12 expected November 2022 video games

Exciting new video games are being released just in time for players to enjoy them before the start of the holiday season in November, which is the penultimate month of the year 2022.

The month of November sees the release of a wide variety of video games, including first-person shooters, role-playing games, and everything in between. Some of these are produced by independent game firms, like Max Inferno, who are making their imprint on the gaming industry. A few of the others are from well-known publishers and developers, such as Activision and Ubisoft.

Both God of War Ragnarok and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 are packed with a lot of action and stunning visuals, which is why gamers are so excited to get their hands on both games. God of War Ragnarok and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 are two of the most anticipated games of the year.

However, the video game releases for the month of November are noteworthy due to the fact that the list also includes titles such as the mediaeval detective saga Pentiment that are high on art and narrative storytelling. This is a style that is preferred by gamers who engage themselves more with the story and settings of the games than they do with the action alone.

There are also games like How to Say Goodbye and A Little to the Left, both of which are created for those who like playing games that are easy to understand and do not cause a lot of excitement.

As was the case in the past, every video game will eventually be made available on gaming consoles including the Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. However, some of them will also have exclusive releases on mobile platforms such as the Android operating system from Google and the Apple Arcade.

The following are some release dates for highly anticipated video games that will occur in November 2022.

How to Say Goodbye

Date of publication: November 3

PC, Switch, Mac, iOS, and Android are the platform options.

There aren’t many video games that originate from a public television station rather than a large game developer, but How to Say Goodbye is one of them. It is also one of the few few that will be released on mobile devices in addition to the PC version.

The French public broadcaster ARTE, together with the game’s creators Florian Veltman and Baptiste Portefaix, are responsible for the creation of the game.

The narrative-driven puzzle game centres on spectres who, after departing their bodies, find themselves in a bizarre transitional environment and are looking for a method to escape it and carry on with their lives.

One of the ghosts is going to be played by your character. The protagonist has to figure out why the ghosts are stuck in the liminal realm that exists between life and death so that they may free themselves. An enigmatic figure similar to a wizard who casts a shadow over the spirits adds to the intrigue of the situation. The protagonist, together with a group of ghosts, must solve grid-based puzzles in order to unravel the mystery and open the path for them to escape via a series of magical doors.

The simplistic artwork, in which the visuals resemble illustrations from children’s fairytales, is worthy of special mention. The story and the artwork both pay homage to the people who served as a source of inspiration for the game. These people include, among others, the children’s book authors and illustrators Tomi Ungerer, Tove Jansson, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and Maurice Sendak, among others from Europe and Europe-origin.

The Entropy Centre

Date of publication: November 3

Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

The player character’s objective is to prevent the destruction of our home planet by evacuating everyone from a space station that is orbiting the Earth. This station is the player character’s final chance.

The action-puzzle video game is structured like a first-person shooter, and it has time travel elements, much like a science fiction television show or movie. The main character has access to a high-tech weaponry that is powered by AI and can turn back the hands of time. By doing so, riddles are solved, which enables the space station to generate sufficient power to turn back the hands of time on Earth and avert the tragedy.

In addition to challenging challenges, the player character will run across other AI-powered rogue cube-like robots called entropies. These entropies will sense the player’s presence and then assault them.

Stubby Games, an up-and-coming video game company, is responsible for The Entropy Centre, which was released by Playstack.

WRC Generations

Date of publication: November 3

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are the platforms supported.

WRC Generations is a video game that will be released in November and is considered to be one of the most anticipated titles of the month. It is a racing game in which players compete in the 2022 World Rally Championship using automobiles, some of which are new hybrid versions.

The game has 165 timed special stages spread over 22 nations, making it the highest number of stages ever offered in a WRC video game. For the 2022 season, there will be a total of 49 teams to select from. These teams will be categorised as Rally1, Rally2, and Junior WRC.

Players get access to 37 iconic vehicles and may compete against one another in one-of-a-kind settings that are meant to reflect the actual championship. These settings include a revamped version of the Rally Sweden environment that has six brand-new special stages.

When it comes to the hybrid automobiles, the developers have said that players will need to adjust the engine mapping of their vehicles in order to properly manage their car batteries while competing in the special levels.

A brand new gameplay style called Leagues makes it possible to compete against other players online. The game gives players the ability to design their own custom stickers and liveries, and they can then share these creations with other players to make the experience more social. The developer says that the greatest works will be noticed and rewarded, and that this will happen.

Due to the fact that Codemasters will now own the licence to the brand, this game is notable for being the final one developed by the French game developer Kylotonn. The video game business Nacon, based in France, is in charge of publishing.

Image courtesy of WRC The Official Games, which can be found on Instagram at @wrcthegame.

A Little to the Left

Date of publication: November 8

Both a PC and a Mac version are available.

A Little to the Left is one of the brand-new video games that are available for personal computers (PCs) and Macintosh computers (Macs), making it ideal for those who do not possess gaming consoles. Following the launch of the game on PC, it will subsequently become available on iOS 16, Android, and Switch.

