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Apex Legends mod adds weather effects like snow and storms to maps


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Since the original Kings Canyon was released, Respawn has advanced its map design and included more dynamic features within the POIs in Apex Legends.

Not only that,wildlike was even introduces with the Storm Point map in Season 11, bringing the island to life and adding an extra threat for players.

Despite this, the devs are yet to experiment with weather conditions on any of their maps so far. So, one Apex modder decided to take it into their own hands and develop dynamic weather events for the World’s Edge map.

These include snow, rain, and even storm effects that completely transform the visual experience, and show why Respawn should add weather events in the future. If you are looking for Apex Coins and Packs, just google search Aoeah and check it out, use code FORUM for discount!

Apex Legends mod adds dynamic weather effects

Created by Apex Legends modder and YouTuber Archtux on the R5Reloaded server, the talented player has added dynamic weather events to the World’s Edge map.

As showcased in the video, this includes rain, snow, and storm effects that cause lightning to strike in random locations. They’ve even added puddles and damp effects to the ground that completely transform the look of the POI.

While the thunder noises and wet effects may not suit players who want to focus strictly on winning a match, it’s ideal for those who want a more immersive experience.

It’s impossible to know whether Respawn has experimented with weather or is planning to add it in the future, but it seems like the perfect addition for a map update.

Even if it’s just a single POI, it would give players the opportunity to experience a location in a completely new light.

Let’s hope the devs have seen Archtux’s concept and take some inspiration from the design, as it would definitely be an incredible addition.

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