Fade Apex Legends Mobile Lore, Abilities and Guide

Fade Apex Legends Mobile fade

Fade (Apex Legends Mobile)

Fade is exclusive Legend in Apex Legends Mobile.

Fade can be purchased in game using 10 Fade pieces or 750 Syndicate Gold

do you want to be able to escape when you get caught inside a toxic gas or to harm enemies while they’re inside gibraltar’s annoying dome shield or most importantly do you want to play a legend that’s both effective and fun well if the answer is yes then you’re in the right place everyone meet fade every other legend’s worst nightmare there is no discussion about it fade is incredibly useful and super fun to play with.

Fade Apex Legends Mobile fade
Fade Apex Legends Mobile Punisher

Real NameIgnacio Huamani

Age – 26

Home World – Solace


Legend TypeOffensive
Tactical Ability Flashback
Passive AbilitySlipstream
Ultimate AbilityPhase Chamber

Fade is incredibly useful and super fun to play with anyway let’s not waste any more time let’s jump right in fade is a master of movement his entire ability set revolves around movements.

Passive ability slipstream after you slide you will get a 15 movement speed boost.

While using Tactical Ability flashback fade will travel into the void where he cannot be hit or killed.

And as Ultimate Ability has Phase Chamber which while thrown damages and put in phase mode to all legends inside it. 

Fade Lore

Born from a family of military-tech hunters, Ignacio Huamani learnt early to never let loot go to your head. He worked with his ex-mercenary father and brothers, retrieving sophisticated weaponry to sell to the highest bidder. But being the youngest, he was constantly left with the position of lookout. 

Ignacio was anxious to prove his value, so he covertly connected with a customer offering a chance too good to resist down: a big prize for discovering a missing prototype tech suit.
It wasn’t simple discovering the wrecked IMC cargo ship housing the suit, but when Ignacio finally did, he did walk his family into an ambush. The deal was a set-up, and his family paid the ultimate price. But before the client’s hitmen could murder Ignacio, he activated the suit and phased to another realm. It took him a long time to acquire enough of the suit’s phasing abilities to return to his home dimension, however when he did, all that left of his family was dried blood.

Ignacio enters the Apex Games as Fade to take his wrath. He’ll climb the ranks, bringing as much focus to himself and his outfit as possible to pull the customer out of hiding. The suit will be the bait — Fade will also be the punishment.


Ignacio Huamani was born in 2708 on Solace to a family of treasure hunters specializing in the restoration of military technology, selling their plunder to the highest bidder. As the youngest member of the household, he functioned as a lookout. His father took sure to never glorify his work, making sure to put his family over the profits. “Family before power” was a slogan Huamani took to heart.

Huamani, eager to prove his value, one day accepted an offer from an unknown customer to rescue a powerful high-tech suit from a wrecked IMC spacecraft. The family were able to effectively enter the bunker, and Huamani fitted the suit after regaining it. However, the position was quickly determined to be a trap. After the ambush, Huamani donned the suit and triggered its Phase technology, warping him to another realm. In his absence, mercenaries swept in and slaughtered his family.

Eventually, Huamani was able to go back to his home realm, having mastered the powers of the high-tech suit. He subsequently entered the Apex Games, seeking to draw out his family’s attackers and take his revenge

Fade Abilities






20 seconds


Go back to where you were a while ago from the Void.

Ability Info

  • Upon using flashback fade will travel into the void where he cannot be hit or killed.
  •  Fade will also travel backwards to where he was at five seconds ago all in a short space of three seconds so not only will you get pulled back to where you were five seconds ago this will also take place in three seconds.
  •  To top this all off using flashback will also reload both of your weapons.
  • As you travel back you can even cancel it mid flashback simply by tapping the tactical button again

Ability Interaction with Other Legends

Ability Tips

  • Canceling mid flashback simply by tapping the tactical button again absolutely perfect for confusing enemies to make them think that you’re going to do a full flashback but nope you can pop straight back out.
  •  also use it even when you’re on a zipline.
  • you can use ability to either escape danger or scout where you basically run out to see where the enemies are and then flash back straight away once you’ve seen them.
  • If you ever get caught and slowed inside caustic toxic gas you can very easily pull yourself back out to safety.







You can gain a short movement speed boost at the end of the slide.

Ability info

  •  to either close gaps dodge bullets or simply travel around with once the cooldown is finished these flame thingies will pop out if you’re playing in tpp or this animation will take place if you’re in fpp telling you that the skill is ready to use again this is absolutely amazing for players that really love the movement aspect of apex legends mobile

Ability Interaction With Other Legends

  • none

Ability Tips

  •  To either close gaps, dodge bullets or simply travel around is perfect with this ability.
  • Once the cooldown is finished icon pop out if you’re playing in tpp or animation will take place if you’re in fpp telling you that the skill is ready to use again.
  •  this is absolutely amazing for players that really love the movement aspect of apex legends mobile.
Phase Chamber





120 seconds


Release a phase cage to send all Legends within range into the Void.

Ability Info

  • Fade can throw this bracelet thing super far and when it lands it will create a dome with a massive 20 meter radius that has multiple effects.
  •  fade can throw this very far upto 100 meter throwing range .
  • when it lands it will instantly deal 10 damage and slow enemies that gets caught with it.
  •  then whoever is still in the dome area friendly or enemy after 2 seconds will get sucked into the void for 4 seconds once in the void players are unable to use any skill or weapons or leave until the timer runs out.
  • Enemies that are transferred into the void are slowed but teammates or fade himself will not be slowed and once players are in the void they cannot be hit or killed at all after 4 seconds.
  • Players that are in the void will be sent back out and any slow effects will end.
  • When you send enemies into the void and fade doesn’t travel with them enemies will be highlighted.

Ability interaction with other Legends

Ability Tips

  • Enemies will be highlighted in match so you can see them for the entire duration that they are inside the void allowing you to easily take them out when they pop back out.
  •  It will hit and affect players even if they are behind the wall or even players that are inside Gibraltar’s dome shield which subsequently makes fade a direct counter against one of the best legends in the game that is Gibraltar


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