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In Apex Legends Pathfinder is called as a forward scout. Pathfinders Ability of Grappling and Zipline can allow him to move across the map efficiently and insider knowledge can help to find the next ring. Pathfinder is a robot with great voice lines and lots of ropes.


pathfinder apex legends lore
Real Name –  MRVN
Age              -Unknown
Home Planet – Unknown


pathfinder apex legends abilities

Pathfinder is already comes unlocked in Apex Legends.

Pathfinder is one of the best Recon Legend in Apex Games. his ability of Grappling Hook can allow him to reach High places and reposition tactically when needed.
Insider Knowledge can help him and squadmates to know where the next ring going to be.
Zipline Gun can provide a zip line that allows reposition or a quick escape. 


 Pathfinder is MRVN which means Mobile Robotic Versatile eNtity modified specially for scouting and location surveying.
He automatically booted up years ago in a deserted laboratory having no idea of his creator. just has MRVM design to know what his identity is, so he went to search his creator.

Pathfinder traveled since then to find his creator but no success in that he did many odd jobs to find his creator then he gains information about Apex Games and in order to get the attention of his maker he joined bloodsport and famous about his helping nature and always enthusiastic to make new friends (or to shoot them) 

Pathfinder’s Abilities

pathfinder apex legends abilities


Grappling Hook

Grapling hook Apex Legends pathfinder Tactical abilities
Ability Type

Tactical Ability

Cooldown Time 35 sec.
Description of Ability Grapple to quickly reach any place he wants.
  • Throws a Grappling Hook that attaches to the first contacted object ( also Ziplines and players) and pulls pathfinder towards it.
  • If Grappling Hook attached with a player it pulls both together.
  • grapple range is 21 meters while pathfinders crosshair indicates as blue when Grappling Hook can within the range of you pointing at.
  • Instead of getting pulled in straight, you can swing to side direction by changing angle if angle reaches 90 degrees it disconnects.


  •  If grapple on Zipline pathfinder can ride on it after reeling grappling hook.
  •  Grapple can connect to the Surveillance drone of Crypto.


  • The grappling hook can be used on an enemy but keep in mind that he can also shoot you while hooking retraction.
  • The grapple can be thrown and attached to any object you can change your momentum by changing direction. at 90 degrees angle, you get detached from it if you want.
  • The grapple can be very useful to get at higher locations or to flank enemy both give high advantages in battle. 
  • crouch button cancels animation at any time you want. 

Insider Knowledge

Insider knowledge Apex Legends pathfinder passive ability
Ability Type Passive Ability
Cooldown Time N/A sec.
Description of Ability Revels next Rings location by scanning survey beacon
  • There are 12 survey beacon presents in a match and scanning one can give the location of the next circle after the current circle..
  •  when using survey beacon it takes 7 seconds to interact so you are vulnerable at that time.


  • You can ping survey beacons. if you are pathfinder you can ping it to intend of scanning it, other legends can use ping to let pathfinder know survey beacon is there.
  • when the next round starts, the survey beacon can use again.

Zipline Gun

Zipline gun Apex Legends pathfinder Ultimate abilities
Ability Type Ultimate Ability
Cooldown Time 120 sec.
Description of Ability Creates a Zipline, can be used by everyone.
  • Creates a Zipline to target location from the current location which can be used by everyone including enemies.
  • Up to 4 Zipline can be activated on map and Zipline can go a maximum of 100 meters. 
  •  there are many places where players can’t reach but using Zipline it is possible to go to unexpected locations in the map.


  • Zipline can be used to move quickly in the map (escaping from the ring ), get in a fight or escape from tough fights or to get unreachable locations.
  • you can interrupt using Zipline by the selection of other items like weapon or healing and also grappling hook ability. 
  • enemies can also use ziplines so don’t get rushed by them. using trap at the end of Zipline can make enemies slower and vulnerable to attack. 
  • while going on Zipline be careful you can be an easy target of the enemy while the enemy can take advantage of your inactivity while moving.
  • Sending Zipline directly in a battle zone is not a very good idea use to flanking if you knocked out the enemy from distance manage it according to a situation to get there. 
  • you can also use Zipline to escape from dangerous positions. the team also can get the benefit of Zipline. 

 Pathfinder is a robot with abilities of Recon with using Grappling hook, and Zipline Gun can be very good to move around the map quickly and effectively also carrying the teammates towards the location we want. If used correctly Pathfinder can be utilized in both fight or flight conditions.

Pathfinder Hairloom (Boxing Gloves) – 

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