Octane Apex Legends Ability Pro Tips with Full Guide

In Apex Legends Octane is the only guy who can beat anyone with his speed that’s why he named High-speed Daredevil. Octane is an Adrenaline Junkie who likes to do breathtaking stunts for fun. Octane has a tattoo in his left arm saying ‘Plus Ultra‘ which is Latin phrase means further beyond.

Apex Legends Octane
Real Name –  Octavio Silva
Age              – 24
Home Planet –  Psamathe


Apex Legends Octane Abilities

 Octane came in Apex Legends Games in Season 1 and Comes locked in the base game. While unlocked by,
12,000 Legends Tokens.
750 Apex Coins.

Octane has abilities that are more focused toward speed and in Apex Legends speed can be a greater advantage as legends.
Octane Tactical Ability Stim can give him extra speed while in movements.
His Passive Ability Swift Mend helps him to heal over time and his Ultimate Ability Launch Pad can help him and teammates to jump for over a long distance to cover more distance or to flank enemies going in higher spots.


Octane is CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals and really happy with his life, wants nothing more for his life. He is heir to his company and occupied with work. but he bored most of his days, so he tries to entertain himself by executing deadly stunts and posting it for his fans to watch that stunts without blinking. that not enough so he decided one that he will race towards gauntlet by throwing himself to finish line – using a grenade. After he found that it is his best day in the life.

After this incident being over hours in triage, doctors said to him that his days of performing stunts are over now because he lost his one leg in that accident. but Octane is not someone who can lose hope so easily after that he goes to an old friend of his: Ajay Che, Ajay worked hard to replace his leg with bionic one and repairs his limbs. After recovering from injuries octane decides these stunts are not enough for him so he wanted to try more adrenaline rush with Apex Games and doing incredible stunts in Apex Legends. this is the place where he is not so bored.

Octane Abilities 

Octane Apex Legends All Abilities


Stim Octane Apex Legends Tactical Ability
Ability Type Tactical Ability
Cooldown Time 2 sec.
Description of Ability for 6 seconds moves 40% faster in the cost of health.
  • It takes 10 health to gain a 40% fast speed for 6 seconds duration.
  • Enemy attacks that slow down is less effective while the ability is active.
  • Using this Ability when health is below 10 can put health to 1.


  • Stim can be very effective in flanking enemies while they focus on one point you can use this ability to flank them and take them down using another angle.
  • Don’t use this ability in normal situations because it costs health and keeps tracking your health, do not explore new areas with less health.
  • you cannot kill yourself using this ability still you became an easy target for enemies, and health can be crucial in fights so don’t overuse this ability, using stim in intense fights is a must. a faster speed can help here.
  • Use Stim for flanking enemies from long paths, enemies never expect you taking long paths flank because it takes less time in faster speed and reduced time to long flank can help in fights.

Swift Mend

Swift Mend  Octane Apex Legends Passive Ability
Ability Type Passive Ability
Cooldown Time N/A
Description of Ability Restores health automatically over time.
  • Every two seconds, octane restores 1 health while not taking any damage. 


  • This Ability can help you to regenerate health over time so keep track of stim shot use and watch health regeneration can lower the amount of Med-kit and Syringes to use. 
  • The easiest way to track down health regeneration is to take health you needed to restore and double it to know the time it will take to regenerate.
  • does not works when Stim is active.
  • this will not heal you in fast so use Syringes and Med-kits whenever necessary. do not dependent on this ability to heal you up fully. if you have health lower then go ahead and use those healing, while If you have little health to healed then it’s okay to count on it.

Launch Pad

apex legends octane Ultimate abilities
Ability Type Ultimate Ability
Cooldown Time 60 sec.
Description of Ability Throws a jump pad that can catapult anyone in air.
  • Octane can double jump in the air after using launch pad making him change direction in midair.
  • Up to four Launch Pads can be activated at once on the map. Launch Pads have 200 health.
  • jumping just before touching Launch Pad will make jump higher.


  • An object thrown at Launch Pads can travel to extended distance such as:

          * Grenade of all types such as Arc Stars, Thermite Grenade and Frag Grenades, Also Smoke Canisters of Bangalore and Silence of Revenant.

          *  Also flares and Grenades of Rolling Thunder of Bangalore, Defensive Bombardment of Gibraltar and Nox Gas Grenade of Caustic.
           * Throw-able objects like D.O.C Heal Drone of Lifeline, Dome Of Protection of Gibraltar, Nox Gas Trap of Caustic and also other Launch Pads.
  • Miraj’s decoys can also jump on Lunch Pads like real players.
  • While using Into the Void, Wraith cannot jump on Launch Pads.


  • Launch Pad placed in between doors can make the door impassable. (even if tried to go from the side) other than that using Launch Pads indoors is not a good idea.
  • Knocked down teammate can also use Launch Pads if a position is not favorable to revive them use Launch pad to take them at a safe place.
  • If you jump just before hitting to Launch Pad can give extra height and jumps a little further.
  •  If you placed Launch Pad directly under you then you can jump upward.
  • Use Launch Pad to Flank enemies from bigger rocks and buildings very fast it also helps if you want to go for cover and heal up or to run away from fights at the right time.
  • You can also shoot enemies or throw a Grenade on them while in midair, it takes lots of practice though try it in Firing Range and perfecting it can turn the tide of fights in your favor.
  • placing one Launch Pad on Another can bounce you back two furthermore distance.

Octane is perfect for those who want extra speed while playing and who enjoys fast-paced gameplay. Octane’s abilities are easy to use but adding variation in it and being unpredictable for enemies can win you more fight than you imagine.


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