A stunning shock occurred in the League of Legends semi-finals.

In a League of Legends semifinal series that had the whole community on the edge of their seats, DRX overcame Gen.G 3-1.

In the LCK, or Competition of Legends Champions Korea league, Gen.G was the top seed and, for many, the favorite to win and progress to the championship round. Nevertheless, DRX has had a fantastic Championship run. They swept the former World Champions EDG by coming from behind to win three straight games.

The first two games were close matches in which both teams narrowly prevailed, but DRX easily won the third game, putting them in position to overcome Gen.G and progress to the championship round.

eague of Legends semi-finals.
Credit – Riot Games

While DRX had more objectives than Gen.G in the last round, Gen.G was safe in their farming and was able to stay up by virtue of sound judgment and knowing when to strike and when to back down. The game was tied in total gold up to the 27 minute mark. That is, up until around 24 minutes in.

Gen Chovy unintentionally utilized his Flash power as he was moving toward the bottom lane, which prevented him from using his lone means of escape for five minutes and served as a warning that the pressure was beginning to build. Just two minutes later, Gen Peanut is ganked by DRX Pyosik and BeryL while attempting to clear Baron’s vision. From there, everything escalates.

Gen Doran is eliminated nearly quickly after teleporting in far earlier than necessary, and DRX is given free reign to destroy Baron. Then, with minimal resistance, DRX defeats Dragon, the Southern Tower, and the Middle Tower.

After a short battle, DRX also succeeded in bringing down the Tier 2 Southern Tower. At the 34-minute mark, during a stalemate at Dragon, DRX Beryl used Braum’s Glacial Fissure to stun four opponents, giving the team both Dragon and four kills. However, GEN Ruler was able to outduel two of the DRX players in the process.

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