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Best Apex Legends SMG’s To Play

We are breaking down all the SMGs in Apex legends, we’re gonna be crunching some numbers and giving you all the information to as how each SMG is performing at various ranges, time to kills my suggestions on some of the attachments, and my overall suggestions for each of the weapons.

Best Apex Legends SMG’s To Play

Right before we do jump into the SMG’s. If you do want to check out the video go right to it. All the SMGs are very similar to the attachments. Some of the weapons benefit more than others when it does come to the barrel, and we will break that down when we review each of the weapons.

But otherwise, the magazine stocks and optics are all pretty self-explanatory. If you are new to apex a breakdown of those are on the screen for you. Generally, the only thing some people don’t know is that the stocks do matter more than some think a purple sock will have a 35% faster weapon swap speed and reduce aim drift which can really matter especially if you need to swap weapons in a close-range fight.

Alternator SMG

Let’s start off with the alternator SMG. Alis one of the best SMGs in the early game due to its base MAX SIZE and the amount of damage it can do. The damage to the alternator is 12 to 15 to the body and 23 to the head as 160 DPS to the body against a 200 Health enemy, it takes 14 body shots to kill which is also pretty good.

The fact that you can kill someone in 14 body shots when you have 19 in that base mag with no magazine is pretty good. The fire rate is really slow compared to the other SMGs it’s almost half of the R99 it’s pretty crazy to think as for the recoil with the alternator is pretty much just straight vertical.

The Golden purple barrels helps a ton with keeping that vertical recoil down and stopping it from going too high up in the sky. The alternator has insane hit fire you can hit fire almost all the way up to 25 meters away which is almost better than some of the other SMGs when they are at using so keep this in mind.

The alternator is superb hip firing especially at the close ranges A de using with the alternator is solid up to about 20 meters after 20 meters it does taper off and it makes it pretty hard to hit those shots.

The magazine sizes are pretty typical 19 to 25 and 27 bolts and the mag depending on which one you have 19 as a base mag is also insane again this is why I do like taking the alternator in the early game for the optics on the alternator I pretty much always take it one time or two times I don’t mind taking that as well. The alternator unlike all the other SMGs I think has a little bit more range. So taking that two times sometimes isn’t all that bad but the one times is definitely the sweet spot for SMGs so when in how should you be using this alternator honestly again it’s really just an early game with the alternator.

You can hip fire Alternator in the early games which is also great some people don’t even expect it if you’re really close to them hip firing them you’ll hit great shots, ads it up to 10 meters is solid does taper off when you get past the 20 meters as well but it is viable between the 10 and 20 meters

it has a better range than all the other SMGs I would say it does have really solid mag size for a base especially considering how much damage it can do. The alternator does suffer from the fire rate which is its downfall and it is a must drop for me after the early game fights, unfortunately, as much as I don’t mind taking it at all.


Let’s now move on to R99 the fastest time to kill gun out there and one of the best SMGs and best guns and all of Apex legends the tried and true r99 r 99 has 9 damage to the legs 11 to the body 17 to the head has 198 DPS to the body on a 200 Health enemy, it will take 19 shots to kill the fire is one of the fastest if not the fastest in the game.

It absolutely shreds ammo though it has 1080 RPM, the recoil is pretty typical goes straight up and does have some wild kick to the left and then towards the right at the end of the mag that can make it difficult to control it will take practice for you to perfect, but once you do perfect it is crazy good.

It is definitely predictable and you should be learning it. barrel helped a modest amount on this compared to the alternator, keeping the vertical recoil down. It does help a little bit but not quite as much as the alternator up to 10 meters it will work in hip fire and up to 20 meters in ADS after this both of those options just kind of start to wave off and I have a hard time hitting my shots.

It thrives through in the less than 10 meters in my opinion, when you’re really close to enemies, you’re absolutely able to shred them and laser them down. The magazine sizes are 20, 22, 24, and 27 which is pretty typical and not too bad. The optics for me is a one times is a must two times just has too much zoom and it doesn’t feel right.

So one-time MAG is what I am looking for almost all the time. What use case scenario would you be using the R 99 of course everyone kind of already knows this by missing anyway is to close up range battles so it’s really cool. engagement, you should be buying your r99 if you are really close to enemies, in my opinion, is definitely something you should be doing. If you’re just outside of the 10-meters range, that’s when you really should be aiming down sights.

