crypto apex legends

In Apex legends Crypto also known as Surveillance tracker, Crypto’s all abilities are associated with his drone which can be very useful while recon.
The drone can fly towards sky and surveillance enemies from there. playing with Crypto is all about using Drone effectively.

crypto apex legends lore
Real Name –  Tae Joon Park
Age              -31
Home Planet -Gaea


crypto apex legends Abilities

In Apex legends Crypto is released back in Season 3. Crypto needs 
750 Apex coins. or
12000 Legend Tokens.
to unlock. 

 Crypto is Recon Legend. with his surveillance drone, he can spy from the sky to enemies hiding from Cryptos surveillance drone is impossible.
 while spying crypto and teammates can also see hints of enemies with the help of Neurolink
while Drone Emp can send emp blasts to an enemy that hurts them lot.


Crypto is the best encryption expert and hacker. he is a master of aerial drones and their different usage.

Tae Joon is orphan,  streets of Suotamo raised him. he and his foster sister Mila alexander learn to become computer engineers and escaped the life filthiness has come toward them. designed drones used by Syndicate to transmit  Apex Games. after they hacked into gaming bet system and fortune comes to them but Mila was killed and murder framed Tae Joon. after that, he changed his name, identity and face to get out of it.

 Tae Joon joined Apex Games to know who framed him. he tried to qualify in apex games but did not get any success in it so he hacked in apex games and added him as a legend thereby distracting them by Emp explosion in Repulsor tower.

Now he joined Apex Legends known as Crypto. He wants Revenge and Justice.

Crypto Abilities 

crypto apex legends Abilities

Surveillance Drone

crypto apex legends Abilities Drone
Ability Type Tactical Ability
Cooldown Time 40 sec.
Description of Ability Aerial drone deployed by crypto.
  • After deployment drone can be flown away till 200 meters from crypto. if the drone gets 240+ meters away it will be recalled automatically.
  • when drone used primary weapon reloads automatically.
  • a drone has 30 Health and when recalled heals himself.
  •  Drone ping item distance – 12 meters.                Drone ping enemy distance – 125 meters. 
  • The drone can pick banner cards, open supply bins, and doors, it needs to be in 7 meters for this.
  • while using drone view crypto stays stationary, if he took damage he force out of it.
  • when not piloted manually drone can be stay parked in the air or can be recalled. recall takes three-second.


  • Surveillance Drone can ping the following things. 
      *Map Features
  • The grappling hook of the Pathfinder can attach to drone.
  •  Teammates arc stars can be stuck in the drone.
  • Drone Cannot go through the Dimensional Rift of Wraith.


  •  Crypto is more vulnerable when using drone view so find a safe place where you can manage the situation.
  • Ping the location of enemies to teammates, this will get them more understanding of what’s in there.
  • The drone can be used to pick teammates banners especially helpful if they died outside of the zone.
  • using the drone as decoy also a good strategy to implement while the enemy busy with the drone you can fight or flight.
  • The drone can be also recalled while using Consumables.
  • Pressing the Tactical button can deploy drone without entering in drone view.


crypto apex legends passive ability neurolink
Ability Type Passive Ability
Cooldown Time N/A sec.
Description of Ability Crypto and squadmates can see what drone detected till 30 meters.
  • The Drone highlights the enemy with the triangle which is more noticeable, also highlight traps, supply bins, and doors.
  • When enemies scanned by drone they will see “Drone Detected” on HUD.



  • Neurolink and Emp can be used while even not controlling a drone. that means while fighting you can scout for enemies as well as fight with them gives you an edge in a fight. placing drone in a place where it can scan all enemies can help you and teammates in tough fights.
  •  Using a Surveillance drone while scouting the enemy is you can use its very good idea to scout building with a drone because it can open doors and get into it, while teammates can also know where the enemies are.

Drone EMP  

crypto apex legends Ultimate ability drone EMP
Ability Type  Ultimate Ability
Cooldown Time 180 sec.
Description of Ability Drone charge up an EMP blast to enemies, dealing 50 shield damage and slowing them, disabling traps.
  • before detonating takes 3 sec. to charge.
  • Teammates are safe from EMP blasts but all enemies in 30-meter radius get affected by it (Also Crypto) even through cover and walls.
  • The slowing effect lasts for 1-2 secs.


  •  Drones EMP will destroy the following.
       *Enemy Crypto Surveillance Drone
       * Perimeter Fences of Wattson
       *D.O.C Heal Drone of Lifeline
       *Nox Gas Traps of Caustic
       *Dome of Protection of Gibraltar
  •  EMP deals with Double damage to the following.

          * Disable Interception Pylon of Wattson

          * Launch Pad of Octane


  • The EMP blast radius is similar to the drones Neurolink radius. if the enemy shows highlighted in orange then they will be caught in that blast.
  • Using EMP while Enemy out of the Ring can be very effective, they will knock down by slowing down in zone getting damaged by it.
  •  here is a pro tip, set the drone where the enemy will come in a range of drone and set it there, while getting into a fight or in between fight use that EMP to slow down enemies to leverage EMP.
  •  Carrying Ultimate accelerator can quickly charge EMP so make sure you have at least 2 with you.
  •  single-target EMP can be more useful than multiple targeted.
  • The drone is easily get spotted when charging so keep it a place where its difficult to find. 
  • Using EMP in ending fights can be used while the third party is onto us.

 Crypto is best for those who play their game safely you can use a Surveillance drone to spy for enemies instead of directly engaging with the enemy, gives you an edge in a fight. beware Because another Crypto’s drone can also be scanning you. If used correctly Crypto can cause much damage to any legend.

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