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There are plenty of legends to choose from in apex legends mobile all the legends are actually really good so don’t be afraid to pick any let’s get one thing straight first and foremost this Article is not a tier list of any kind all the legends have pros and cons and ultimately it’s down to you as the player to make the best use of whoever you pick.

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Choose Your Main in Apex Legends Mobile by Playstyle

The first thing that you need to consider before you start picking is play style a lot of guys will tell you to find one that matches your play style however I have a bit of a slightly different approach to that I am someone who likes to tell people to get out of their comfort zone right.

So I would tell you to try something new and with that in mind rather than asking you what’s your playstyle, I’ll ask you what playstyle do you actually want to start playing in because you might want to stick with your playstyle or try something completely different and once you figure that out.

Here are some categories for you to consider but please note though just because I put a specific legend in a specific category this does not mean that that is the only way to play these legends but here are some core foundation categories.

Aggressive category

alright so for the aggressive players I like to call this category the Aggressive category this is for the type of players that just have an addiction to finding gunfights constantly as an aggressive player always in gunfights always pushing.

here are some of the fundamental things that you need to think about abilities that have a direct impact on your entry and exit routes as well as general movement capabilities.

Octane apex legends
Octane apex legends

let’s take a look at our buddy octane here for example his tactical ability called stim provides him with a 30 movement speed boost for a few seconds at a cost of his health absolutely fantastic for closing the gap and pushing enemies makes him a hard target to hit and it will also help him get away from danger if a push fails then we’ve got his ultimate the launch pad this ultimate ability allows him and his teammates to travel and push together gain higher ground or escape together to safety.


Then we have the good old bloodhound blowdown’s passive ability allows bloodhound to see enemy activities in real-time to prepare for battle then we have blowdown statical ability where blood out can scan an area and see where the enemy threats are before even pushing then we have the ultimate beast of the hunt due to the 30 movement speed boost that bloodhound gets from this ultimate is absolutely insane for chasing down runners on top of that because of the speed boost this also makes blowdown an incredibly hard target to track and hit.

Support and Passive category

Then we have the support and passive category this is a category for players that prefer to stay back you know the healers the protectors that kind of thing basically the last person standing in a squad and the person who was mainly responsible for keeping everyone alive and healthy.

let’s talk about lifeline,

Lifeline apex legends
apex legends

Lifeline’s tactical ability can heal up to two players simultaneously over time if they stand close enough to it lifeline’s passive ability allows lifeline to use her drone as a revival drone which means she can send out her drone and revive two teammates simultaneously.

The drone literally does the reviving for her and not only this whenever she deploys a drone an impenetrable shield gets deployed in front of a teammate to protect him from any damage and last but not least lifeline’s ultimate ability allows her to call down a drop pod that will contain amazing survival items for her and her teammates.

Gibraltar apex legends
Gibraltar apex legends

Then we have Gibraltar the ultimate protector Gibraltar’s number one goal is to provide cover for him and his teammates his passive ability gun shield this ability alone turns Gibraltar into an actual shield himself then his tactical ability dome of protection is a portable cover that he can carry and deploy whenever he wants which offers an absolute impenetrable defense against bullets missiles and throwables the only two things that can actually penetrate this dome shield are players walking in and out of it or the ring damage

Then we have his ultimate ability where you can call down an airstrike this ability is absolutely fantastic for splitting up enemy squads or forcing enemies out of their high ground advantage.

Team leaders

Now we have the team leaders these are basically players that call the shots these are players that will dictate entry as well as exit points rotation routes gunfight strategy and everything else so these people need to be very very self-sufficient and with that in mind they need legends who are also self-sufficient.

Wraith apex legends
Wraith apex legends

Starting off with our homegirl rage wraith makes an absolutely fantastic leader of a legend first of all her passive ability makes wraith speak out loud of any danger ahead wraith would literally speak out loud and say i have a feeling someone’s watching this wraith tactical ability turns him into nothing but a stream of light.

She gets a 30 movement speed boost and her hitbox completely disappears which means she becomes almost invisible and becomes fully indestructible and to top this all off well-placed portals from her ultimate ability can help secure top plays with her entire team.

Crypto apex legends
Crypto apex legends

Next to her then we have our boy crypto, crypto has one of the best ways to gather information in the entire game with crypto’s drone you can fly around and see everything from up above you can fully prepare for a fight or an escape better than any legend in the game as a leader you don’t always have to be at the front in fact a lot of the times leaders stay behind the front lines they are the brains of the squad after all.

Then we have his ultimate ability drone emp the main purpose of this ultimate ability is to use the drone and damage enemy shields in a massive area of effect this ability allows him to do shield damage as well as disorient enemies before a push gaining a huge advantage versus enemies who now have damage or broken shields and check this out crypto’s drone constantly scans everything around it within a 30-meter range now as for its passive ability any high-value items, as well as enemies that are scanned by the drone, are constantly highlighted in real-time so you can see them even if there’s a wall in front of you or whatever else is blocking the vision.


Last but not least for the categories strategists also known as the thinkers these are players that like to control the fight’s mind plays high IQ plays not so much pushers but actual players who like to pull people into traps.

Caustic apex legends
Caustic apex legends

Let’s start off with our boy caustic well-placed traps can completely control fights they deal direct damage to the enemy hp and slows anyone down that gets caught inside the gas as if it’s not already hard to see while you’re inside a gas you’re also slowed and you’re dying slowly.

Then we have his ultimate his ultimate ability is the biggest party pooper in apex legends mobile this thing can ruin someone’s day in a blink of an eye it has the power to completely and instantly turn gunfights around in your favor.

Wattson apex legends
Wattson apex legends

Alright, time for Wattson the defense queen fence queen get it anywho Wattson’s electric fences can keep enemies out and away which means you can funnel them towards a specific route where you and your teammates can wait and carry out an ambush.

Interception pylon Wattson’s ultimate ability this thing destroys every type of ordnance that comes close to it missiles bombs thermites everything pair this up with Wattson’s electric fences people are gonna has a hard time infiltrating your foe.

The last but most important tip for you guys learn about all the legends right now.

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