Best Landing Spots in Kings Canyon Apex Legends

Best Landing Spots in Kings Canyon Apex Legends

we are ranking the drop spots on the revamped kings canyon from season 8 there’s obviously better spots for a different reason so we are ranking the spots with the sole purpose of its overall ability for hot drops this means they will be suited for more kills and better rotations that will also lead to more kills this list is just for pubs and i will also share my brief thoughts as we go through this list on each location’s looting potential but the main reason again is that we are ranking these spots for kills and lots of action we are also only ranking the named locations and there’s a lot of spots to cover so we’re going to go through it pretty quickly so let’s jump right into it.

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Starting at the bottom we have one of my favorite places from when the game first came out and that is

Swamps however I now find that not too many people land here anymore and it’s kind of disjointed from the rest of the map the one good thing that does go for it is the fact that is so close to labs so rotations might not be that bad and the loot here overall is pretty decent however the loot is pretty spread out so it does take a fair amount of time to loot in its entirety I do enjoy swamps it might be a good place to drop if you want a longer game.

next up we have broken relay and there’s not much to say about this location in my opinion there’s barely enough loot for three people and it’s kind of an awkward spot I pretty much never land here and there really isn’t too many other people that land here as well because the looting potential is pretty poor one thing that does go well for this spot is that it is so close to capacitor which has a lot of action so again you can have some good rotations similarly to this you cannot rotate to rig but generally rig is going to be the wrong way from the circle so I generally don’t like that too much i would just say to skip the spot unless you do want a slower game.

next we have at number 19 we have one of my favorite ranked spots in overall spots for wins and this is water treatment, water treatment has a single team or two teams landing here quite often and is decent for early game fights however my biggest issue with water stream is the fact that it has fairly poor rotations it is all the way to the south side of the map and I often find myself having to run pretty far to the north even if I don’t have a far rotation just to get to the circle there aren’t many teams to fight till I get to the map room or repulsor in the east side or salvage and market in the west which is also a negative for me water treatment I think is one of the better spots to land if you are a newer player so give it a try and it does have pretty decent loot moving on from water treatment.

at number 18 we now have the rig the rig nearly always has a team landing here and is a great for early game fights but much like water treatment i find rotations sometimes aren’t the best is also shoved in the corner of the map which means you could have an extremely far rotation if you do have to go to somewhere like water treatment or something like that likewise with the water treatment drop it isn’t the best for finding teams while rotating as really the only location where you might find some teams is capacitor swamps and broken relay are pretty much dead locations and quiet locations and they aren’t the most conducive to getting kills so i generally won’t rotate in those directions one thing that does make the rig interesting is the center charge tower which can lead to some early game fun and different ways to play the game and if you instantly do capture this tower it generally gives you the advantage against your opponents early on.

our number 17 pick is hydro dam it is also a location that is fairly quiet there honestly isn’t much low here and i really do try to steer clear of hydro dam I find it is also extremely revealing as there isn’t much cover and if multiple teams do land here is a very tough fight with the limited loot that you do get from the little buildings on the sides the only good thing about hydro dam in my eyes is the fact that it is close to repulsor the cage and labs which does mean you have a lot of options for rotations but the early game fights here I am not a fan of and i often find no one else will land here as well i’d much rather land at any of those adjacent areas.

16 is one of the most unique and notable places to drop in all of apex legends and that is bunker for this location i am strictly talking about the actual bunker itself so not the small town to the west or the river buildings to the east the straight up fact is that the bunker has a very small amount of loot but it does have all the loot very close together which is a good thing I don’t think people land here as much as they used to in the early days of apex legends but again this is much like hydro dam for me it has superb rotations and you’ll never have to run far to get into the zone since it is in the center of the map this location might be one of the most unique areas in all of kings canyon as it really does allow for an infinite amount of different rotations but since it is in the middle of the map it will create a lot of third parties and a lot of randomness early on which can be tough for some to overcome one nice thing is that you probably won’t even need to move far from here as most of the teams will just rotate to you if they do hear you fighting.

