Best Shot Guns In Apex Legends (Shotgun Compare)

Best Shot Guns In Apex Legends (Shotgun Compare)

we are going to be taking a look at all the shotguns in Apex legends we’re going to crunch some numbers and we are going to give you all the information that you will need to know how each shotgun can perform.

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This is gonna of course be the Definitive Guide for all shotguns moving forward I don’t really see this changing that much in the future we might get a little bit of a change here and there but overall the numbers in this Article are gonna be solid for a while.

the Definitive Guide for shotguns.

Let’s just first talk about the shotgun bolt attachment. This can go on all three of the shotguns Mozambique, Eva 8 and the mastiff

the peacekeeper has this on by default is a care package weapon now the shotgun bolt will increase the rate of fire for each of the shotguns I would highly recommend trying to get the purple one because it does make a difference quite a bit it will increase your DPS Mozambique increases the fire rate by 25% on the purple one increases the mass fire rate by 16%. If you have that purple shotgun bolt in an overall shotgun note to no damage drop off does not exist with the shotguns you will just start to do less damage at range because you’re going to be missing pellets.

This is just something to keep in mind. It’s really a combination of a multitude of things with the shotguns it’s the fire rate. It’s the pellet pattern, and of course, it is the overall damage that the shotgun can do. It’s really a combination of these things that make the shotguns perform better than how they look say on paper.

1. Mozambique

First up, let’s discuss the Mozambique shotgun slash pistol. This shotgun has always been kind of a troll weapon in my opinion. Of course when you see it on the ground when you do you got to ping it of course. But let’s start talking about the numbers with Mozambique

Mozambique will do 45 damage to the body 69 damage to the headshot if you have no helmet. And this is if all pellets are connecting the fire rate of Mozambique is 180 RPM or rounds per minute and has 135 damage per second to the body.

135 damage per second to the body honestly is pretty good. I’m pretty surprised at this. The recoil and pellet pattern for this gun is pretty simple. It’s a damage pattern in the shape of a triangle, it has three pellets which each does 15 damage to the body.

recoil is minimal in both hip fire and ads. So you can expect to spray and you’ll hit all shots on target. No issues at all at messing with Mozambique does matter. And this was kind of surprising to me.

But you want to be aiming downsides when you’re using Mozambique pretty much at any range. If you are aim downsizing with Mozambique this does honestly increase the range a lot.

you can hit all three pellets, one at using at a whopping 30 meters away. I don’t know why anyone tried to shoot at someone from 30 meters away with Mozambique. But you can do it honestly, which is pretty crazy. The fact that you can do this much damage, you can only hit all three pellets when your hip firing if you’re at 10 meters, so this is three times increase the range if you are at using it

one big thing about Mozambique for me is the attachment of the hammer points around if you pick up hammer points increases unshielded damaged by 2.25 times, which is pretty crazy. This means a 45 damage body shot would do 101 damage to the body of an unshielded enemy. That’s more than enough to one tap someone at the beginning of a game if they have no shields.

The fact that you can one tap someone with Mozambique is just honestly something that I never really thought you could do. I might start picking up Mozambique more often honestly. Because if I’m shooting someone down or r99 and then I swapped into Mozambique, and if I’m able to finish them off with one tap to the body. I mean, that’s crazy, in my opinion.

So what range would you want to use Mozambique? Honestly, Mozambique if you’re honestly going to pick this thing up and try to use it you’d want to be using it at the closer side of things. You want to have this as a swappable weapon you’re not gonna be maintaining the Mozambique I mean come on, let’s be real but it’s pretty solid at the close ranges so definitely be trying out the Mozambique guys.

Mozambique is pretty good. So give it a try.

2. EVA 8 Shotgun

Next up we’re taking a look at the Eva 8 shotgun. This is a favorite for some people other people hate it. Eva 8 is solid and there’s a lot of little things that you should know about it. First off the damage for the Eva 8 is a 63 to the body 99 to the head. Again, no helmet

and if all pellets are connecting, the fire rate is 128 rounds per minute and the DPS is Again 135 to the body, the pillow pattern is in the shape of a figure-eight which is funny Of course, because it’s the Eva has nine pellets for seven damage each to the body.

