Fuse Apex Legends Ability Guide, Lore & legend Info.

fuse Apex Legends Abilities Tips Lore and Guide

Fuse Apex Legends

Fuse is a brand new Legend came in season 8 and become one of the best Offensive Legend in Apex Legends Arena. 

Explosive disaster himself fuse is a truly unique legend.

With his Defensive Abilities and robotic arm he is Dominating Apex Legends arena.

fuse Apex Legends Abilities Tips Lore and Guide
fuse Apex Legends Abilities Tips Lore and Guide

Real Name –  Walter Fitzroy

Age – 54

Home World – Salvo

fuse Apex Legends Ability

In Apex Legends Fuse comes locked in but you can Unlock Him with

750 Apex Coins or

1200 Legend Tokens

Being A offensive legend  gives him lot of advantages in his Ability which are specially made for pushing opponents and his robotic arm helps him with that.

Fuse tactical Ability is Knuckle Cluster which slows down and damages enemies making him great for pushing.

Fuse passive ability Grenadier Allows him to stack more grenades and throw them more accurately with the help of robotic arm.

And finally Fuse Ultimate ability is The Motherlode he throws a ring of fire in which enemy gets trapped and get hurt badly also with help of robotic arm.

Fuse Backstory

As one that doesn’t lack confidence but often lacks a plan he’s a blow up first ask questions later kinder guy fuse’s origin story is quite an explosive one he’s from a planet called salvo and made a name for himself winning pit fights and other similar fighting competitions.

eventually it gets revealed that he’s been chosen to compete in the apex games a decision that is long time and jealous friend doesn’t appreciate.

fuse and his friend get into a skirmish until she tosses a grenade between them with the subsequent explosion costing the explosives expert his arm which is why he sports a robotic one in the apex games 

Fuse real name is walter fitzroy and he grew up on salvo a brutal planet ruled by warlords bends on mayhem murder and good times few spent most of his life as a mercenary with his childhood friend maggie but while she wanted to be a powerful warlord.

one day he wanted a fight in the arena and also you know play guitar next to a campfire but mostly the arena part fuse was a big deal in salvo’s biggest blood sport the bone cage but he wanted to be on the biggest stage of them all the apex games.

Fuse Abilities

Fuse Apex Legends All Abilities
Fuse Apex Legends
Fuse Apex Legends tactical Ability

Knuckle Cluster




25 Sec.


Launch A Cluster of bomb which explode with damaging and slowing down enemy.

Fuse Tactical Ability Info

  • knuckle cluster this launches a cluster bomb that continuously explodes air burst explosives on impact and does a fair amount of damage for just a tactile ability the damage this ability does can vary but if you stick an enemy with the cluster you will do about 10 damage and then an additional 40 or so damage from the cluster explosions for a maximum of 50 damage.
  • It does effect fuse but does not harm teammates.
  • holding tactical ability button or just pressing it works both ways but if you want to swipe it while holding then just change weapon.

Ability Interaction with Other Legends

  • Knuckle Cluster destroy doors.
  • Destroys crypto drone and shut down Nox Gas Traps.
  • Also a single bomb can destroy Death totem, Amped cover and Black market Boutique.
  • Wattson’s Perimeter Security can destroy Knuckle Clusters.
  • the explosive point is where it is set of but players still need to run far from it to reduce damage.

Fuse Tactical Ability Tips

  • Knuckle Cluster great for quickly breaking doors and can hurt enemies behind them like an arc star it will stick to surfaces and people making it extra deadly it also gets the bonus accuracy from his passive so you can land six shots or shots from far away.
  • It’s fuse tactical and you spawn with it fuse is scary to fight 1v1 on drop  maybe don’t land with an enemy fuse, it’s the perfect ability to secure a kill on a weakened enemy.
  • It is really loud which means third parties will come swarming.
  • you are getting this cluster quite often and it should be used as much as possible at the moment players are panicking a bit too much.
  • When it comes to this cluster and enemies are moving out of the way of it exposing themselves when sometimes it may just be better to take and absorb a partial cluster hit keep this in mind when playing against a fuse the damage isn’t as bad as a grenade even if it does seem worse due to the amount of explosions going off and the excessive noises.
  • It does make the other easy thing to know with the cluster is that is a great way at breaching doorways a quick stick to a door will make very quick work of a door and basically blow it up instantly allowing you to get shots on a team that could be camping up in a building or blocking that doorway likewise with this opening a fight by launching a cluster and following it up with a few shots is a great way to make quick work of enemies especially early on in games when enemies might not have shields yet or they only have white shields.
  • fuses tactical can be good for and many of them have to do with not just dealing damage with the knuckle cluster but rather ways to counter enemy legends abilities for starters the knuckle cluster is absolutely one of the best way now to take out rampart barriers that are fully assembled these clusters do massive damage and will take out barriers nearly instantly second to this the knuckle cluster is superb at destroying mirage decoys either from his tactical or his ultimate a quick shot from fuse right after mirage uses his ultimate will make easy work and destroy the majority of all of his decoys much like rampart’s barriers a knuckle cluster will also take out wattson fences with ease but it will not bypass the effects of watson’s ultimate the pylon which will stop fuse’s tactical and his ultimate ability while it is not necessarily a complete counter the knuckle cluster is a great way to cause easy damage to enemy black holes by shooting it in the direction of a black hole this will then get absorbed by the black hole and deal a fair amount of damage however keep in mind this will not do enough damage to destroy a black hole on its own.
  • Final few things to know are that if you do shoot a cluster at enemy caustic gas traps that are already placed it will not destroy the traps it will just detonate the gas like a normal grenade or bullet would do also you can destroy a kryptos drone with this tactile but since the drone is usually mobile it is a difficult thing to do and I don’t really recommend wasting the tactical on this drone the tactical will also take out revenants totems and loba’s black markets moving on from specific legend counters with the cluster the cluster is a great way to make enemies panic and move out of cover
Fuse Apex Legends Passive Ability







Allow Fuse to throw Grenades more Accurately faster and further distance with 1 extra stack of grenade.

