper as a secondary weapon then keep it off and your primary weapon will reload and ready to use.

so guys remember these settings are gonna be for either a claw three fingers, four fingers, five fingers, and six fingers. they might it could help you out with two thumbs as well but in my opinion, these are what you need to go.

Ads Settings

Apex Legends Mobile ADS Settings
Apex Legends Mobile ADS Settings
One Tap ADS and Fire – OFF

This setting has multiple selections like Fire After ADS, Fire While ADS and Mixed mode which are self explanatory but for overall gaming experience turn this setting off ( Simply to get full control of game)

ADS Mode – TAP

TAP Mode works perfect in any condition so choosing it is recommended.

Quick Optic Switch – OFF

This setting gives the option to choose the scope for guns quickly with a toggle menu but for using this setting you need to keep additional scopes in a backpack that consumes one slot so using only one scope which you use is recommended.

If you like to use multiple scopes on guns and give them space in backpack then you can turn it ON

Aim Button Rotates View – OFF

So this allows you to have full control of your movement.

Basically all setting OFF here because we need more control to play game as we can control handling and firing great.

Other Settings

Apex Legends Mobile Other Settings
Apex Legends Mobile Other Settings
Permanent Melee Display – OFF

In other settings keep permanent melee display off because you don’t want to be miss clicking the melee button on accident.

Quick Throw – OFF

quick Throw is off so you can place your grenades where you want to place them so you have time to pull out a grenade maybe run around with it instead of it throwing automatically for you.

Battle Info – Fixed Position

battle information you want that to be on a fixed position for less distraction.

Continuous Throwing – OFF

Continuous throwing is off.

Gyroscope Settings

And of course, using a gyroscope that’s entirely up to you that’s a personal preference. I Like to Play Gyroscope on Scope only (While ADS) and lots of other normal players play with disabling gyroscope it’s not all people liking so we are creating a Different Guide for Gyroscope only which will be published soon.

For Others just disable it and move on

Function Settings

Apex Legends Mobile Function Setting
Apex Legends Mobile Function Setting

Function Settings

Auto Open Doors – OFF

then on to function settings, auto open doors very important guys have this off. there is a reason behind that if you’re under fire you can run into a building close the door and literally sit in front of the door so the enemies can’t open the door this allows you to heal while blocking the doors if you have auto-open doors it will just constantly open the doors for enemies to come in and kill you while you’re healing so make sure that is off. It’s not good for stealthy and defensive gameplay,

Auto Open Chests – ON

Help us to quick looting and save to to tapping button always to open chests is recommended but if you play real stealthy then keep it off

Minimap rotations – ON

minimap rotation on just to make sure you know where you are on the minimap.

Allow Left Shoulder Camera – OFF

allow left shoulder camera off and that’s a personal preference so in the third person you can have your camera on the right-hand side of your shoulder or the left-hand side um right-hand side is probably the best. ( You can turn it on if you are left-handed )

Smart Healing Item Recommendations – OFF

smart healing Recommendation off so again you have full control of what healing items you use and use them as per the situation.

Toggle to Use Healing Items – OFF

toggle to use healing items on so you can choose healing item quicker and heal faster.

Continuously use Health Items – OFF
Continuously Use Shield Battery – OFF

keep continuously use health items and continuously use shield battery off. so guys very important to make sure that those two settings are off because when you heal it will continuously heal you so especially when you just want to pop one battery as you can see somebody pushing you and you can kind of just like cancel that really quickly if it’s on you will just keep healing and you have to take your finger off your movement joystick to click cancel which puts you at a disadvantage.

Ping Button – ON

and ping button you need that to be on which really helps in-game as you all know.

Ping Info Opacity – Around 50%

and I’ve got my opacity for my ping on around about 53 percent. which not completely blocks vision and also visible to us.

Quick Ping – ON

Keeping quick ping on saves lot of time which is very important in battle royal game like Apex Legends Mobile.

Left Ping Button – ON

left ping button on gives good handling while ping so using it its wise idea.

Auto Ping – ON

auto ping on also time saver so use it if you want.

Crosshair Radar Alert- ON
Map Radar Alert – ON

These options give good insights of battlefield so using them is always beneficial.

First Person FOV and Third Person FOV – 90 (MAX)

field of view on 90 for first person and third person um so field of view at the minute is very very bugged uh i just feel like third person is fine but first person the field of view just needs to have more it’s it’s it’s very very in your face it’s in my opinion even though it’s on 90 it feels like it’s running on about 50-60 field of view

Movement Setting

Apex Legends Mobile Movement Setting Guide
Apex Legends Mobile Movement Setting Guide
Joystick Triggers Auto Run – ON

Joystick triggers auto run on so you can run continuously while joystick pressed which is best option comparing to holding joystick forever to run.

Crouching Control -TAP

Just slide up on your joystick and it will auto spin for you crouching controls you want that to be on tap so this will allow you to slide a lot easier instead of holding in and it’s a lot easier to get away from the gunfire.

