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Do you want to enjoy the finest games on your Apple TV? Look nowhere else! The best games for Apple TV right now have been compiled by us. Everyone can find what they’re seeking, whether they like a calming puzzle game or an action-packed shooter. You’ll surely find something to keep you occupied with all the fantastic games available!

There is something for everyone due to the huge variety of genres accessible. Apple TV games provide a terrific way to pass the time at home, with anything from the retro arcade and puzzle games to sports and family-friendly entertainment. We’ll examine some of the top Apple TV games in this article so you can get the most out of your Apple TV experience.

Enjoy this atmospheric platformer’s physics-based stages, one of the Top 10 Apple TV Games You Should Play.

One of the most widely used gaming platforms worldwide is Apple TV. The top Apple TV games currently on the market are included

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Top Games for Apple TV

The first game on the list is Alto’s Adventure, an infinite snowboarding game that has received positive reviews and will keep you occupied for hours. Then there is Oceanhorn, a captivating tale with mysteries and challenges to overcome. Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders takes you to the sky for some exhilarating air battle if you’re seeking an action-packed game.

Although Rayman Adventures leads Rayman and his buddies through a lively 2D universe, the multi-award-winning sci-fi action RPG Transistor is a wonderfully made game with an enthralling soundtrack. Fast-paced shooter Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved and rhythm-based sports game Beat Sports both put your musical instincts to the test.

You may explore, construct, and survive in the world of Minecraft with Minecraft: Apple TV Edition if you’re searching for something a bit different. In the timeless endless runner Crossy Road, you must race against the clock while dodging hazards, while in the atmospheric platformer Badland, you must solve puzzles and conquer physics-based levels.

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is an amazing racing game for Apple TV that provides you the pleasure of high-speed driving without leaving your living room. To give you the most realistic racing experience possible, this game has amazing graphics and accurate physics. There are more than 190 vehicles available, 9 racing seasons, and a huge selection of circuits and locales. To give yourself a competitive advantage in the race, you may upgrade and add new components to your automobiles. You may race online with friends or Artificial opponents using Asphalt 8 as well.

The Apple TV version of Asphalt 8 takes the game to the next level with the usage of the Siri Remote. The game is even more engaging by allowing you to operate your automobile with the Siri Remote. You may drive, accelerate, stop, and even slide your way to victory with the Siri Remote. This makes the game even more thrilling and fascinating than ever before.

With its realistic and exciting racing simulation, Asphalt 8 is the ideal racing game for Apple TV. This game will keep you occupied for hours because of its gorgeous graphics, realistic physics, and usage of the Siri Remote. Asphalt 8 is the game for you if you want a fast-paced racing experience on your Apple TV.

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 This game delivers an exceptionally immersive and realistic rally experience, with over 70 stages to master and a choice of vehicles and upgrades to select from. The gorgeous sights and dynamic weather system give an immersive experience, while the smart Intelligence and realistic driving dynamics keep you hooked. In addition, you may race against up to four people in split-screen mode, giving you the option to battle your friends. Apple TV fans searching for a thrilling racing experience will love Rush Rally 3.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a thrilling and gorgeous infinite runner snowboarding game for Apple TV. Gamers may do acrobatics, gather cash, and explore a sizable open world filled with breathtakingly gorgeous sceneries. With its distinctive graphic style and original blend of endless runner and puzzle components, Alto’s Odyssey distinguishes out from the competition. The game has no spoken words and instead relies largely on images to create a narrative and evoke emotions.

There are several characters in the game that can be unlocked, and they all have different special skills. Gamers may personalize their experience with a range of power-ups, such as an air balloon, a snowboard, and a rocket, and unlock new characters. Also compatible with Apple TV’s motion controllers, Alto’s Odyssey enables users to control their avatar using the Siri Remote.

Alto’s Odyssey is an original and intriguing Apple TV game. Alto’s Odyssey is a game that will keep Apple TV players entertained for a long time thanks to its amazing graphics, an extensive roster of unlockable characters, and motion controls.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 The action-packed hack-and-slash dungeon crawler Dungeon Hunter 5 provides hours of engrossing fun with its furious action, RPG-style character growth, and richness of the material. It makes the most of the Apple TV platform’s features, with gorgeous graphics and a vibrant fantasy world that really shines out.

