How to use Stocks in Apex Legends (New)

How to use Stocks in Apex Legends

This Article Guide is about stocks because there are lots of misconceptions about what stocks are? what Stocks do? and how exactly Stocks work? by reading this article you’ll learn tips to equip your weapons faster and more useful details that nobody has ever really talked about. If you put your stock on the right […]

Best Landing Spots in Kings Canyon Apex Legends

we are ranking the drop spots on the revamped kings canyon from season 8 there’s obviously better spots for a different reason so we are ranking the spots with the sole purpose of its overall ability for hot drops this means they will be suited for more kills and better rotations that will also lead […]

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Playtests (Sign up)

Apex Legends Mobile Beta Playtesting

Apex mobile play tests and how you can sign up for yourself now the EA apex mobile play test actually starts today and it does run for a few more days and it is exclusive to only people in the united states and Canada and you also have to be using an android device if […]

23 Apex Legends Tips to become Pro

Apex Legends Tips to become Pro

And I do believe I have a lot of basic tips that can give a lot of players so they can climb up in ranked and survive a lot longer in this game. So hopefully, after reading this article, you guys learn at least one or two things, some of you noobs will probably learn […]

Apex Legends Movement Full Tips and Guide

Apex Legends Movement Full Tips and Guide

At the end of this Article, you should be familiar with every single advanced movement technique available in Apex legends. I expect you to have at least finished a training mode of this game, and have a fundamental understanding of basic movement in fps games. Techniques to present in this Article are available to all […]

13 Tips to Become Noob To Pro in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Tips to Become Pro

We are going to take some of your skills in Apex from the newb level to more closer to the pro level. And by the end, I would have thrown out about 30 tips for you that you can really implement into your own gameplay. And yeah, let’s just get into it. So starting off, […]

Best Apex Legends SMG’s To Play

Best Apex Legends SMG's To Play

We are breaking down all the SMGs in Apex legends, we’re gonna be crunching some numbers and giving you all the information to as how each SMG is performing at various ranges, time to kills my suggestions on some of the attachments, and my overall suggestions for each of the weapons. Right before we do […]

Best Shot Guns In Apex Legends (Shotgun Compare)

we are going to be taking a look at all the shotguns in Apex legends we’re going to crunch some numbers and we are going to give you all the information that you will need to know how each shotgun can perform. This is gonna of course be the Definitive Guide for all shotguns moving […]

How to Play/Win Apex Legends Winter Express|Holo-Day Bash

we are taking a look at the limited time mode winter express that is a returning mode from last year the holiday bash event is back which is always exciting when we have a new or returning limited-time mode and event with some stuff to unlock. Today we are going to go over the event […]

Top 10 Apex Legends Best Weapons Tier List

We’re taking a look at the top 10 weapons of season 7 of Apex legends and Apex Legends Best weapons. We are going to do things a little bit differently like we always do around here I am going to simultaneously give you my top overall best guns in Apex Legends and top weapons for […]