Gibraltar ApexLegendsIn Apex Legends Gibraltar is the biggest and badest character. Gibraltar has the best Defensive abilities to cover up teammates and himself and kill enemies by saying the defense is the best attack.
Gibraltar is the best rescue and protection legend which cover teammates in tough situations.


Gibraltar ApexLegends AbilityReal Name –  Makoa Gibraltar
Age            – 30
Home Planet – Solace
Gibraltar ApexLegends Ability

Gibraltar is already unlocked and free in the base game. Gibraltar is a defensive legend also has the capacity to deal with great damage. his abilities such as defensive bombardment can give the enemy a shock and gives our team time to heal themselves and come back in the fight again if used with a dome of protection it can have a greater impact. also, the gun shield can protect from various attacks.



Gibraltar lives in outland with his parents they are volunteers at S.A.R.A.S which is a search and rescue association in outland. that’s the reason why he learned the skill of getting others out of a dangerous situation. but he never took it seriously until an incident happened with him when he and his friend stuck in a mudslide while bike riding and in rescue his father lost his arm. from that day Gibraltar made helping others his motto.

In Apex Games, Gibraltar is known for his defensive abilities. his skills in search and rescue with his aggressive nature working well. that’s how he became an icon in apex legends and protecting him and his squad from enemies.

Gibraltar’s Abilities

Gibraltar ApexLegends Ability


Dome Of Protection

Dome Of Protection
Ability Type

Tactical ability

Cooldown time 30 seconds
Description of ability Throw down a dome-shield that blocks attacks for 18 seconds. Healing items are 15% faster within the dome.
    • Tosses a huge circle, which after landing ventures an arch shield around it. The arch has a sweep of 6 meters and keeps going 12 seconds
    • The shield stops all approaching and active slugs and shots while permitting players to travel through it.
    • While inside an arch, all consumable recuperating things ( Syringes, Shield Cells, and so on.) take 3/4ths as long to utilize.
    • Likewise, Gibraltar restores partners in just 4 seconds while inside his arch, quicker than the ordinary 5 seconds.


Each consumable thing’s utilization time is decreased as follows:
Syringe: 5 sec → 3.75 sec
Medkit: 8 sec → 6 sec
Shield Cell: 3 sec → 2.25 sec
Shield Battery: 5 sec → 3.75 sec
Phoenix Kit: 10 sec → 7.5 sec
Extreme Accelerant: 7 sec → 5.25 sec
The vault squares view for things like Wattson’s Perimeter Security or Crypto’s Neurolink.


    • On the off chance that you have a brought down partner and are being hurried, toss down your definitive and afterward your shield. Revive and heal in your shield.
    • On the off chance that an adversary squad is terminating at you and your group, toss the shield down. It will hinder their shots permitting you and your squad to getaway. Joining the shield with Defensive Bombardment can be useful, and can likewise up the “Damage Absorbed” shield detail.
    • The shield is certainly not a total air pocket and relying upon the landscape it can have its shaky areas.
    • No shots come in, no shots turn out.
  • Do whatever it takes not to utilize it on the off chance that you don’t need to, it effectively parts with your situation to be killed when the shield is down.

Gun Shield 

Gun Shield 
Ability Type

Passive Ability

Cooldown Time N/A
Description of Ability Aiming down sights deploys a gun shield that blocks incoming fire.
    • While pointing, Gibraltar will have a vitality shield before him with 75 health that shields his chest area from approaching fire while permitting him to shoot.
    • The shield can be handicapped by pressing H.
    • When broken, the shield has a 9 seconds cooldown.
    • you can see both right and left side health of the shield and 1-8 bars can be seen filling on cooldown meter


The shield deflects arch star launched against Gibraltar.


    • The shield can here and there make it simpler to spot Gibraltar while he is covering up, so it might merit impairing briefly in case you’re almost certain you’re in any case covered up.
  • Squatting while at the same time utilizing your weapon shield makes you a hard objective to deal with harm from the front.


Defensive Bombardment
Defensive Bombardment
Ability Type

Ultimate Ability

Cooldown Time 180 seconds
Description of Ability Call in a concentrated mortar strike on a marked position.
    • Tosses a smoke projectile that denotes a 24-meter range around it for a mortar strike.
    • The region is plainly set apart for all players with red circles showing where mortar shells will hit.
    • For 6 seconds, explosives persistently rain down on the zone, managing 40 harm for every hit and shell-stunning players.


Wattson’s Interception pylon can shoot down both the mortar shells and the initial smoke grenade.


    • This capacity additionally harms you so use it with alert.
    • This capacity is a pleasant help; if foes are stowing away, it can drive them out of the spread and into a simpler line of fire. It can likewise be utilized as an assault or a guarded capacity.
    • You can call it inside your own shield to equivocate and allow you few moments of rest, as foes will be not able to come inside. Utilize this opportunity to restore, recuperate, reload, or flee.
  • Wattson’s Interception Pylon can refute a sizable territory of the assault. Attempt to utilize the capacity after it’s been destroyed.


here are Gibraltar’s passive, tactical and ultimate abilities tips and tricks, bio, backstory, interaction with other legends, and much more. using this make your Gibraltar defend himself and teammates like a castle. and win the war of apex legends in ease.




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