Loba is coming in Apex Legends Mobile

Loba is coming in Apex Legends Mobile

legends, that is right Loba is the next legend coming to apex mobile if you load up the game right now which says that the diamonds in the snow a mysterious legend is coming go find her diamond pieces from the vaults located at world’s edge in match mode.

Loba is the next legend coming to apex mobile
Loba is the next legend coming to apex mobile.

And then if you head on over to the diamond in the snow event it shows an empty vault where the only way to access it is going and picking up diamond pieces from the vaults located in world’s edge but it’s limited to one per day.

diamond in the snow event
diamond in the snow event

If you click the little icon it actually shows what rewards you get for completing this which is a new weapon skin and a hollow spray and some seasonal currency the event runs from the 6th of June until the 15th so that’s 9 days to complete it.

How to Get Loba Pieces

Now to get the pieces you have to find the volts and the vault keys to open the vaults there are two vaults in world’s edge one is between the train station and fuel depot inside the cave and the other one is in the cave next to lava city.

Screenshot 52
Screenshot 53

now when you walk up to the cave you will notice the event symbols on the wall and then above the actual bowl and if you look inside the vault you will actually see loba’s ultimate ability the black market.

The vault is currently locked and you actually need a volt key to unlock it now to get the volt key you need to go find one of the flying drones that turn different colors these drones are basically loot drone so when destroyed they fall from the sky you shoot them down and they basically give you a load of cool loot.

apex legends loot drone

the drone changes color from blue to purple and to gold which all represent different levels of loot so if you destroy it when it’s gold you’ll get some gold items if you destroy it when it’s purple you’ll get some purple items now to get the vault key We found that shooting the drone when it’s purple gives you a higher chance to get the key.

The drone next to the train station vault is always floating around the open field at the bottom of the cave on the map and the other one in lava city is always floating towards the back of lava towards the cliff now once you have the key head back to the vault and you will find lots of cool loot including the Loba ultimate black market.

Unfortunately you can’t use the black market but you can collect it for the event once you and your team have collected the black market it will disappear and you will have to wait until the next day to go and collect another one now once this is done head on over back to the seasonal events page and you will see that one piece is collected out of three.

NEW LEGEND LOBA In Apex Legends Mobile
NEW LEGEND LOBA In Apex Legends Mobile

now the rewards aren’t the greatest rewards but on pc and console version usually when you complete a seasonal reward you get something cooler when the event ends so don’t risk not doing this guys go and do it right now because when loba comes you might get a special skin before completing the event.

Also when you do these seasonal events you get seasonal currency which can actually be used in the seasonal store to redeem some cool rewards.

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