This is good to keep in mind when shooting enemies, the pattern is always the same. This does make for really consistent damage. The same thing with all the shotguns, really this aid does have recoil when you’re saying but not when hip firing which in my opinion is really weird, but it is the thing to keep in mind.

So hip firing is a little bit more steady than aiming down sights, it does have the same bullet spread when single firing or using the double-tap mode because it can’t get the double-tap attachment I recommend shooting at the upper chest area where you’ll hit some pellets ahead in the remainder to the body.

Since this is in the shape of an eight, you can still hit all the pellets at nine meters, which is pretty good at 10 meters, you’re going to start missing some pellets no matter what just due to the shape of the pellet pattern damage becomes pretty minimal when you’re outside of 15 meters, but you still can do 40 to 50 per hit at 15 meters, which is really solid Of course, the fact that you might be able to get someone down to like 50 or 60 health and pop one or two shots at a pretty decent range and finish them is pretty important to keep in mind you will again miss a lot of pellets when you’re outside of the 15-meter range.

Just because the Pellate pattern is spread out so much that you’re not gonna be hitting a lot on the person like we just mentioned earlier, the Eva 8 can have the double-tap which shoots two shots in quick succession, which is a little bit faster fire rate than if you are single pressing.

However, there’s a break between the shots that you’re shooting So overall, the damage is pretty much the same whether you’re single tapping or if you’re double-tapping you know a couple of shots in succession because this gun does have that double-tap this does mean you can do instantaneous burst damage a little bit more than say a couple of the other shotguns like the master or of course the most still is not all that great in my opinion because you do need to be really close to an enemy to hit this figure Eva 8 pellet pattern.

So just keep that all in mind. I feel as if the Eva is a jack of all trades but doesn’t excel in high damage numbers like the master for the peacekeeper but can still do really high burst damage due to that double-tap as a very close range is the sweet spot, in my opinion, to be using this gun is at a range where you’re not necessarily barrel stuffing someone but you are in a small room or in a hallway with someone having to double tap on isn’t a necessity for me if you don’t have this double tap you don’t have that high burst damage capabilities which is really the only reason why you take the shotgun in my opinion,

of course, this gun does not have the potential to tap body shot someone with a purple anvil like the mastiff does, which is a huge disappointment. you need to hit four shots to the body with this Eve eight to kill them and with the mastiff, you only need to hit two shots. So this is kind of why a lot of people don’t really take the Eva 8 just doesn’t have as high of a ceiling as say the mastiff but it is really consistent you can honestly really hit a lot of solid 40 to 60 damage numbers from the pretty good range.

Just keep that in mind. The Eva 8 is very solid in the early game but is not as good at the end of games. Just keep this all in mind you’re going to be picking up the mastiff if you are towards an end game scenario.

3. Mastiff

Next up we’re taking a look at the mastiff shotgun which is currently the favorite of the ground weapon of the three shotguns that we have to pick up the damage is 104 to the body 128 to the head no helmet and all pellets connecting the fire rate and DPS is 60 rounds per minute and 104 DPS to the body.

The pellet pattern for the mastiff is very simple. It’s a straight horizontal line for 13 damage each to the body. The middle four pellets are clustered in two sets of two. And there’s two single pellets on each side of that single cluster honestly not as great of a spread on paper as Mozambique or Eva8 but this wide type of spread does make it really easy to shoot enemies because you are kind of fanning out right in front of you across their body is there is no recoil when spraying from the hip or a ADS with this shotgun

you need to be really close to hit all a pellets on the body you need to be at six meters or less a seven meters or farther you are going to miss pellets the outside of the enemy’s body is 30 meters is the max range to hit six pellets

