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Tired of playing Escape From Tarkov Map and always missing out on the action? With these helpful maps from Escape From Tarkov, you’ll never get lost again.

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Getting Away from Tarkov Even under the best of circumstances, navigating the environment of Escape From Tarkov may be challenging, particularly for players who are just starting out. Because each of the several Escape From Tarkov levels has dozens of spawn sites, potential evacuation locations, and hot spots, being lost on any one of the maps might have disastrous consequences for you and your squad.

In this hard-core realistic shooter, you are always in danger, as AI Scavs are always roaming the environment with the intention of making your day miserable, while PMC players are always seeking for any chance to snag some more dog tags. As a result of this, it is likely that you will not find yourself looking at a blank screen repeatedly if you are aware of the paths that are available to you at any one moment and those that are not.

There are numerous variant maps for Escape From Tarkov available online, each having a unique marker for a variety of items such as keys, secret stashes, and other items; nevertheless, it might be difficult to determine which one to use in practice. Because we want to make your life simpler, we’ve compiled this helpful list, which includes some of the greatest Escape From Tarkov maps currently available.

We promise that if you bring them up on a second screen or on your phone while you are playing, it will make your raids 10 times simpler. You are going to have to depend on your aim in order to get out of there, but at least now you will be aware of the direction in which you are traveling.

All of the maps from Escape From Tarkov are shown here:

Escape From Tarkov maps

Escape From Tarkov maps


Customs is one of the most well-known maps in Escape From Tarkov, and it is also the one with which you will become most familiar if you are just starting out as a player. During the course of the 25-minute raid, several of the early-game objectives take place on this area, which also plays home to 8–12 PMCs.

In Customs, you will often spawn on one side of the map, which will require you to go across the vast majority of the area in order to extract.


The map known as Interchange is one that you will most likely find yourself playing rather early in the match. The action takes place in and around a large retail mall, so there are lots of concealment options available to the characters. During the course of a 35-minute raid, the Interchange is home to 10–14 PMCs; nonetheless, the vast majority of players will venture inside to compete for the best loot.

The two most popular extracts are located outside of the mall, on opposing sides of the map. The mall itself has a variety of other extracts. These extract points aren’t hard to get by and should be your first choice until you figure out what’s going on in the game.


During the 15-minute PMC raids, Factory is the Escape From Tarkov map with the fewest number of players, housing just four to six players total. Although it is the place to go if you want short raids and close-quarters fighting most of the time, a monster that is equipped with a sledgehammer is surely making players reconsider playing here.

The maps for Factory may be somewhat difficult to understand, but after you’ve navigated your way through the network of subterranean tunnels, the overall architecture of the Factory is not hard to grasp at all; you simply need to have patience.


Woods is a perfect place for snipers to hide their tracks due to the abundance of large boulders and lush vegetation that blanket the area. Raids in this area run for a total of twenty-five minutes, but they may have anywhere from eight to fourteen PMCs present at any one moment, so the action can become fairly intense.

Woods is undoubtedly one of the most difficult levels in Escape from Tarkov to master due to the fact that it may be rather difficult to differentiate one tree from another, but you should persevere and try to beat it. In order to navigate your way around this area, you will need to keep an eye out for larger items of interest or pebbles with distinctive shapes. After you have mastered that step, extraction is a piece of cake.


The place where the big males go to die is called Reserve. To put it another way, if you aren’t well equipped and ready to sit patiently on the roofs of buildings and fight off Raiders, then there is a good chance that you won’t survive on this map, which hosts nine to 12 PMCs during 30 minute slots. If you are well equipped and ready to sit patiently on the roofs of buildings and fight off Raiders, then there is a good chance that you will

The outside of Reserve is quite straightforward in terms of navigation, but things quickly get more difficult as one moves further and deeper within. Because of how fast things may get confusing in Reserve, we strongly advise you to practice playing the map in offline mode before you actually play it for the first time.


Shoreline is another map that is playable in the middle and late game and has a wide variety of different options. This map, which is home to ten to thirteen PMCs, provides a room with a view; nevertheless, venturing farther inland exposes a thick spread of woods and beach villages that is easy to get disoriented in.

Because this is a somewhat large map, you should make use of the power lines that are located overhead as a means of keeping track of where you are. You should also keep an eye on the clock, particularly if you find yourself on the border of the map at the conclusion of a 35-minute raid. In this situation, timing is very important.

The Workshop

A large number of participants enter The Lab, but only a few of them make it out alive. The Lab is very arguably the most difficult level in all of Escape From Tarkov, mostly due to the fact that it has between six and ten people that are PMCs with enhanced abilities and AI Scavs with enhanced capabilities.

The prize is worth it (if you can pay the admission fee), but making your way through the Lab in the allotted time of thirty minutes is fraught with peril. You are only given thirty minutes to complete the Lab.


Lighthouse is the most recent map to be introduced to Escape From Tarkov, and players are still figuring out how to take use of all the opportunities it presents. It also introduces a number of new tasks, and players will have to brave its rough roads for the first time. The raid lasts for forty minutes, and during that time, players will have the opportunity to explore a new area.

Due to the presence of Rogues on this map, it is possible to make a lot of money very quickly if you know what you’re doing. However, as is the case with all new maps, we recommend beginning play as a Scav and gaining your bearings first. The rogues will immediately begin firing on the bears, but the USECs will be allowed to pass unscathed — until they approach too near or if they begin firing themselves.

There may be anywhere from nine to twelve people online at any one moment in Lighthouse, but between the rogues, mines, and snipers, your job will be cut out for you.

You now have access to the very finest Escape From Tarkov maps available anywhere on the internet. These ought to assist you in navigating your surroundings and getting you out of sticky situations when necessary.

Naturally, in the event that anything is altered, we will make sure to provide you an updated version of this tutorial. For the time being, you should familiarize yourself with our beginner’s guide to Escape from Tarkov and make a note of when the next Escape from Tarkov wipe will take place.


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