Horizon Apex Legends Ability Guide, Lore & Tips

Horizon Apex Legends

Horizon Apex Legends

Horizon is a brand new Legend came in season 7 and become one of the best Offensive Legend in Apex Legends Arena. 

She loves Science and Physics kind of Stuff and Her Abilities are focused About that and Named Her MASTER of GRAVITY

Ability to fly Around in Arena and Quick Movements are her Pros compared with other Legends.

Horizon Apex Legends
Horizon Apex Legends

Real Name –  Dr. Mary Somers

Age – 37

Home World – Psamathe

Horizon Apex Legends Abilities

In Apex Legends Horizon comes locked in but you can Unlock Her with

750 Apex Coins or

1200 Legend Tokens

Being A Master of Gravity can Really help Horizon to Survive in front of legends and makes her great offensive legend.

Horizon’s Tactical Ability is Gravity Lift which gives her advantage of height and flying anytime she want.

Horizon’s Passive Ability which is Spacewalk Can gives ability to turn mid air and reduces fall time.

 Using passive the correct way increase the air control equals easier bunny hopping, air strafing etc. the ability to air strafe with horizon is huge the ability to come out of your tactical and lay on the ground and start sliding air strafing is underrated. the ability to air strafe while healing and sliding down hills and that kind of thing is really crucial to horizons ability overall to succeed in Apex legends

And at last her Ultimate Ability Black Hole Literally creates black hole to suck enemies in the middle of it.

horizon is one of the most unique legends to come out in Apex legends in quite some time.

Horizon Lore (Backstory)

Horizon Living in Olympus with her 7 year old Son she is scientist and devoted to her work, this happened about 87 years ago  takes place in the year 2646 whole city was in a terrible state because they were running out of energy and in in emergency meeting horizon was the one that told everybody that 

” I have a plan to save all Olympus “

she probably didn’t spend a lot of time with her son she was neglecting neglected her son it’s just that her job was so important because she needed to save the city.

She gone find way to save city by finding new energy source with her assistant Dr Reid.

they go to black hole  and point is they go to this place where she was going to use her new robot N.E.W.T to extract some material that transforms into a crystal called branthium

But Her Assistant Dr. Reid take the material and leave her to die in the space..

After struggling for five months she manage to get out off the space and come back to see that 87 years are passed and her is no more in this world.

She Joined the Arena of Apex Legends With the new Name HORIZON.

Horizon Apex Legends Abilities

Apex Legends Horizon Abilities
Horizon Apex Legends stardust
Apex Legends Horizon Tactical Ability

Gravity Lift




15 seconds


Lift the player upwards by reversing the gravity and boost them when coming out.

Ability Info

  • Players can lift 30 meters from the ground
  • Gadget stays active for 10 seconds.

Ability Interaction with Other Legends

  • This can also lift the vehicle in Olympus Trident.
  • Wattsons Perimeter Security Can Destroy this.

Ability Tips

  • Gravity Lift can do a advantage for you and team to get high ground and also use to distract enemy by throwing it on them. drops her ability goes into it kind of just floating in the air for  to easily pick apart and kill
  • new map Olympus is definitely catered towards horizon because there’s a lot of three to four story buildings can easily be accessed through horizons ability in terms of overall access and movement.
  • If your teammate is down in unsafe spot then throw gadget to save him just make sure to throw it some distance away so he can choose where to land.
  • Gravity Lift can also block passages and doorways to use it but don’t get yourself caught up too.
  • you can use your Gravity lift on a doorway and this prevents any of the other enemies from getting through that doorway because that launches them straight up.
  • if you get sucked in by the black bowl as horizon, throw your Tactical right under you and you can levitate right out of that black hole.
  • Throw your tactical on the ground if a Bangalore or a Gibraltar ultimate or caustic gas is getting dropped on you.
Apex Legends Horizon Passive Ability







With Horizons custom suite to reduce impact of falling and mid aire control

Ability info

  • Horizon can make quick turns in mid-air than other legends
  • This Ability help horizon to start moving faster after landing from high spots.

Ability Interaction With Other Legends

  • Spacewalk can be combined with Launch Pad of Octane.

Ability Tips

  • It’s great for those really aggressive players that really want to jump onto people from height and that really want to open the engagement.
  • Horizon don’t need to grab zip line when landing to avoid fall impact.
Apex Legends Horizon Ultimate Ability

Black Hole




120 seconds


Deploy N.E.W.T to create small block hole that attract players in the range and in last hit them with gravitational blast.

Ability Info

  • N.E.W.T has 200 health and can be destroyed and lasts for 12 Seconds.
  • If enemies are behind black hole they will be highlighted.
  • Enemy behind wall and covers can also be pulled by black hole.

Ability interaction with other Legends

  • Can be destroyed by Drone EMP of Crypto And Interception Pylon Of Wattson.
  • It can Destroy Dimensional Rift of Wraith if one of the portal is in the range of black hole.
  • Nox Gas Grenade of caustic will lost there trajectory if in contact with black hole.

Ability Tips

  • you can use this to stop enemies from pushing you to block off doorways to catch a team off guard that might be camping in a building or behind cover and to throw on teams that are fighting others as a third party mechanism.
  • After Dropping N.E.W.T make sure to use area damage like grenade, arch stars, Caustics Nox Gas or Revenants Silence to deal high amount of damage.
  • when you have a black hole down on the ground horizon can see right through this in a highlights the enemy is much like a caustic with gas or anyone with a digital threat through smoke.


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