Riding on Zipline Mode – Hover

When you Ride on Zipline it shows hover effect which is good compare to other.

Direction when riding on a vertical zipline – Orientation

Direction when riding on a vertical zipline on orientation guys so that means wherever your camera angle is pointing that is the way that you’re gonna repel so it allows you to bounce on the repels nice and fluent.

Zipline Button Settings – Display

zipline button settings display shows zipline button which is handy to use.

Vertical Zipline Direction Tips – OFF

keep vertical zipline direction tips off because you know direction where zipline going so no need for tips.

Assisted Zipline floor Landing – OFF

assisted zipline floor landing off will not going to show you where you going to land you will get it after experience so I advise you to keep this setting off.

Vertical Zipline Interact Button – OFF

very important guys vertical zipline interact button is off so it will not bug you always while playing.

Sensitivity Setting

Overall Sensitivity

Apex Legends Mobile Overall Settings
Apex Legends Mobile Overall Settings
Sliding Screen Speed Up Mode – Acceleration

and then onto sensitivity guys, these are my sensitivity I’ve got my sliding screen speed up on acceleration which is best working with me.

Overall Sensitivity – Custom

with a custom overall sensitivity so I’m playing on a mobile device so this may vary for you but choose the best custom setting for you.

First Person Viewing Button – OFF
Third Person Viewing Button – ON

The first-person viewing button it’s off third-person viewing button is on you don’t need them both on it’s the same button to switch between third person and the first person.

Observation Camera Sensitivity – 120%

so observation I’ve got that set to 120 rotation sensitivity which is working best.

Screen Rotation Sensitivity – 133%

Camera Sensitivity Setting

Apex Legends Mobile Camera Sensitivity Settings
Apex Legends Mobile Camera Sensitivity Settings

Just Check out the image Above and Set Custom sensitivity like that. you can always play around with it and choose which one fits perfectly for you.

Firing Sensitivity Setting

Apex Legends Mobile Firing Sensitivity Settings
Apex Legends Mobile Firing Sensitivity Settings

Firing Sensitivity kind of want this to be similar you want it to be near enough identical to your camera settings so everything feels smooth so as soon as you zoom in and it’ll be the kind of the same sensitivity so it doesn’t throw you off. so I’m just gonna lower that down as well so gyroscope again guys is entirely up to you.

Ordnance Sensitivity

Apex Legends Mobile ordinace Sensitivity Settings
Apex Legends Mobile ordinace Sensitivity Settings

Ordnance sensitivity you want that to be on 80 and legend throwing Ability Sensitivity on at 170.

Control Setting

Apex Legends Mobile Control Settings
Apex Legends Mobile Control Settings

actually so on to control the settings then guys very important you want the left movement fixed and right fire fixed option so that’s the third option across my loadout my HUD is this I’m not gonna go through it with you on this Article but you can Check screenshot.

Apex Legends Mobile Layout Settings
Apex Legends Mobile Layout Settings

and check it out but I play four-finger and this works perfectly for me again it’s entirely up to you how you want this to work for you but for me, this runs very smoothly so I kind of wish that they bring more range to the hood but for now it’s absolutely fine for the beta.

Battle Feedback Settings

Apex Legends Mobile Battle Feedback Settings
Apex Legends Mobile Battle Feedback Settings

In battle feedback Setting target crosshair with a shield icon, you want that to be on so this allows you to know when you’ve actually destroyed somebody’s shield and then damage feedback you want that to be on both as well this allows you to know exactly the damage ratio when you’re being targeted as well how much damage you’re taking where your damage is coming from damage numbers you want that to be on both.

Pickup Setting

Apex Legends Mobile Pickup Setting
Apex Legends Mobile Pickup Setting

This is probably the most important and that is your pickup settings guys auto pickup this is up to you for now for me and for new players you kind of want this to be ON just to help you out until you get used to the game so if i was you i’d turn it off.

but if you’re new to the game keep it on close pick up list and stop auto pickup on auto pickup optics is on death box single column you don’t want it to be a double column because it’s going to take too much of your screen up especially when you’re trying to a body armor swap so when you’ve killed somebody and you’re low on armor you can quickly swap to their armor to replenish the armor to full health you don’t want a big chunk of the screen being filled up with the loot box because if an enemy is running at you you’re not gonna be able to see them.

Apex Legends Mobile Pickup Setting
Apex Legends Mobile Pickup Setting

that good um consumables guys right so I like to go with 8 syringes 2 meg kits eight shield cells 4 batteries 1 phoenix I don’t like using the ultimate accelerator and so that’s up to you if you guys don’t know what that is it allows you to get your ultimate faster but it’s not really that bad.

fair might I like to have all these on one and one um the volt key I like to have that on the one.

as well then on assault rifles guys I’ve got everything on the standard when it comes to the ammo, it’s all 270 on everything 270 on it all snipers down to 64. Also Some Shotgun Ammo as per your requirement.

So This is All the setting for Apex Legends Mobile See you in another one…

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