Fortnite and Ralph Lauren will work together to produce two new skins with a sports theme.

Fortnite and Ralph Lauren will work together to produce two new skins that are inspired by sports. Polo x Llama is almost here.

A Fortnite partnership between Epic Games and Ralph Lauren will see avatars adopt skins with red and black colors taken from sports.

Since Epic released Fortnite to the public in July 2017, the well-known battle royale has made it a priority to keep broadening its market via partnerships and non-endemic brands, like its Ariana Grande skin. Since the debut of Fortnite’s newest season, Chapter Three, season four, where the publisher has launched skins such as Black Adam, Queen Summer, Ash Williams, and many more, that assertion has held true.

According to Fortnite News, a rumored cooperation with Ralph Lauren looks to be adding to the already lengthy list of partnerships in Chapter Three, season 4.

According to a press release, Polo Ralph Lauren “has reinvented its famous emblem for the first time in the brand’s history to fit effortlessly into the creative world of Fortnite.” The Polo x Llama is created when the Polo Pony and the Fortnite Llama unite.

Both the iconic llama from Fortnite and Ralph Lauren’s Polo are referenced in the moniker Polo x Llama. Through the creation of two skins with a black and red color scheme, Ralph Lauren will now merge the worlds of sport-inspired fashion and Fortnite.

According to the news release, Polo Ralph Lauren “encourages you to express yourself in Fortnite by donning the new sport-inspired digital Outfits from the Polo Stadium collection.” “With our distinctive Polo Stadium outfits, you can be the finest version of yourself. Each item is adorned with sports drawings, strong patterns, and eye-catching color schemes. The digital Stadium series embodies a fresh sporty vibe.

No information on an official release date for the Ralph Lauren Fortnite skins is available at the time of writing. However, there is a good chance that further details will be made public shortly and that a release may occur within the next several weeks.

Players of Fortnite will now have to wait before learning any fresh information about the planned cooperation.

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