Bloodhound Apex Legends

In Apex Legends Bloodhound is a recon legend who also called by name of Technological Tracker. bloodhounds abilities are very dominating to use if used correctly.
in this article, we will see Apex Legends Bloodhounds backstory, Bloodhounds ability trips and tricks, his interaction with other Legends and much more to know about Cold Blooded killer in Apex Legends.


Bloodhound Apex Legends lore

Real Name –  Unknown

Age            -Unknown
Home Planet – Talos


Bloodhound Apex Legends Abilities

Bloodhound is free and already unlocked in Apex Legends.

Bloodhound can be very good when pushing enemies hiding in any locations on the map.

 bloodhounds passive ability which is tracker can detect actions done by enemies and Eye of Allfather a tactical ability can reveal traps set by enemies and hostiles.

Beast of hunt an Ultimate ability can make bloodhound complete predator by highlighting enemies in red. 
while Bloodhounds vision can see black and white with increasing speed.


After the death of bloodhounds parents because of Meltdown in Worlds Edge, his uncle Arthur took him to live with him at edge of the planet.

To pass a test of being Blooth Hoondr they tried to kill Goliath with using the modern gun while uncle Arthur told to follow old ways and exile from tribe to not being worthy of being one of them as the incident happened injured goliath came to a village and killed Arthur in action. to take revenge upon goliath they track down Goliath and killed using old ways and got back in tribe again with title of ‘Blood Hoondr’

Bloodhounds real identity is still unknown from the past to other outlanders, but there are rumors coming out from many mouths tells that many things about, such as they are former slave, coldblooded killers, wealthy, half-bat, and many more. but real identity still folds much mystery with them. but everyone knows one thing that, the bloodhound is one of the best game hunters in the frontier.

Bloodhounds tracking skills are very helpful for team joins with, help the teammates to track enemy locations and their movements.


Bloodhound Abilities

BloodhoundApex Legends lore and Ability


 Eye of the Allfather

 Ability Type   Tactical Ability Eye of allfather bloodhound Apex Legends Ability
 Cooldown Time  25 sec.
 Description of Ability  when activates reveals enemies, clues of enemies and traps
  • This ability takes 8 seconds to activate.
  • after activating an ability, you can see enemies and their clues such as loot ticks and also traps in the cone of 125-degree
  • distance highlighted till 57 meters, and it also tells how many hostiles are detected by saying that the number of hostiles detected. if hostiles greater than 10 it says “10+ HOSTILES DETECTED”
  •  Hostile tracking lasts for 4 sec. while loot ticks and traps remain highlighted until they exist.
  • those foes caught in a scan can be “SONAR DETECTED” in their screen HUD. 



  • Teammates can also be able to see traps and enemies when scanned by Bloodhound.
  • This ability can see the only area of 125 degrees of a conical area on that front side. so use it only when you sure about enemies in that region.
  • when Eye of Allfather activated it emits SONAR which can be seen by enemies as well as our teammates, so when you can see enemies and traps the can also get to know bloodhound is there.


 Ability Type  Passive Ability Bloodhound Tracker
 Cooldown Time  N/A sec.
 Description of Ability  Bloodhound able to see enemy tracks.
  • Bloodhound can see marks of actions conducted by enemies. that you can see in the below image.
  •  clues vanish after 90 seconds.
  • Bloodhound can also send context ping to the squadmates so they can know the enemy location and recent battles.
  • ravens emerge around enemy foot tracks while following trails of tracks.


  • This ability marks the various objects also like wraths Dimensional Rift, D.O.C heal drone, and Dome of protection.
  • while clocked in from Psyche out or Now you see me.. Mirage still leaves clues behind so it’s easy to catch him.
  • while Phasing Wrath doesn’t leave any clues behind so Eye of Allfather fails here only.



  • when activated bloodhound can see tracks of enemies, Red-colored tracks are fresh tracks means the enemy is near while grey tracks are older than 1 minute so the enemy is there minutes ago.
  • Bloodhound can also share his knowledge of tracks with teammates by using context ping ( H key default).




Beast of Hunt

 Ability Type  Ultimate Ability Beast of Hunt Bloodhound apex Legends
 Cooldown Time  180 sec.
 Description of Ability  When activated Bloodhound can move fast and see tracks and enemy knockdown increases ability time.
  • Speed increased by 30%
  • Bloodhounds vision changes to black and white while enemies and their footprints are highlighted in the color red.
  • Some things still retain colors such as rings edges, enemy abilities, and grenade explosions. 
  • Beast of Hunt has a time of 35 seconds but each knockdown can add 5 seconds to ability timer.
  •  Enemies are visible through Nox gas and Smoke, Highlighted in Red.
  • Some abilities of an enemy can still be colored partially including Wraiths Phasing, Nox gas, Dome of protection, perimeter security, and lifeline shield walls.


  •  Beast of the hunt can be a great ability for sniping and scouting since the enemies highlighted by red color it’s easy to spot them from any distance.
  • Activating ability can allow you to see in caustic gases and Bangalores smoke so the enemy can’t hide from a Bloodhound.
  •  finding a weakened or hiding enemy can be done easily by their footstep tracks great advantage across all legends.
  • when Ability activates bloodhound creates noise that the enemy nearby can hear and it can reveal an area where bloodhound is, so use it with this caution. 
  • It can be troublesome because you can’t see something on the ground as well as enemy shields.

Bloodhound in Apex legends is like a Bloodthirsty predator which can see enemies in any conditions by using hunting abilities.
If used correctly Bloodhound is able to take down all enemy squad in ease while Abilities are helping to sence preys. 

Bloodhound’s Hairloom (Raven’s Bite)



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