Otherwise, make sure you have to fire at that close range. A big concern I do have when using the R 99 is the fact that it just spreads ammo. If all my teammates are taking r 99 or an R301 in r 99 you might just not have enough ammo on the ground for you to keep picking up that light ammo. Keep this in mind, always be aware of what your teammates are taking.

You don’t want to have an ammo shortage especially when you get into the late game.

Moving on, we had one of the newest additions to the game is the volt SMG it’s almost a mixture of the alternator and R 99. It’s a very solid alternative to the R 99. It has a bit better range in my opinion than the R 99.

The damage from the Volt is as follows 13 damage to the leg 16 to the body 24 to the head. It has 208 DPS to the body, which is the best out of the SMG is on a 200 enemy it will take 13 body shots which are also very solid, the fire rate is 783 rounds per minute which is a bit slower compared to the R 99 but a bit faster than the alternator.

The recoil is straight up and it does go to the left and slightly to the right after it goes left. The barrel doesn’t help as much as the other SMGs but still helps keep the bolts down a little bit. The barrel really isn’t too necessary on the volt.

This is a great thing to keep in mind as well. The ABS is great up to 20 meters and the hip fire is awesome up to 10 meters It feels really snappy on the controller. For some reason, the volt just seemed better to shoot on control than the R99.

both one to two times optics are fine on this weapon as well. So what situations do I want to be picking up the volt, pick up the volt when need a little bit more range than the R 99. Also, I’ll be taking the volt with my teammates who are both taking R 99 so that way we can split up the ammo situation a little bit.

It is similar to the alternator in terms of range in the optics again, it has amazing DPS which is awesome it does struggle with the fire rate so you can’t shoot quite as quick as saying the R 99 However because it shoots a little bit slower, it’s easier to control them than R99 which is definitely a bonus for the newer or less experienced players.


Any final SMG for us to discuss is the Prowler SMG the new addition to the care package. I do wish it was on the floor. The damage is as follows 12 to the leg 15 to the body 23 to the head. It does 200 DPS to the body on a 200 Health enemy it only takes 14 body shots to kill.

The fire rate on the Prowler is solid as 800 rounds per minute and it does shred ammo, especially since it’s a care package weapon now and your ammo is limited, it doesn’t have enough the recoil at the Prowler is definitely easier to control in burst mode. If you are spamming this inverse mode.

It’s easier to control in the bullets are more compact which is something you should also keep in mind a lot of people don’t expect this up to 20 meters this Prowler is absolutely great to shoot in burst mode. It’s up to 15 meters in auto and less than 15 meters it’s also amazing ahead firing is really quite crazy how snappy this thing kind of feels when you are hip firing under 15 meters.

this is the best gun in the game when it does come to hip firing. It really thrives at the closer ranges than the alternator or the volt as well. attachments are all on this by default so there’s nothing to discuss with that. And the use case for the Prowler is definitely similar to the r99 is super but the closer sides of things 10 meters or so.

And this is the only gun in the game where you can kill two enemies with one clip if you’re hitting all your body shots. This is also something you should definitely be aware of. If you are picking up the Prowler the fact that you can down to people with one magazine without reloading can’t be underestimated this increases your time to kill tremendously. This is why a lot of people do take the Prowler at the end games.

Again a big negative for me is the fact that the Prowler does have that specific amount of ammo the fact that you can’t pick up more ammo anymore because it is a care package weapon. This does limit its viability you will absolutely shred more especially if you are trying to push a lot of teams you’re gonna run out and then you’re going to be in big trouble This is kind of unfortunate because taking the Prowler.

So if you are picking up this Prowler just be mindful of how much ammo you’re using it might be a solid option to run a Prowler with a R 99 if you are really making aggressive pushes always be using your R99 as your main and then you swap the Prowler if you need to extra SMG damage just so you guys can see everything on-screen side by side let’s throw up a chart of all these damage numbers fire race magazine size again

picking up the alternator early game if I find it to have that early game has good MAX SIZE for the early game for the end game situation or later mid-game and be taken either of the r 99 or the volt Honestly, it doesn’t really matter to me. Both of these guns are really good and they’re both pretty much equal right now.

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