Caustic Apex Legends Ability tips and guide

Caustic apex legends
Caustic Apex Legends

Caustic in apex legends the most poisonous and defensive Legend, who can choke out of enemy using his poisonous gas abilities. Caustics abilities in apex legends are very buffed to use when in a defensive situation. Nox gas is something the enemy fears to enter.

Caustic Apex Legends lore

Real Name –  Alexander Nox
Age            – 48
Home Planet – Gaea


Caustic Apex Legends lore and Ability

Caustic in apex legends is bolted from the game And  opened by utilizing in-game monetary standards:
Apex Coins 750.
 Legend Tokens 12,000

Caustic is more defined as Defensive Legend, with more slow playstyle, he exceeds expectations in keeping an eye on everything and separating adversary assaults. caustics gas traps deploy, Nox vision and Nox gas grenades can cause effective breaks in foes assaults, twisting their vision and creating an alarming situation.


Caustic’s real name is Alexander Maxwell Nox. he is destined to born in the family of father Arthur Rutherford Nox and mother Katerina Ticacek Nox on the date of Feb. 25, 2685. He functioned as an examination researcher for Humbert Labs, the lab is on his home planet Gaea, the Frontier’s driving producer of pesticides toxic gases. an overabundance of pesticides expected to secure the developing Frontier provinces’ harvests,  Labs was continually on the chase for best and more grounded equations. Nox was perhaps the most splendid researcher and worked continuously day and late evening growing new gases. In any case, to ensure they working well, he expected to test that gases on something beyond latent tissue: he required something living.

As he works stealthily, Nox started to see magnificence in his manifestations and their capacity to wreck anything they contacted. Be that as it may, the chief of Labs, and also founder Dr. Franklin Humbert, before long found his frightful tests, and their encounter finished with that lab on fire and its main dead. Nox is still missing and assumed perished, his alleged body found later and recognized by his mom, scorched and past recognition. 10 years after the fact, Caustic presently finds new guineas pigs in Apex legends Games, a place where he gives his vaporous manifestations something to do and watches their belongings with extraordinary intrigue.

Caustic’s Abilities

Caustic Apex Legends lore and Ability


Nox Gas Trap

 Drop deadly canister of Nox gas. activates when shot. or by an enemy.
Nox gas trap caustic tactical Ability
 Ability Type- Tactical Ability
 Cooldown Time- 25 sec.
  • 3 charges of gas trap ability can be held, and add one charge at regular intervals. Up to six Nox gas traps can be activated on the guide without a moment’s delay, and you’re ready to get unused gas traps to recover a charge.
  • The enemy will be eased back inside the Nox gas trap and can’t sprint.
  • In the event that one Trap influences a foe, it will bargain 4 harm/sec, expanded by 1 each hit to limit of 10.  Ultimate and some other trap influencing a similar foe will bargain just 1 damage (it doesn’t expand) harm.
  • Nox gas trap only deal with damage to health but not to shield
  • Shooting the highest point of the nox gas trap will make it go off. while Shooting that base will demolish it without discharging gas.



  • Shooting the base of the trap before it enacts will demolish it without discharging the gas.
  • It’s acceptable to toss a trap in a smokescreen created by a Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher, particularly if foes are stowing away in it. This will likewise feature foes in green because of Nox Vision, and permit you liberated perspective on the adversaries.
  • When outnumbered or in a tight spot, toss different traps around you. The adversary’s projectiles will hit your snares, setting them off, and permitting you to get away or mend to remain in the battle.
  • While experiencing Wraith’s Dimensional Rift gateways, toss a trap toward the conclusion to find adversaries napping attempting to get your squad from behind and uncover their situation because of your detached.
  • Tossing a trap before an entryway keeps it from opening to that side. You can utilize this component to square entryways and ensure yourself or to trap adversaries inside an encased room. In the event that they separate the entryway, the trap will actuate and you’ll be in
  • You can utilize your traps as smoke bombs, to toss some cover for marksman fire or general disarray.
  • On the off chance that you found the area of an adversary Revenant’s Death Totem, set a trap on it, and any Shadows that kicked the bucket who utilized it will right away go down when they come back to the totem since they just generate with 50 Health.


Nox Vision

 enemies can be seen in Nox gas
Nox Vision Caustic Passive Ability
 Ability Type – Passive Ability
 Cooldown Time – N/A sec.
    • Caustic is insusceptible with the impacts of Nox Gas, whether it has a place with him or a foe Caustic.
  • Adversaries in the gas made from your strategic and extreme capacities are featured green, like threat scopes. Nox vision isn’t blocked by dividers or different obstacles.


  • Your teammates don’t share this vision, so make certain to convey to them the areas of foes you can see.
  • Your treat vision doesn’t neutralize different Caustics, driving you to organize them, as they are safe to all Nox Gas impacts and they can see your partners regardless of whether they are on your gas



Nox Gas Grenade’s

 when thrown covers a more area of Nox gas Nox gas grenade Caustic ultimate ability   Ability Type – Ultimate Ability
 Cooldown Time – 120 sec.
    • constantly staying in the gas can cause increasing harm of 4 too 10 damage.
  • It covers more area than the gas traps and gas functions are same as gas traps.


  • The projectile can be shot somewhere near Wattson’s Interception Pylon. Notwithstanding, if the projectile has just exploded, the arch can’t hinder any of the gas, and will even take harm from it.
    • Try not to utilize this capacity and anticipate that it should murder a whole squad. Like Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, its fundamental utility comes in the way that foes are compelled to either clear the territory or endure the results of harm, darkened vision, failure to sprint and that’s just the beginning.
    • Since this eases back and bargains expanding harm, it very well may be joined with Nox Vision to take out foes in your smoke. On the off chance that you have a few explosives that need utilizing, toss them into your smoke when an adversary is gotten – this strategy has the capacity of clearing out full squads if enough players are trapped in your gas.
    • Utilizing this capacity in huge, open territories is regularly a waste. Attempt to spare it for when adversaries are involving a structure, a little territory, or are holing up behind a spread too hazardous to even think about bypassing.
    • All adversaries that end up in the gas cloud are dependent upon Nox Vision. Utilize this to chase down and slaughter adversaries while they are debilitated.
  • You can utilize it to obstruct or cover resuscitates.
Caustic in apex legends is very strong and powerful if used his Nox gas Abilities works well, Camping in a bunker or any places its ability can outperform even squads. use it with another legend like a bloodhound and it will be a killer combo.

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