Four separate character classes, each with its own special skills and playing style, are available for players to choose from. Players may face off against foes, perform missions, and explore a rich and diverse environment thanks to a lengthy single-player campaign. Cooperative multiplayer allows players to cooperate with up to three pals for a more sociable experience as they take on difficult enemies and dungeons together. The powerful PVP fighting system in Dungeon Hunter 5 enables users to test their skills against other gamers from across the globe.

Dungeon Hunter 5 is undoubtedly a fantastic game for Apple TV that is worth checking out. It’s a fantastic blend of fast-paced action and RPG-style character growth, and its multiplayer capabilities add to the experience’s appeal.


Transistor  The Bastion development team also produced this sci-fi action RPG. In this futuristic city setting, you assume control of Red, a musician with a shadowy background and a deadly sword called the Transistor. You must fight your way through a multitude of difficult stages and take down the Process, a robotic army that is taking over the city.

The game has a unique battle system in addition to great visuals and music. It’s one of the finest games for Apple TV because of its enjoyable and interesting gameplay. Transistor is certain to be a smash for gamers because of its gripping narrative and nonstop action. This is a game you won’t want to miss, whether you’re searching for something tough or simply to pass the time.

Rayman Mini

Rayman Mini The little Rayman, who controls this thrilling new game, must advance through each level in order to achieve the objective. To get to the conclusion, Rayman must solve or avoid a variety of puzzles, foes, and traps that he will encounter along the road. Rayman Mini will keep you occupied for hours with its colorful visuals, vivid levels, and strong music.

The game also supports iCloud, so you may continue playing where you left off across other devices. One of the greatest games on offer, Rayman Mini is a fantastic addition to the Apple TV library. Rayman Mini is certain to provide hours of entertainment for the whole family with its engaging gameplay and captivating visuals.

Battle Supremacy – Evolution

Apple TV is well-known for being a terrific platform for streaming movies and TV episodes, but it can also be used to play games. Battle Supremacy – Evolution, an intense and captivating game with a battle theme, is the newest game to be added to Apple TV’s incredible library of games. Gamers may create their own armies, equip them with unique weapons, and control them in combat. This game has an intricate plot, realistic 3D visuals, and difficult tasks. Gamers have the option of playing alone versus AI foes or teaming up with pals online.

Tanks and fighter planes are among the strong weaponry in Battle Supremacy – Evolution that may be used to beat your adversaries. The game can be downloaded for free and works with both Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. Battle Supremacy – Evolution is certain to keep you entertained for a long time, whether you are an experienced player or a beginner. Now take your controllers and be ready to tackle the battleground of Battle Supremacy – Evolution.

Shadowgun Legends

One of the top games on Apple TV is Shadowgun Legends. Players are thrust into the center of a future universe filled with strange foes and furious battles in this thrilling and action-packed shooter game. The game’s gorgeous visuals and dynamic sound effects enhance the immersive experience. To construct the perfect warrior, players may equip their characters with a choice of weapons, armor, and other things.

In Shadowgun Legends, cooperative play enables players to cooperate with others to complete difficult tasks. Also, there is a sizable online multiplayer aspect where users may engage in a range of conflicting game styles. In Shadowgun Legends, players may participate in daily and weekly events to compete for special prizes. Shadowgun Legends is a fantastic game for Apple TV thanks to all of these elements, which let players have an exciting gaming experience.

Sonic: The Hedgehog Classic

One of the most adored video game series of all time, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic, is now accessible on Apple TV. The venerable side-scrolling platformer, which initially appeared in 1991 on the Sega Genesis, is now accessible to players of all ages. Players take control of Sonic, the swift blue hedgehog, as he races, leaps, and gathers rings over a variety of bright stages in this fast-paced, arcade-style game.

The game has a tonne of material, such as vintage levels, secret bonuses, and unlocked characters. Fans of all ages will be delighted by it since it’s a great way to revisit the heyday of gaming. For every Apple TV owner, Sonic the Hedgehog Classic is a must-have since it is so much fun and brings back so many great memories. Sonic the Hedgehog Classic is a fantastic option for anybody searching for an entertaining and difficult game thanks to its timeless gameplay, colorful graphics, and hours of material.

Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is a great option if you’re seeking an exciting first-person shooter game for your Apple TV. This game will have you on the edge of your seat with its amazing visuals, frantic action, and intriguing plot. You may choose from a range of characters and alter their load-outs to match your preferred playing style. Whether you’re playing alone or in multiplayer matches with up to 12 people, you’ll be able to test your abilities in a number of game types, including story mode, team-based combat, and free-for-all encounters.

