Loba Apex Legends

Loba is a popular Thief who famous as named as Translocating Thief because she is very good at her work and everybody knows that.

Loba is a Legend Coming in Season 5 of Apex Legends. with her Thief based Abilities, she can amaze everyone in the Arena.

Loba Apex Legends
Loba Apex Legends
Real Name –  Loba Andrade
Age            – 34
Home Planet – Unknown
Loba Apex Legends Abilities

Loba is Locked in Apex Legends and to Unlock her,
12000 Legend Token or
750 Apex Coins.

Loba’s Thief based Abilities are very stunning like her, Tactical Ability of Loba is Burglar’s Best Friend in which she uses her Ring/Bracelet and throws it t location where she wants to be a teleport.

her Ability named Supply for Demand can find loot that specific area that can be used to loot location very quickly.

Black Market Boutique is he another Thief based ability where she uses a device which can steal loot of nearby area.

and the last one is Eye of Quality where Loba can open hidden loot bins compartments and also see loot through walls and obstacles.

Loba Abilities

Loba Apex Legends Abilities

Burglars Best Friend




30 seconds


Teleport by throwing jump drive ring bracelets to reach many places of between fights.

Ability Info

  •  By Throwing bracelet to the desired place Loba teleport to that place quickly.
  • 100 meters max distance bracelet can be thrown.
  • While bracelet in midair Loba can force it to drop down straight.
  • There are two Indicators when bracelets were thrown white is for a ring and orange one is for where you going to teleport so use it accordingly clicking where you want to land.

Ability Interaction with Other Legends

  • Revenants tactical Silence can cancel teleport if hit to Loba also when bracelet in air.
  • Bracelet can be bounce on Octanes Launch Pad if thrown correctly.
  • If bracelet was thrown and hit by Surveillance Drone then you teleport to it.

Ability Tips

  • You can throw bracelet through windows and small gaps so don’t forget to take advantage of it.
  • There is a small delay when bracelets have thrown and Loba teleported to place its takes time to pick weapon so keep in mind when throwing bracelet. (use cover)
  • Teleporting behind enemies and attacking them in surprise can also work well.
  • Play out with different places where you can trow bracelet from small gaps enemies will never know that.

Eye for Quality






Epic and legendary loot can be seen through walls and obstacles

Ability info

  • The range of Eye for Quality is 78 meters.
  • Epic, legendary, Red items, and Treasure pack can be seen.
  • Loba can also ping loot for squad mates.

Ability Interaction With Other Legends

This ability is also helpful for squad mates to make sure to ping teams to strengthen your squad.

Ability Tips

  •  If you see any Items disappeared from its place you can know the location of the enemy or someone is nearby. (it’s easy to ping them with mid-range or sniper scopes)

Black Market Boutique




90 seconds


Loba places a device which teleports loot of nearby area. anyone can use it up to two teams.

Ability Info

  • After placing Black Market it shows items in 78 meters radius also shown in minimap. takes 4.5 seconds to access
  • Items in this radius hover of the ground slightly.
  • and when picked a trail followed to Black Market.
  • The black market can be destroyed and has 100 health.
  • The black market can also be collapse by pressing E and the new Black market collapses old one.

Ability interaction with other Legends

  • Ultimate Accelarent only charge 20% unless 35% 
  • Care Packages can be looted after opened.
  • It can take items from the vaults and Bloodhound Trails.
  • Grappling Hook of Pathfinder can be Attached to the Black market.

Ability Tips

  • Make sure your teammates can also benefit from the market before retrieving it.
  • Only two items can be picked so give teammates what they want or take from them something if a slot is empty to take an item.
  • you can also drop the gear and pick one for a teammate but make sure you are not picking up a team you dropped.
  • you can loot care package when it gets opened, so if you are fast enough you can take care package item before the enemy.


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