Apex Legends Mobile Best Weapons for Beginners 

This article's purpose is mainly for beginners right guns are not only easy to use for beginners but are also powerful enough to kill anyone you meet regardless of player's skill level so just because of that this Guide is good for beginners. Don't think these guns aren't great guns in fact ...

How to use Stocks in Apex Legends (New)

This Article Guide is about stocks because there are lots of misconceptions about what stocks are? what Stocks do? and how exactly Stocks work? by reading this article you'll learn tips to equip your weapons faster and more useful details that nobody has ever really talked about. If you put your ...

Best Apex Legends SMG’s To Play

We are breaking down all the SMGs in Apex legends, we're gonna be crunching some numbers and giving you all the information to as how each SMG is performing at various ranges, time to kills my suggestions on some of the attachments, and my overall suggestions for each of the weapons. ...

Top 10 Apex Legends Best Weapons Tier List

We're taking a look at the top 10 weapons of season 7 of Apex legends and Apex Legends Best weapons. We are going to do things a little bit differently like we always do around here I am going to simultaneously give you my top overall best guns in Apex Legends and top weapons for beginners return ...

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