Modern Warfare 2’s ping is discreetly disabled after “wallhack” issues.

It would seem that the ping mechanism in Modern Warfare 2 has been deactivated in an effort to crack down on “wall-hack” cheats.

The ping feature was surreptitiously removed by the developer, Infinity Ward, within hours of rumours surfacing that a ping issue on your death screen might enable you follow a single player for the remainder of the game.

In order to do some performance comparisons, Digital Foundry dived deep into the beta version.
According to a post made on reddit by user u/zFStatic, there is a “huge bug” that allows players to “ping” an opponent while they are on the “death screen,” and the “ping” continues to exist for the duration of the game. This effectively grants the player wallhack capabilities against the targeted opponent for the duration of the game.

Another participant concurred, saying, “Bruh, this is a massive bug.” “I could have sworn I saw somebody following me through the walls, but since I didn’t want it to be “that person,” I decided to write it off as a coincidence. If this isn’t rectified as soon as possible, the problem will continue to spread.”

Another person’s opinion was, “I feared I was going insane.” “Fuckers keep prefiring the same corner I’m hiding in, but don’t bother checking any corners as they go directly to me,” said the sniper. “Don’t bother checking any corners as they run straight to me.”

It has not been confirmed by the game’s creator, Infinity Ward, that the ping system has been turned off, nor is there any information on when it could be enabled again; nevertheless, it seems that the ping system is only accessible in private matches for the time being. Naturally, you can count on us to keep you informed of any developments about this matter.

To bring you up to speed, the latest instalment of the Call of Duty series is being released in stages this year. If you pre-ordered Modern Warfare 2, you were allowed to play the campaign a week before the game’s official launch, which took place yesterday (28th October). And in terms of campaigns, it’s very possible that it’s as grandiose and audacious as Call of Duty, a franchise that isn’t exactly known for being known for being restrained, gets. But, does it have any kind of value?

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