keeping with the theme of some of the older drops next we have the pit the pit is very similar to bunker in my eyes but is a lot more 50 50 and I find people aren’t dropping here as much as they used to in the past as a lot of people are dropping at spotted lake these days again the pit is a very 50 50 environment where if a team is landing here you’re pretty much just rolling the dice and leaving your life up to luck on whether or not you’re gonna get a decent gun from the loot boxes this in my eyes is a poor way to play and isn’t great for kills the loot in the pit is decent but not as much as some of the other areas on this list much like bunker the pit does have very solid rotations especially now that there is another path out of here and will be a good spot for some third parties at runoff containment or spotted lakes.

next up is artillery and this area is a bit of the opposite from some of our previous drops I find artillery does have decent loot and lots of options when actually landing here which is nice but it does lack some rotation options at the moment really you’re either going south to containment or north up into crash site crash site does feel like a far rotation and by the time you do get there the enemy teams are probably already healed up or third parties are already gone so it isn’t really conducive to that rotating south towards containment is usually where i end up going since it is closer in my eyes and is easier to get some kills there since you are coming in from height overall artillery is decently balanced with a drop spot good loot and a team or two to fight and some early rotation options this is another one of the spots i would recommend going if you’re looking for some early game action even though it may lack some mid game fights.

at 13 we have a drop spot entering the arena from world’s edge and that is mirage voyage mirage for me is honestly a spot that i’ve only landed here a few times and there really hasn’t been many teams landing here for some reason the loot here is amazing and it has a lot of it jam packed close together which is a great thing if you do get a team landing here you may get some easy early game wipes and this can lead you to getting a lot of high kill games if you do have this happen to you my favorite part about this drop is its close proximity to gauntlet salvage and market which all by themselves are usually crazily populated areas with a lot of action so fights off of rotations won’t be an issue. it is number 13 on my list because again the handful of times i have landed here there just hasn’t been that many teams landing here which isn’t what we are looking for when there are so many great places to drop so close to mirage voyage.

moving on to number 12 we have run off, run off for me is somewhat similar to the pit where it has solid rotations to the pit and spotted lakes and air base or even bunker or some of the adjacent no-name areas the only thing that makes runoff much better than the pit in my eyes is the fact that it has a great amount of loot and a lot of it i land here quite often i often find teams will land here as well but sometimes landing here is a little quiet which can be a good thing for those trying to last a bit longer in their games not too much to say about runoff honestly give it a try and i think you will find it will work well for your overall game.

next up we have air base and air base is pretty much the same as runoff for me it is slightly higher because there is even more loot here and even more places for teams to land to fight and get fights early off of spawn also i find that the adjacent area gauntlet is usually an absolutely not a house early on which makes rotating 2 gauntlet great for third parties I will say pretty much everywhere from here on out is going to be a great place to drop for kills and it really depends on the drop ship path all these locations are places I pretty much drop regularly

the top 10 we have the cage what can i say about the cage it can probably be one of the most insane places to drop and one of the most frustrating places to rotate through the cage in a lot of ways is like a fortress and it almost always has another team landing on it if it doesn’t you won’t have long till an enemy team has to rotate through this area the cage has a great vantage point of the large area in the valley and can be a great place to catch unsuspecting teams from hydro capacitor or labs off guard the cage is in the center of the map so rotations are going to be good and the loot here for the most part is solid.

next up we have my personal favorite from the season and that is market much like the name suggests market is jam-packed with everything you need to get a good game in it has solid loot that is close together lots of teams that will land here and great rotations to salvage the cage or even mirage voyage the market in recent days does feel a bit lighter than it used to be i think that may be because teams are landing north in the new areas or salvage but the market overall is a great place to land and i do recommend going here for some early game action.

moving on at number eight we have a new addition to the game and this is crash site crash site is a new point of interest and almost always has teams landing here because of this it is a great spot for kills and decent rotations to artillery and spot lake which also have teams more times than not the loot is solid and plentiful so this is not an issue as well my only problem with this drop is that is located all the way to one side of the map meaning if the circle does go far to the south you will have a tough time rotating and it may lack some mid game fights because of this i will say though you can link the balloons together in crash site and then in spot lake to pretty much get all the way to runoff containment or the pit fairly quickly which does make for some easy rotations if needed.

