How to Play/Win Apex Legends Winter Express|Holo-Day Bash

How to Play/Win Apex Legends Winter Express|Holo-Day Bash

we are taking a look at the limited time mode winter express that is a returning mode from last year the holiday bash event is back which is always exciting when we have a new or returning limited-time mode and event with some stuff to unlock.

How to Play/Win Apex Legends Winter Express

Today we are going to go over the event and give you some tips on how to come out on top with ease. There are a few big things when it comes to this mode and some things you might not have thought about.

Overall the winner Express mode is very simple, but games can go by so fast with some ending in as quick as four minutes. And it is very possible for games to get away from you before you even know it if this is helpful or if you want to support me hit that like button for more Apex legends content

1. Choosing A Right Legend.

the first tip in the biggest tip I have for you is choosing a legend with the right weaponry. This is extremely crucial each day the legends weaponry will be rotated out and you will have to take care in which you are picking so you can get the edge on your enemies.

Overall, I don’t love this because it does force you to play with characters you might not want to play with. But regardless, you want to be picking a legend with close-range weapons or medium-range weapons.

For example, a legend like Pathfinder on this day, as a very tough lead out to roll with the wingman in a triple take isn’t going to get too well when you’re fighting inside the train.

However, someone like race with a flatline in re45 is absolutely great. Most legends aren’t going to have a perfect loadout either, so you will be forced to make some compromises in some areas.

2. Load Up With Grenades

But overall this is a very good loadout the second tip is to be mindful of the grenades a legend is running on that day. I’m unsure if these rotate but I am expecting that they will In my opinion, arc stars and termites are going to be huge termites that can prevent enemies from getting on the train and getting a cap or pushing you arc stars are good for the opposite, putting them into the cap cars to stun enemies or force them off the objective.

All in all, keep in mind the type of loadout that legend has on the day and make sure you are choosing weapons that are going to help you in the close range to mid-range engagements.

The only time I would choose a long-range weapon is if you’re trying to coordinate with a squad or maybe two of your teammates are going to run into the objective and you would be the third providing cover or range support.

I don’t really recommend this though because if they died, then more than likely you will not be able to get to the objective fast enough to either kill the enemies or stop the capture. So just keep this in mind if you are going to run a longer range loadout

3. Use Ground (Teristerial) Legends

My second tip is to be choosing a legend with territorial controls and abilities. This would be something like Watson caustic rampart, even Gibraltar with his dome shield or Revenant with his tactical ability in my opinion, and this might be the first for me, but I would highly recommend rampart’s barriers can virtually shut down any enemy from entering the car at the front of the train.

This car only has three doors and the rampart can block off them completely.

My second favorite legend is caustic and honestly, he is a complete beast at this mode.

The ability to gas off enemies in doorways in the cars is just crazy. Combine this with the fact that he has a killer ultimate for pushing out enemies caustic is literally just a crazy beast for this mode.

My third and final recommendation for a legend is Gibraltar his gun shield makes post range engagements challenging for enemies, and his dome shield does give some territorial control. His ultimate isn’t quite as good as caustics but it can still be really good for catching enemies off guard or teammates or enemies that are fighting on top of a car.

Still, the weapons that the legend has should be the main driving force in who you are choosing but because there are a few territorial control legends that we can pick from you should be choosing at minimum one of these legends that also has a good weapon loadout the

4. Take enough Healings

the third tip I have to offer speed mindful of the healing items, the time it takes to use healing items has been cut in half during this mode, shield cells can be activated in nearly a second which means you can very quickly heal up shields or health to get back in the fight with more health than your enemy might be thinking that you have.

This might be the most underrated or hidden tip I can provide that literally everyone has access to It’s so crazy how fast you can get 100 shields back it’s honestly pretty much insane.

they want the action to be fast-paced and they want to have the fight to be a little bit longer. But regardless, this is just something to completely Keep in mind, you can heal very fast in this mode.

5. Landing Spot

Tip number 5 is all about where to land when trying to assault the ship from the air in my eyes the previous round winners have a clear advantage of already being on a car This means they are you if you are the winner have the chance of setting up barriers traps and to be ready for an assault or just to hide in one of the cars while the new teams are starting to enter and starting to fight each other.

It is in my recommendation to land at the rear or front cars. You want to stay out of the middle of the open car I think it is just a kill zone where you will be not lasting too long. Not only could the team be split between the front and rear cars causing them to pinch you but the third team that is entering could also easily end you if you are in this middle car.

My second preferred landing spot is to land just a few meters away from the cars on the side of the hill or on the roof depending on where the car is stationed. This means you can Analyze where the enemies are fighting before you enter the battle accordingly. Just be mindful of your surroundings in this mode, it can be very hectic when the teams are flying in trying to just get on the car and get that cap as quickly as possible.

Also, try to engage what your enemies are doing are they going to want to go for a quick win, this probably means they’re landing on the cars themselves often, or if they’re trying to play a little bit more passive or strategically, trying to just figure out what they’re doing as soon as you can. Because these games like I said earlier, do fly by quite quickly.

6. Teammates can Help… Stick with them.

My final tip And tip number 6 is to stick with your teammates, people don’t get knocked, which means ending them as fast as possible is really important so they can’t heal up quickly.

Like we discussed earlier. If you and your team are traveling as a pack team shooting, you can make very quick work of enemy teams ending them before they realize what has ever happened to them.

On top of this, you can also provide your teammates with a cover which allows them to get some time to heal off said the enemies are trying to push in because you’re landing on the car. If you are both there and working together, you might be able to stop that push which gives your teammates a second to heal up which we said deals are really quick.

This is pretty typical. For all Apex legends, just be working with your teammates, it will help you out a ton especially in this mode since things go by so fast. And there you have it, there are five tips to help you succeed at winner Express and Apex legends season 7

I hope you have a good time in this mode. Overall, I think this mode is a solid one. There are a lot worse modes out there for the limited time events. I think this one is a good one. And I’m glad it came back with a few changes

I do kind of like the rotating floating s that you can drop off of, I think this is a well good addition. On top of that, I do overall think that this mode just kind of has a good flow. And I do really like that the games can go quite quickly. This means you can kind of just keep getting into those games really quickly.

I am a little bit disappointed that the challenges don’t really work in this I kind of wish they did.

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