at 14 meters you will miss all the outside for pellets and you’re only gonna hit the Center for pellets you can still hit four pellets at 34 meters away which is wildly far you will be doing 52 damage at this 34 meters if you are hitting those four center pellets, Of course, this does make it really easy to hit partial low damage numbers across the map honestly because of this wide fan-out kind of spread of these pellets

pellet spread is reduced when at using and I do definitely recommend that you are aimed down citing when using the mastiff this does increase the potential damage a lot if you are a de using if you’re not a de using you really need to be barrel stuffing someone otherwise you’re just not gonna is doing the full potential damage that you could be even at three meters a hip-fire shot is wider than the enemy’s head and this is going to mean that you’re not going to be doing the full amount of damage if you were aiming down sights. There are no additional attachments for this shotgun.

It’s just the bolt in an optic my use case scenario for this mastiff shotgun. It is crazy good in hallways in enemies that are grouped together This is no doubt about it. This is due to the horizontal pellet spread the mastiff excels at close ranges five meters barrel stuffing type of range, I would say and even has great partial damage at the extreme far ranges much farther than the EVA eight while Mozambique.

interesting shotguns and are actually kind of viable. They just do not have as much damage as the mastiff the fact that the mastiff can do 122 head or 104 to the body really just makes it the better gun because you can swap out and do that. more damage right instantly

4. Peacekeeper

in the final shotgun for us to review guys, of course, is the peacekeeper. The peacekeeper is the best shotgun in the game. As always, it’s in a care package so it’s really hard to come by I do really miss it being on the ground but it is still the best shotgun.

The damage for the peacekeeper in the fire and the Palletes pattern is as follows the damage is 110 to the body 143 to head no helmet and all pellets connecting, the fire rate is 58 rounds per minute and the DPS is 110 DPS to the body.

The pellet pattern is in the shape of a star. It has 11 pellets for 10 damage each to the body has five sets of two in a circular formation and then a center single pellet it’s a super solid and really consistent pillow pattern and will do great damage pretty much at any range if you are shooting at enemies.

It has the best Pallete pattern in the game which is not surprising. This gun has no recoil when you are spraying rapid-fire with this peacekeeper which is not surprising.

the pellet spread is not reduced when quickly abs and firing before the choke activates. So this is something also to keep in mind if you’re not going to be activating the choke. If you’re just aiming down setting and shooting you might as well be hip firing, you can hit all eight pellets at eight meters and one hip firing 410 plus or minus damage, you can hit about half the pellets at 14 meters when hit firing for about 60 damage.

Now let’s say this is kind of mediocre, not nothing too great. You can hit all pellets to the head at 18 meters when the choke is activating which is kind of crazy. And you can hit nearly all pellets at 40 meters if activating the choke which is insane this thing is almost like a sniper. And then at 16 meters, you can still hit about half the pellets one aim down the siding with the choke activating for about 70 to 80 damage is virtually makes it a sniper you can take out a third of an enemy’s health at 60 meters which is pretty much insane. You can’t even spray it with ADS at that range.

The peacekeeper honestly excels at all ranges due to the choke and the type of pellet spread close ranges it has 143 damage headshot, which is wild if you can get all these pellets on target and then at the really long-range as you can hold down the left trigger or your aim button and you will get a little bit more accuracy and you can do all that damage with that choke activating and again the peacekeeper just has the best damage of all the shotguns it’s not really surprising at all you can do 143 damage if you’re hitting all palletes head which is crazy.

The only issue really of course is that you can’t find this peacekeeper that much because you have to get it from a care package which is too bad but it doesn’t make it that much more special when you do find it. And here’s a chart for you guys just so you can have everything on screen at once so you can see all the comparisons.

Again the peacekeeper is the best of the four shotguns if we take this out it’s then the mastiff and then after this honestly for me it’s a tie between Mozambique and the eve eight Mozambique is definitely a solid secondary in the VA is a solid early game gun. So just keep all this in mind I’m gonna start taking Mozambique a little bit more and I want to really see what I can do with the hammer point attachment.

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