number seven is a drop that i honestly haven’t done much in the past but this season i have been dropping at labs quite frequently i will say that the loot on labs is decent in the rotations to fight even more teams are quite incredible the close proximity to capacitor in the cage makes it almost non-stop action for the majority of the game and can lead to high kill games the only reason labs is a small negative for me is that the actual inside of labs can be an absolute mad house with a crazy amount of teams early game to the point where it is definitely 50 50 or even worse odds of having success my recommendation is to land on the outer buildings and this will allow you to hold enemy teams inside and give you high ground next we have repulsor a drop that i honestly can’t believe i am mentioning this high in the list but the drops for me here lately have been absolutely wild sometimes when i land here there can be five or more teams here leading to huge games if you are able to get sod loot off of the drop the rotations aren’t bad and people have been landing in the map room or the small area to the west for a while now and it can lead to some great early to mid game fights as well repulsor itself is a huge area which also means you have multiple options as to how to play it and loot should be solid even with more than three teams landing here repulsor for me is a sleeper pick and i recommend you try it out starting with

the top five we have containment containment much like every spot in our top 10 has a lot of action and this spot is fairly centrally located on the map which again leads to great rotations in action pretty much all game long the containment is fine for the amount of teams that generally land there and containment is always my go-to pick for pretty much a guaranteed team to fight my only complaint with containment is the fact that you are going to be third party pretty much all game long which can be bad or good if you are able to handle the extra teams.

coming in at number 4 we have capacitor capacitor has been a solid drop ever since this location was introduced and for me this is a staple for some great early game fights the loot on capacitor is plentiful and close together which allows for some very solid weaponry early on and a lot of teams to fight if for some reason capacitor is a slower drop which pretty much never happens but if there is no teams here you can rotate to artillery rig labs which nearly always has some teams to fight as well much like containment capacitor is also more centrally located and you will never have to run far to get some fights or to the zone I can’t really see anything wrong with this drop and i would definitely give it a try i also love that there are multiple charge towers in this area meaning if you are running with the likes of a lifeline you will get some easy care packages early on.

moving on now to our bronze winner and that is gauntlet gaul is one of the craziest drops in all of this version of king’s canyon and has been really consistent ever since it came out way back in the early days of apex i honestly can’t figure it out but there are always multiple teams landing at gauntlet and there’s a lot of great rotation spots nearby when you do leave gauntlet mraz voyage salvage and market are all close by through a balloon ride away and allows for rapid movement to find more fights similar to this on foot you can easily go to air base or the zip line going for me is an extremely consistent spot and a great place to go if you are pushing those higher kill games however i will say you’re gonna have to handle a lot of teams landing here because there is going to be a lot of enemies.

our second place winner at number two is going to be the new point of interest spotted lake this one edges out crash site due to the fact that it does have some better rotations and more consistently has a lot of teams coming into it the loo here is great and also allows for many different drop spots because of it there is a balloon right in the middle which does also allow for rapid movement to containment crash site or runoff or even the pit which is also a great thing to keep the action flowing in the game moving spotlight may have a bit of the newness factor for me but at the moment it seems to be fairly consistent and it’s one of my top spots to get a lot of kills and some action consistently all game long

and our number one drop spot is going to be salvage when savage came into the game during season 5 of apex legends it in a lot of ways was somewhat the new skull town even if it wasn’t quite as memorable or good for loot in the overall number of fights the reason salvage edges out such areas like market gala in barrage voyage is due to the fact that it is directly in the center of all these areas so not only do teams often drop here this also allows us to pretty much travel to any of these adjacent areas with a zipline or a short walk and it allows you to pretty much keep the aggressive play style moving all game long is solid at savage although not as good at market my personal favorite drop spot at the moment but again it is all these things the hot drop the easy rotations the looting that gives salvage the edge for me and makes it my go-to drop spot on kings in season 8 for those high kill games so that is my ranking of the apex legends season 8 aggressive drop spots for higher kill games for kings canyon.

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