With its Upcoming E4 PCVR device, DPVR will place a greater emphasis on VR esports.

More information on the impending VR headset DPVR, a Shanghai-based business specialized in the design and manufacture of virtual reality (VR) devices, has been revealed.

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According to DPVR, its next “E4” gadget would be different from its prior VR offerings. Instead, the E4 will be geared for consumer usage and VR gaming, and it will come with features like inside-out tracking and six degrees of freedom (6DoF) interaction capabilities.

Fields of vision (FoV) of the recently released Meta Quest Pro and Pico 4 headsets, which offer FoVs of 106° and 105° respectively, will be less than those of DPVR’s E4 gadget, claims DPVR. However, the business has claimed that it would make an effort to attract as many ardent VR players to its new gadget once it is introduced. The company has not yet revealed just how much wider the E4’s field of view will be. A broader FoV may, of course, result in greater immersion in VR gaming experiences for users.

According to DPVR, the modular design of the E4 has been tuned to be lighter than other PCVR devices now on the market. It will be a tethered VR device. However, the business hasn’t yet made it clear how much the gadget would weigh.

In terms of content, DPVR has announced that their device would be compatible with SteamVR, the biggest content repository for VR games, in addition to working with many VR game developers. As a result, users of the DPVR E4 device will have access to approximately 7,000 VR games, including Beat Saber and Half-Life: Alyx, as well as social VR services like VRChat and Rec Room.

Finally, DPVR said that as part of its attempts to break into the VR esports industry, the business is also collaborating with partners like as NVIDIA, AMD, MSI, and others.

“Expanding and modernizing the current PC gaming business by including VR interactions is the greatest method to open up the VR gaming market. We anticipate converting many PC gamers into PCVR players by enabling them to feel the enhanced immersion that VR has to offer. We will concentrate our efforts on the VR esports industry as part of DPVR’s efforts to do this and increase the number of PCVR users, said Derek Liu, VP of DPVR.

Esports competitions, from the King Pro League (KPL) for Honor of Kings to the Legends Pro League (LPL) for League of Legends, may draw hundreds of millions of gamers, according to Liu. Therefore, DPVR will make VR esports a major area of concentration and growth. We think that DPVR can establish itself as a VR esports leader with the aid of our future E4 device, which we are convinced gamers will adore, even if there is still much work to be done in terms of VR esports.

Click here to learn more about DPVR’s forthcoming E4 consumer and gaming virtual reality headset. Visit the DPVR website for additional information about the business and its VR services generally.

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