Max Inferno, a Canadian independent gaming studio, is responsible for the development of the puzzle game, and Secret Mode is the company that distributed the game.

The objective of the game is straightforward: the player’s job is to organise the space. To put it another way, the puzzles revolve on common items seen in the average home. The player will have to make sure that the environment is not ruined by an obnoxious cat while also putting items in the correct order.

There are more than seventy-five distinct puzzles, each of which looks like a piece of aesthetically attractive artwork. The players will have to face a variety of tasks, some of which include aligning images on glass tumblers, rearranging pencil shavings, and resetting the hands of the clock to their appropriate places.

Football Manager 2023

Date of publication: November 8

PC, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch are the platforms that are supported.

Football Manager 2023 is a game that was developed by the British game studio Sports Interactive and released by the highly regarded video game publisher SEGA. This game is for any and all fans of the “beautiful game,” and it will be available right around the time that the 2022 FIFA World Cup will begin in Doha, Qatar.

Because of a licence agreement, Football Manager 2023 is the first game in the series that will allow players to compete in the UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League while playing the game on their computer.

Fans of video games can expect high-quality visuals, gameplay, and overall footballing experiences from the upcoming Football Manager 2023 video game.

The objective of the game is to achieve victory with any one of the several teams that you are in charge of by effectively managing them. Along the journey, the player has the opportunity to enhance the reputation of the manager by making a variety of decisions, ranging from strategic choices that result in victories on the field to financial ones that put the club in a stronger position financially.

The scouting capabilities of some features, such as the Squad Planner, have been increased thanks to the addition of additional tools. The members of a team may be ranked under the Experience Matrix according to their level of experience, which ranges from developing to experienced. In addition, there have been developments made to the manner in which agents are involved with important choices regarding player contract discussions. Dynamic Manager Timeline snapshots assist in keeping track of important accomplishments, and the Supporter Confidence mechanism works to increase the amount of support the team receives from fans.

The artificial intelligence in the game may also be improved. The AI managers now respond more intelligently than ever before in any given situation, making the overall challenge for the player character’s squad much more genuinely difficult.

Early access to the simulation game was made available to players two weeks before the game’s official release. Miles Jacobson, the studio director at Sports Interactive, tweeted on the 23rd of October, three days after early access was made available, that more over two million matches had been played, with a million of those matches being played in only 26 hours.

The game will also be made available on Apple Arcade, which means that it will be playable on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV in addition to the original platforms it was developed for. Additionally, an Android version of the game will be made available.

God of War Ragnarök

The release date for God of War: Ragnarok is November 9th.

PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

The new video game, which is a sequel to the God of War instalment that was released in 2018, focuses on the two major characters from the previous instalment, namely Kratos and Atreus, who are a father and son team. Kratos is a Greek deity who has hidden his actual identity from everyone, even his own son, in order to blend in with human society.

Following the events in the last game, Kratos and Atreus are continuing their quest through the Nine Realms of the known Nordic mythology. In order to train for the conflict known as Ragnarok, which would eventually destroy the world, they had to engage in combat with many mythological figures, including gods and monsters from Nordic mythology.

Santa Monica Studio is responsible for the creation of the game, while Sony Interactive Entertainment is the company that released it. Its high-end visual effects make every scene appear like it was taken from a computer-animated movie that was incredibly well-crafted. Both the characters and the environments are rendered with remarkable detail. The gameplay has been updated with new features, some of which include improvements to Kratos’ weapon, which is known as the Leviathan Axe.

Players have a choice between three distinct versions of the God of War: Ragnarok video game. In addition to the two normal versions, there is also a digital deluxe edition that can be played on the PS5 and includes extras like the Darkdale Attire, the Darkdale Axe Grip, and the Dark Horse digital art book.


Release of Pentiment is scheduled on November 15th.

PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are the supported platforms.

Xbox Game Studios’ Pentiment is one of the latest video games that have been released on the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X/S, and for Windows only.

A young journeyman named Andreas Maler, who is also a travelling artist, finds himself unexpectedly in the heart of a murder investigation at a Benedictine monastery throughout the course of the game, which is a stroll through the mediaeval history of Upper Bavaria. Andreas is kept occupied for the following 25 years by other killings.

The timeframe of the tale has made a significant contribution to the construction of an in-depth narrative that is supported by highly stylized artwork consisting of manuscripts from the middle ages, woodcuts, engravings, and early print.

The output of the game, often known as the findings of Andreas’ investigations, is determined by the player’s decisions.

According to an interview that Josh Sawyer, the director of the game, gave to IGN in June 2022, “one of the most important things in the game is that we do not ever clearly tell you, canonically, [who] the killer [is].”

You are required to conduct an investigation and gather as much evidence as you can. You base your choices on whatever it is that you consider to be the most significant factor. “By determining who is going to pay for the crime, that is essentially what you are doing,” he stated.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Date of publication: November 16

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are the platforms supported.

