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Santa Sena Border Crossing, one of the multiplayer levels in Modern Warfare 2, has caused controversy because of how many automobiles are present on it. To discover more about it, keep reading.

Modern Warfare 2
image by Activision

One of the brand-new maps in Modern Warfare 2 is Santa Sena Border Crossing. It is a linear map that is situated on a busy roadway. This contrasts with the majority of the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps, which have a layout more like a square or rectangle.

This, however, is not the main cause of the controversy surrounding the map. The sheer number of automobiles on the map is the major topic of discussion among gamers.

This would typically be a favorable thing. In order to protect oneself from the likely flying bullets during the match, cars are used. That’s not the case here, however.

A automobile will explode if you shoot at it for a long time. The majority of players around are instantaneously killed by this. Cars can also be destroyed by grenades and killstreaks.

The Santa Sena Border Crossing map turns into a car minefield as a result of this mechanic for car explosions. In addition, some automobiles are situated so closely to one another that blowing up one of them starts a domino effect.

As a result, more automobile explosions occur simultaneously. Naturally, this causes many unexpected fatalities, as seen in the video in the tweet above. Some have even begun referring to this map as the worst Call of Duty map ever created.

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