Mirage apex legends

A Handsome boy, Holographic expert, and exceptional in fooling enemies with his abilities. In Apex Legends Miraj has all his abilities dedicated to decoys, he fools enemies by his decoys and takes them down by surprize.


Mirage apex legends  lore
Real Name –  Elliot R. Witt
Age              -30
Home Planet -Solace


Mirage apex legends Abilities

Miraj comes locked in Apex legends that need in-game currency to unlock. which is
750 Apex Coins or
12000 Legend Tokens

Miraj can use his Offensive abilities in-game to confuse and distract enemies and take them out with surprise saying,

“You Got Bamboozled” 

Miraj’s Tactical Ability Psyche Out can help him to create one decoy in any directions.
Miraj Passive Ability Now you see Me is a lifesaver when he gets knocked out he creates decoys and cloak himself to stay safe.
And have Ultimate Ability Life of the Party which creates teams of decoys and cloak himself up to flank or escape unnoticed.


 Miraj is a nice guy who likes to have the attention of peoples. he created an art of fooling around people to get their attention. more of a guy who has fond of standing out. He learned about Holo Pilot tech. which is created by his mother Evelyn Witt who introduced an illusion making technology. Elliott and his mother continue their hard work in holo technology. Miraj has four brothers, one got missing during the frontier war. the family still struggling but keep their research and development in Holo devices that brought them close to success. 
To make some extra money he started working in Paradise Lounge as a bartender in Solace City. he learned a lot of things about Apex Games and fame and glory come when victory. But he doesn’t want to leave his mother until a day his mother gave him a holo device that is fully customized and told him to go for his dreams.
Miraj now Charms the audience in-game and he is now the best one of them.

Miraj Abilities

Mirage apex legends Abilities 

Psyche Out

Miraj Apex Legends Tactical Abilitity
Ability Type

Tactical Ability

Cooldown Time 15 sec.
Description of Ability Miraj sends a Holo decoy to confuse enemies.
  • Miraj sends a holographic decoy which is duplicate of him in a straight line where ever we targeted him to go.
  • The decoy can be controlled by the mimic action button H
  • When decoy shoots down with enemy shots Miraj and his teammates get a location in a map where that enemy is shooting from also a distance of the enemy.
  • Ability reactivates again when decoy gets vanish in 15 seconds.
  • You can replicate decoy as crouching, running or walking if you decoy in midair it shill gets momentum of your Miraj. the decoy can not ride on Ziplines or Climb Walls.
  •  After reaching the target location decoy stands there and performs ‘Inspecting Weapon’ animation.
  • holding tactical button will release decoy from control.


  •  Decoy not only disappears when hit by gunshots but also other forms of damages like grenades. Including Defensive Bombardment, Bangalore’s Rolling thunder, Perimeter Security or Caustics Nox Gas Traps, which can be used to find the location of enemies.
  • The decoy cannot walk through Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection, and go through Wrath’s Dimensional Rift.
  • Decoys disappear in midair when they using Launch Pad when reached to a targeted location, when the target location is on Launch pad decoy jumps up and down on it.
  • Decoys don’t leave tracks for a bloodhound, but highlights by his Beast of Hunt and Eye of Allfather Abilities.


  • Send decoy towards traps like Caustics Nox Gas Trap or Perimeter Security so you will know the position of the enemy. Use decoy when rushing also it distracts the enemy and if they fire on it you will get their location easily.
  •  Send decoy at the window or near doors so the enemy will shoot them. also if you want to show teammates where the enemy is, let the enemy shoot decoy and teammates will know that by checking a map.
  • When decoy has been shot down by enemy it absorbs damage and gets vanished sometime its lifesaver when enemy using snipers or shotguns. 
  • Sometime Enemy is smarter they don’t hit decoys play them by acting like a decoy or run in other direction straight to fool them. (Worked many times)
  •  If an enemy is blocking the door send decoy toward door since cant open door but it will stand there distracting enemy while you frank them and kill them.
  • The decoy can be used in many ways possible to fool the enemy. just master the tactic with practicing.

Now You See Me..

Miraj Apex Legends Passive Abilities

Ability Type

Passive Ability

Cooldown Time N/A sec.
Description of Ability When knocked down automatically drop a decoy and cloak for 5 sec.
  • When knocked down, Leaves decoy that pretends to be dying and make himself invisible for 5 sec. 
  • An enemy can carry out an execution on that decoy, decoy pretends like dying and falls on its knees.
  • Clockes when using respawn beacon or reviving teammates.
  • The enemy can see Miraj’s holo emitters when they are less than 5 meters away.


  • Do not use a knockdown shield when you get vanished because enemies can see it. use it only when getting shot.
  •  Make sure to create distance with the enemy by moving, if you on a ledge or in high place drop down and find a safe place to wait for teammates or self revive.
  • While the clocked movement of dust particles can be visible when crawling, it gives hint to the enemy where you are.

Life of the Party

Ability Type


Ultimate Ability

Deploy a team of controllable decoys to confuse enemies.
 Cooldown Time -60 sec. .
  • When activated Miraj deploys 5 decoys around him which are controllable
  • Turns invisible for 1 second before deploying decoys.


  • Miraj does not get clocked but instead, it’s easy to fool enemies from with decoys who mimic you.
  • Don’t use the ability while in Nox gas because they will disappear after single damage from it.

Because of this holographic Abilities Miraj also named Holographic Trickster in Apex Legends. Besides all his holographic decoy abilities you cannot fool each and every enemy with it, so use Miraj aggressively as possible to not losing fights.
Miraj Tactical ability can be used many times so take advantage of it whenever possible.


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