Fuse Passive Ability info

  • Fuse can track Trajectory bounce of Frag Grenades and it allows him to throw all throwables faster, accurately and further distance.
  • Fuse can Stack 2 frag grenades, arc stars and thermite insted of 1.

Ability Interaction With Other Legends

  • While using Loba’s Black Market Boutique Fuse can able to pickup 2 grenades instead 1.

Fuse Passive Ability Tips

  • It is best to carry one type of grenade each to maximize this abilities potential.
  • Frag grenade bounce of more distance because of throwing speed so you can use it to toss grenade without getting in sight.
  • There are a number of great ways to use this passive ability in your favor that other legends just can’t compete with for one we can throw grenades much much farther which means we can almost always use grenades to get enemies out of cover from any range second to this is that i absolutely love sending out two to four grenades in a pattern that enemies will nearly always get hit by throwing grenades to the left of a rock then to the right of a rock right as they are rotating away is a great way to catch enemies that aren’t on top of their moving game off guard and get a lot of damage or even a knock just from a few grenades.
  • Fuse’s ability to launch grenades faster and hold more grenades really makes offensive type of play much more effective when playing with fuse rather than any other legend in the game while grenades are a great way to get enemies out from behind cover in open areas they can also be used to expel enemies from buildings the fact that fuse launches grenades faster and farther means fuse can launch grenades horizontally at a much greater distance and does not need arc grenades as much as all the other legends in the game this means fuse has the ability to send those grenades much further indoors and this can and should be used to get enemies out of buildings or to just create chaos while being indoors.
Fuse Apex Legends Ultimate Ability

The Motherlode




120 seconds


Fuse Fires A Circle of Bombs which creates ring of Fire.

Fuse Ultimate Ability Info

  • You can use ADS while firing which is 3x zoom.
  • Fire continues till 17 Seconds.
  • Max distance to fire is around 200 meters away.
  • It does not harm teammates but can deal huge damage to fuse himself.
  • Toching the ring of fire deals 35 damge and burn effect for 5 seconds which deal 8 damage (12 if standing on fire) if burn effect expires and you touched fire again it will deal 35 damage again with burning effect ( able to deal 95 damage if you stay in fire)

Ability interaction with other Legends

  • Wattson’s Interception Pylon can destroy this ability.

Fuse Ultimate Ability Tips

  • The Motherlode is a great tool at just straight up crowd control on enemies and keeping enemies trapped all the while this ultimate can give you valuable seconds to make a push on enemies that are disoriented and blinded by the flame wall.
  • position this ultimate in key locations to prevent either an enemy team from pushing us or to force them to rotate away that is in my favor while the ultimate in some way seems like is an offensive move meant to deal damage.
  • Fuse can be effective at range it’s honestly insane how far the grenades and ultimate can be used to obliterate teams fighting with a well-placed bombardment and some super long-range grenades and then follow this up with a well-coordinated push.
  • let’s now discuss a couple ways not to use the ultimate for starters using the ultimate inside of buildings or in areas that have a big change in height it just doesn’t seem to work well and enemies have multiple easy ways to jump out of this ring of fire or avoid damage completely this brings us to the fact that it is very easy to jump over the fire if there are any sort of change in height or something for enemies to jump over.
  • fuses abilities both ultimate and tactual are really better suited to be used in tactical situations of zone control or ways to disorient and confuse enemies while the motor is fairly quick it is still very possible to avoid the ring of fire and unless the enemy is completely stationary they can easily walk out or run out of the way of this ultimate.
  • legends might pair up well with fuse anything more toxic literally than a team that gets trapped by fuse’s ultimate and then a caustic who throws a gas grenade in the center of this ring of fire if the enemy team has no gibraltar or horizon is more than likely going to end them very quickly either they stay in the gas grenade and die or they run into the ring of fire after taking gas damage and they end up nearly knocked or already knocked.
  • throw a black hole in there in conjunction to either of these ultimates and it makes for a trio of legends horizon cossack and fuse that make any team an extremely deadly force another one or two legends that i can’t see pairing up well with fuse and his ultimate is going to be bangalore’s ultimate and gibraltar’s ultimate again these ultimates do massive damage and if enemies are trapped in this ring of fire this is going to work in your favor the final legend i can’t see being viable to pair up with fuse is actually octane the ability to drop that launch pad and land on enemies trapped in the ring of fire can be a very deadly fun and satisfying way to play the game.
  • you can use his ultimate indoors to great effect it causes fire to block entire areas inside which can quickly eliminate enemies and stop pushes from them.
  • you have a lot more space in your inventory since you can carry stacks of grenades so I recommend having an ultimate accelerant ready so you can use your ultimate more often the power of multiple rings of fire


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