Modern Warfare 2 attachment tuning has been disabled until CoD developers research the crashing problem.

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer has released, with players throughout the world ascending the ranks to get to the next level.

Modern Warfare 2
Image via Activision

Although there have been a few hiccups along the road, the rollout has mostly gone well. A lawsuit may be filed, the sequel game’s ping mechanism has already been deleted due to wallhack-like use, and now a fresh problem has emerged.

The most recent problem has been fixed by the Modern Warfare 2 developers since it was causing “crashes for users.”

According to Infinity Ward, who announced the news on Twitter, CoD players who had “five attachments tuned” would have to take them off and re-equip them in order to utilize their loadout.

Fans will have to make do without the tuning mechanism for the time being since this is in place “until further notice.”

The wallhack ping mechanism from MW2 has also been eliminated. If it had been exploited in a certain manner, it might have pinned an adversary for the duration of the game. Players would ping enemies after they died, granting them a wallhack, unquestionably giving them an unfair advantage.

Since then, the ping function has been eliminated, and another game component lost is the tuning attachment functionality.

Activision and Infinity Ward seem more concerned about a potential lawsuit than this. The genuine Breenbergh Hotel management could object to the place’s resemblance being in the game, which might be at the crux of the copyright litigation.

Expect some delays since the developer has a lot on their plate.

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