Horizon Apex Legends Ability Guide, Lore & Tips

Horizon Apex Legends

Horizon Apex Legends Horizon is a brand new Legend came in season 7 and become one of the best Offensive Legend in Apex Legends Arena.  She loves Science and Physics kind of Stuff and Her Abilities are focused About that and Named Her MASTER of GRAVITY Ability to fly Around in Arena and Quick Movements are […]

Loba Apex Legends Abilities Tips , Lore and Guide

Loba Apex Legends Abilities Tips Lore and Guide

Loba Apex Legends Loba is a popular Thief who famous as named as Translocating Thief because she is very good at her work and everybody knows that. Loba is a Legend Coming in Season 5 of Apex Legends. with her Thief based Abilities, she can amaze everyone in the Arena. Real Name –  Loba Andrade Age            […]

Wraith Apex Legends Lore, Ability Pro Tips And Full Guide

Wraith Apex Legends

Wraith Apex Legends Wraith is widely used Legend in Apex Legends because of her offensive Abilities and small hit box making her difficult to catch while shooting. Wraith also named Inter dimensional Skirmisher, her abilities can very useful in Apex legends and that’s what makes her one of the best legends in Apex games. Real Name – Renee Blasey Age – 32 […]

Octane Apex Legends Ability Pro Tips with Full Guide

Ocatne Apex Legends

Octane Apex Legends In Apex Legends Octane is the only guy who can beat anyone with his speed that’s why he named High-speed Daredevil. Octane is an Adrenaline Junkie who likes to do breathtaking stunts for fun. Octane has a tattoo in his left arm saying ‘Plus Ultra‘ which is Latin phrase means further beyond.   Real Name – Octavio […]

Wattson Apex Legends Pro Ability Tips with Full Guide

Wattson Apex Legends

Wattson Apex Legends In Apex Legends Wattson is one of the best Defensive legends. her defensive Abilities can stop any attack from enemies and defend squad with helping them. That’s the reason why Wattson called a Static Defender. Real Name – Natalie Paquette Age – 22 Home World – Solace  Wattson came in Apex Legends Games in Season 2 and […]

Mirage Apex Legends Ability Pro Tips and Guide

Mirage apex legends

Mirage Apex Legends A Handsome boy, Holographic expert, and exceptional in fooling enemies with his abilities. In Apex Legends Miraj has all his abilities dedicated to decoys, he fools enemies by his decoys and takes them down by surprize. Real Name – Elliot R. Witt Age – 30 Home World – Solace Miraj comes locked in Apex legends that need […]

Revenant Apex Legends All Abilities Pro tips

Revenant Apex Legends Ability guide

Revenant Apex Legends In Apex Legends Revenant came in Season 4. Revenant Abilities are dominating if used correctly. Death Totem is Ultimate Ability he has which can resurrect him and teammates. All abilities can be used wisely to outperform the enemy.we will be going to see Revenants Biography and its All abilities in Detail. Real Name – Unknown Age – 288 Home World – […]

Pathfinder Apex Legends Ability Pro tips and Guide

pathfinder apex legends

Pathfinder Apex Legends In Apex Legends Pathfinder is called as a forward scout. Pathfinders Ability of Grappling and Zipline can allow him to move across the map efficiently and insider knowledge can help to find the next ring. Pathfinder is a robot with great voice lines and lots of ropes. Real Name – MRVN Age – Unknown Home World […]

Crypto Apex Legends Ability Pro Tips And Guide

crypto apex legends

Crypto Apex Legends In Apex legends Crypto also known as Surveillance tracker, Crypto’s all abilities are associated with his drone which can be very useful while recon.The drone can fly towards sky and surveillance enemies from there. playing with Crypto is all about using Drone effectively. Real Name – Tae Joon Park Age – 31 Home World – Gaea In Apex […]

Gibraltar Apex Legends Ability tips & Full Guide.

Gibraltar ApexLegends

Gibraltar Apex Legends In Apex Legends Gibraltar is the biggest and badest character. Gibraltar has the best Defensive abilities to cover up teammates and himself and kill enemies by saying the defense is the best attack.Gibraltar is the best rescue and protection legend which cover teammates in tough situations. Real Name – Makoa Gibraltar Age – 30 Home World – […]