One of the most important and influential video games to be launched in October 2022 was called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. There is no need to purchase Modern Warfare II in order to play the new game, since Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 may be downloaded without charge by anybody. Since this component of the game is included in Modern Warfare II.

A Battle Royale mode will return in the next instalment of the Call of Duty series, which will be titled Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 and will be released in 2020. In this mode, participants would face off against one another on a playing field referred to as Al Mazrah. The landscape of the game has sandy regions, as well as rivers and sections of the ocean, respectively. Players have access to a variety of vehicles, including hefty choppers, rigid inflatable boats, and even UTVs. The Battle Royale mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II makes all of the game’s weaponry accessible to players. The purpose is to eliminate all other competitors and emerge victorious.

There are several brand new options available. Circles Collapse is one of the most notable ones. In this configuration, safe zones are divided into numerous circles, with each circle contracting in size in a manner that is independent of the others until they converge back into a single safe zone.

The Gulag system from the last game will undergo some significant changes in this one. Players who are eliminated from the conflict in the main game will have the chance to respawn in the Gulag once they have prevailed in a two-on-two duel against other players who have also been eliminated. They also have the option of defeating an AI fighter known as “The Jailer” in order to use the key he carries.

In addition, a new game mode known as DMZ has been added. In this phase, players will enter a battleground and attempt to retrieve as much gear as they can for use in subsequent bouts.

A few elements from the first game have been carried over into the next instalment. These include the opportunity to purchase back a fallen teammate in the event that they are unable to respawn in the Gulag or have been killed in battle.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

Date of publication: November 18

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One are the available platforms.

The Devil in Me is the fourth and final episode of the first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology. Season 1 of The Dark Pictures Anthology kicked off in 2019 with the release of Man of Medan.

The plot centres on a crew of documentary filmmakers that make their way to the location of the building, which is a copy of the “Murder Castle” owned by serial murderer H.H. Holmes. They started exploring the facility, which got them excited about the show ratings, but soon they uncovered something that may endanger their lives.

The terrifying video game has puzzles that be solved using various tools, as well as in-game activities for player characters that involve running, leaping, and climbing.

Both Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe were responsible for the game’s development and publication, respectively.

Supermassive Games provided this image for our use.

Evil West

The 22nd of November is the release date.

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are the platforms supported.

In a nutshell, the objective of Evil West is to exterminate a menace posed by vampires and other monsters that has proven detrimental to the continued survival of an alternative version of the United States during the 18th century. Players will take on the role of Jesse Rentier, the game’s protagonist, who is a lone shooter working for a mysterious vampire-hunting institution set in the Wild West.

As a third-person shooter, Evil West is focused entirely on the rapid-fire action that comes with the genre. Players will take on the role of Jesse and be tasked with eliminating all of the evil entities utilising a variety of one-of-a-kind weaponry, including flamethrowers, long-range guns, RI revolvers, and gauntlets. It is possible to improve the weapons so that they provide a greater amount of harm to the adversaries.

There is the possibility to work together with a second player in order to get some help in missions and important aid in critical situations, notably when taking on boss characters. This option is available in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The Polish development team Flying Wild Hog is responsible for the creation of Evil West, while Focus Entertainment is the game’s publisher.

This picture was provided to us by Focus Entertainment.

Gungrave G.O.R.E.

 will be available for purchase on November 22.

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S are the platforms supported.

It’s a stunning first-person action shooter called Gungrave G.O.R.E., and it’s set in futuristic renditions of actual sites around South East Asia, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The first instalment in the Gungrave series was released in 2002, and this game is a continuation of that series.

Players take on the role of Grave, a Gunslinger of Resurrection who is a villain. The most important mission is to put a stop to the Raven Clan, which manufactures a potentially lethal medicine.

In the same vein as Evil West, Gungrave G.O.R.E. is an entirely action-oriented video game. It will be necessary for players to fire in all directions, from left to right to centre, in order to eliminate foes and advance through tasks.

Grave’s appearance may be customised by the players, and they have the option of using his 2004 avatar known as O.D. Grave or a new look based on Ikumi Nakamura known as Death Ronin Grave.

Just Dance 2023

The 22nd of November is the release date.

PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch are the platforms.

If one of the video games that is released in November offers a piece of BTS for players to keep until they report for their necessary military duty, then there is every cause to rejoice and there is no excuse not to celebrate.

Just Dance 2023, the fourteenth instalment of the long-running game series developed by the renowned company Ubisoft, has the song “Dynamite” by BTS as the soundtrack to which players may sync their dance moves.

And then there are songs like “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift, “Numb” by Linkin Park, and “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, which are just a few of the 40 hits from which you may select.

The gameplay is exactly the same as it was in the previous iterations of the game. The only thing required of players is to imitate the dancing moves that are shown on the screen. On the other hand, for the first time ever, it can be played entirely online with a maximum of six people, much like a traditional multiplayer game.

Even the aesthetics have been improved with the addition of 3D environments that are more immersive. Dancer cards may be customised to reflect the preferences of the player in the game. Additionally, during the course of the year, additional songs and gameplay modes will be added to the game.

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