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Futuristic battle royal game where Legends Compete with each other to be a CHAMPION

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Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is successor of popular PC game Apex Legends which takes you to futuristic battle royal experience with special characters called Legends. Choose your favorite Legends and play in Arena multiplayer modes using weapons, grenades and legends abilities and become a CHAMPION !!

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Introducing Apex Legends

Battle Royal

In case you will endure the Strategic Apex Games, you need to think quick. Ace your Legend's capacities, make key approaches the fly, and utilize your squad's strengths to further your potential benefit in exciting 60-player matches.

Enggaging Combats

Experience the following advancement of battle royal with Respawn Beacons you can use to revive your partners, Smart Comms to enable you to convey, Intelligent Inventory so you can get just what you need, and co-ordination with jumpmaster deployment


With every new season you'll going to get new legends, fresh weapons and seasons theme based loot, And much more. Get weapon and legends skins while completing achievements. Every Season Comes with fresh new content around Legends and there Lore

All Legends and Abilities Tips and Tricks

Rhapsody Apex Legends Mobile Legend Guide

Rhapsody Apex Legends Mobile

Rhapsody Apex Legends In Apex Legends Mobile Rhapsody is a Support legend who also called by name of Rhythm Slinger. Rhapsody abilities are very dominating to use if used ...

Loba is coming in Apex Legends Mobile

Loba is coming in Apex Legends Mobile

legends, that is right Loba is the next legend coming to apex mobile if you load up the game right now which says that the diamonds in the snow a mysterious legend is coming go find her diamond ...

Apex Legends Mobile HUD Setup (2/3/4 Fingers)

Apex Legends Mobile HUD Setup (2/3/4 Finger)

Believe it or not your heads-up display or HUD is will ultimately decide just how good you could be at apex legends mobile if you have a HUD that's clunky difficult to use and just overall ...

Apex Legends Mobile Controller Support & More!

apex legends mobile Controller

Apex legends mobile controller support is here it's not perfect yet it's still being worked on but if you plug in a Xbox or PlayStation controller via Bluetooth you're good to go they even have a ...

How To Choose Your Main in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Poster

There are plenty of legends to choose from in apex legends mobile all the legends are actually really good so don't be afraid to pick any let's get one thing straight first and foremost this Article ...

Apex Legends Mobile in Emulator for PC


Apex Legends Mobile Global Launch started on 17th May and Many of you enjoy playing Apex Legends Mobile in your Android or IOS, But If your device does not make the cut for the minimum requirement ...

Apex Legends Mobile

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Apex Legends Mobile