The game also includes a variety of weaponry, such as shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, and more. Moreover, the game has enough depth and complexity for seasoned players to remain interested thanks to a number of game elements including bullet drop, bullet time, and ragdoll physics. Despite all the intricacy, Modern Combat 5 is simple to pick up and play, so even if you’re new to the genre, you’ll be able to hop in and start playing right away.

1. Which Apple TV games have the highest ratings?

Anniversary: Shoot ’em up action meets vintage arcade flare in this top-down classic.

Gamers are discovering a never-ending supply of fresh and interesting games to get their teeth into thanks to Apple TV’s steadily rising popularity. There is something for everyone, from traditional platformers to furious shooters. These are a few of the top games on Apple TV.

The ideal game for people seeking a soothing puzzle experience is Monument Valley 2. With breathtaking graphics and tranquil music, the award-winning game is back and better than ever. Another timeless game revamped for the Apple TV platform is Crossy Road, an infinite arcade hopper. One of the most well-known video games of all time is Minecraft: Apple TV Edition, which enables players to construct, explore, and survive in a massive environment.

Shadowgun Legends is a fascinating sci-fi shooter with tremendous action and a great plot for those seeking something a little more intense. Another excellent option is Thumper, which combines bizarre aesthetics with strong rhythm-action gameplay. Another excellent option is Chameleon Run, which provides frantic platforming action with color change.

Players may snowboard down a mountain in the stunning adventure game Alto’s Adventure. Classic platforming is available in Rayman Adventures.

2. What Genres of Apple TV Games Are Available?

No matter what sort of player you are, Apple TV provides a wide selection of games to pick from. There are frantic shooters and aggressive sports games for people who desire excitement that will challenge your reflexes. Adventure games allow you to wander through beautiful, fantasy realms with your favorite characters while also calming you by having you solve puzzles to advance. Asphalt 8 and Real Racing 3 will excite racing fans, while Monument Valley and Threes will challenge the minds of puzzle fans with their challenging match-3 and logic puzzles. The whole family may enjoy games like Crossy Road and Rayman Adventures for kid-friendly entertainment. Sports enthusiasts may put themselves in the shoes of their favorite sportsmen and participate in a range of sports, from basketball to golf, while players of strategy games like Clash of Clans and Civilisation Revolution can command armies and create their own empires. Everyone can find something to enjoy with Apple TV.

3. Which Apple TV multiplayer games are the best?

A large number of games are now accessible on Apple TV, which has developed into a fantastic platform for gamers. Everyone may find a game they like, whether they prefer frantic racing games or vintage arcade games. Some of the top Apple TV games are listed here.

In the great racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne, you may race your way across the globe while controlling some of the most powerful automobiles in existence. In the thrilling flight simulator game Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders, you may pilot some of the most recognizable fighter planes in history as you compete for your way through a range of missions.

You may create your own world in the timeless sandpit game Minecraft: Apple TV Edition by yourself or with up to four other people. Crossy Road is a popular arcade game that has been updated for Apple TV and can be played with up to four people. Up to four players may participate in the enjoyable party game Spaceteam, which puts their collaboration and coordination to the test. In the endearing platformer Rayman Adventures, you take control of the protagonist Rayman and aid him in defending the planet from the Darktoons’ wicked schemes.

There is a game on Apple TV for any taste, no matter what kind you’re searching for. Whether

4. Do Apple TV Games Come With Free Downloads?

Some of the top-rated and most-played games are available on Apple TV. There is something for everyone, from vintage arcade games to fierce racing games. Alto’s Adventure is a must-play game for Apple TV. This side-scrolling snowboarding game features lovely graphics and an engrossing narrative. Together with Alto and his buddies, players get to go on an incredible trip. Crossy Road is yet another famous game. In this game, players must guide a chicken over busy streets, rivers, and other obstacles.

If you’re seeking a thrilling journey, Rayman Adventures is the right game for you. Join Rayman and his buddies in this epic quest filled with amazing levels and foes. Another fantastic adventure game is Oceanhorn, in which players travel around the Oceanhorn universe to learn the mysteries of the former realm of Arcadia.

Asphalt 8: Airborne is a game that racing fans must play. Drive on high-speed circuits and execute stunts in this exhilarating racing game. Another famous shooter game where players participate in violent aerial dogfights and shoot down adversary planes is Sky Force Reloaded. The ideal game for you if you’re searching for something a little different is Spaceteam.

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