Lifeline Apex Legends Ability tips and full guide.

Lifeline apex legends

Lifeline Apex Legends

Lifeline Is an only Medic Character In Apex Legends Who can heal their teammates with her abilitiesLifeline is must have a legend in the team who can heal teammates and also have care packages that have weapons and shields.
In this Apex Legends lifeline guide, we are going to see lifelines character’s backstory, character overview, Abilities Tips and tricks, Interaction of Abilities with other Legends, and much more… 

Lifeline Apex Legends
Lifeline Apex Legends

Real NameAjay Che

Age – 24

Home World – Psamathe

Lifeline Apex Legends Abilities

lifeline is free and already opened legends in apex legends which is best if you are a medic legend player.

her D.O.C heal drone can help her and her teammates to heal up quickly after of in-between fight which gives an edge while intense fight or third party attacks.

Lifelines Combat Revive ability can revive a teammate with a protective shield. quick revive and healing

 this additionally permits her to utilize healing things quicker. In conclusion, when her definitive is prepared, she can bring in accommodating Gear with her fan-most loved Care Package



Ajay Che isn’t somebody you would hope to discover in the Apexlegends Games. When the offspring of well off war profiteers, because of harm her parent done to frontier corp in a war she left her home after knowing that, a helpful association that guides Frontier people group out of luck. She’s since committed her to help other people and to support frontier corp she joined apex legends games and fund them with her rewards.

Since nobody in the Apex Games is blameless — they all recognize what they pursued — and all of her triumphs imply help for those out of luck, she has no issue taking part in the well-known bloodsport. Or on the other hand, so she lets herself know. She may appear to be wry and hard, yet where it counts she needs to help individuals and improve the world. In the event that that implies bringing a couple of individuals down all the while, so let it be. 

Lifeline’s Abilities

Lifeline Apex Legends Abilities
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Lifeline Apex Legends
D.O.C. Heal Drone

D.O.C Heal Drone




60 seconds


Call a D.O.C heal drone which heals her and her teammates.

Ability Info

      • Spots drifting healing drone which is in 3 meters of radius heals all team.
      • a drone can be pushed by players by walking into it, it falls slowly on cliff
      • drone can be healing for 20 seconds by the rate of 7.5 health per second. which is 150 health for each player.
      • The Ring can demolish the drone.


  • Sometimes the D.O.C. Heal Drone has environmental interaction issues. Causing the Heal Drone to go through a Door, Wall, Crate, etc.

Ability Tips

    • Drop the drone while performing different activities where you aren’t moving a lot to achieve two things immediately. For instance, use it…
      • …while battling and behind spread.
      • …previously/while renewing shields to recuperate the two shields and wellbeing simultaneously.
      • …over adversary body-boxes subsequent to completing a battle with the goal that you and your partners can recuperate while plundering.
      • …over a rez reference point or a brought down partner so you can heal while diverting to restore them.
      • On the off chance that a harmed partner is far away yet rushing to Lifeline, it is conceivable to drop the drone early with the goal that Lifeline can progress in position while the partner hurries to the drone for recover.
      • Abstain from utilizing the drone mid-air; it may never arrive at the ground, and in the event that it doesn’t arrive at the ground, at that point it will never begin healing anybody.
      • Push the drone gradually by waking into it, utilize this to cover a touch of separation or reposition marginally while healing.
    • The drone can likewise be all the more emphatically knock around by specific impacts, for example, dash sliding into it, or hazardous impacts, however, these are harder to anticipate.
Combat Revive

Combat Revive






Deploy D.O.C drone to revive teammates while she is free for defend and revive another teammate.

Ability info

      • Creates a shield divider generally before Lifeline at whatever point when her drone revives teammate. after completions shield wall disappears
      • Like Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection, shielded divider hinders all harm and shots from going from it, also projectiles and explosives from partners.
      • Lifeline can use a heal drone to revive one teammate while defending or revive another teammate without shield while using this ability.
      • Blue supply bins also called lifeline bins can be open new compartments while interaction with the only lifeline.

Ability Tips

      • In spite of having a quick restore and a shield to square shots, it is commonly better to not revive partners in a battle without cover because of the high likelihood that they get brought down again promptly a short time later.
      • The shield divider squares projectiles, explosives, and blasts, however, doesn’t hinder player development. Players can go through the shielded divider as though there was nothing there.
      • To get the greater part of this capacity, attempt to revive colleagues behind/close to cover or related to Gibraltar’s arch shield.
      • The shield is profoundly obvious through Bangalore’s smoke or Caustic’s gas.
      • Since the shielded divider is so outwardly self-evident, it can possibly double-cross Lifeline by uncovering her definite situation in a circumstance where adversaries would not have in any case observed her, and additionally by telling foes that she is in the demonstration of restoring when she may have been running or healing.
      • The shield divider makes a slight murmuring/humming commotion while dynamic.
      • Utilize the D.O.C. Mend Drone to heal as of late restored partners, or potentially to recuperate yourself as you healing them.
    • Because of her quicker healing, Lifeline should utilize shield cells (as well as shield batteries) forcefully during battles, much more so than different legends.
Care Package

Care Package




360 seconds


a drop pod with three attachments can give gears, attachments or consumable in it.

Ability Info

      • Care Packages accompany 3 thing openings, each space contains one of the accompanying:
      • Opening 1 (right space comparative with where the consideration package was summoned): Knockdown Shield, Helmet or body shield of level 3
      • Opening 2 (left space): Medkits, Shield Cells, Phoenix Kits, Syringes, and Shield Batteries.
      • Opening 3 (front space): 1x Digital Threat of Level 3 Weapon Attachments, 4x-10x Digital Sniper Threat level 3.
      • In normal care package weapons like Devotion, Kraber and mastiff will not be in lifelines care package
      • emits a blue light when opened, but the lifelines blue care package will never marked in the map.
      • once brought in takes 15 seconds to land.

Ability Tips

      • While not as conspicuous as some other legend’s ultimates, the high possibility of getting Epic-level Body Shields is extremely valuable particularly if your squad hasn’t had the favorable luck to get anything above Common, just as providing Shield Cells and Medkits on the off chance that they have been exhausted after an especially difficult battle.
      • It can be utilized as spread in a region with low covers, or as a venturing stone so as to move up to more prominent statures.
      • Help’s group ought to organize pinging out and giving her most if not the entirety of the Ultimate Accelerants they find, in any event in the early-mid game.
      • Lifeline can utilize her Care Package on Round 8 to occupy about all the room in the last zone, give cover and can be utilized to move up to wellbeing as the disorder unfurls.
      • Care Package ought to, for the most part, be utilized when it falls off cooldown except if your group is stressed over foes being close by or if your group is running from something hazardous.
      • Help care packages are clear and would thus be able to bargain with your group’s accurate position. Be wary when utilizing it, as close by foes may choose to come running over.
      • This issue is exacerbated in the extremely late-game with 2-3 squads remaining, where a little circle makes getting trapped considerably more likely.
      • On the other hand, this can be utilized furthering Lifeline’s potential benefit, as a lure: Lifeline could utilize the bundle away from her group to misdirect foes, or in a spot where her group can watch the consideration bundle and snare whoever comes.
    • In the event that anybody is remaining underneath the bundle as it drops, they will be squashed. This influences partners and adversaries the same.


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