Play Apex Legends on Mobile working methods

Play Apex Legends in Mobile
A lot of you guys searching for how to play apex legends on mobile, when will apex legends mobile will come and so many fuzzes about apex legends mobile.
so here I will be going to tell you All ways you can play apex legends on mobile
Play Apex Legends in Mobile

here I will tell you All methods you can play apex legends on your mobile using Android,IOS,Emulator and even cloud gaming platforms.

Apex Legends Mobile IOS & Android Beta 2 Methods

Apex Legends Mobile in Emulator for PC

Play Apex Legends Mobile on Android (APK & OBB)

Play Apex Legends Mobile Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming 

1.Nvidia’s Gforce Now 

Nvidia recently launched a Gforce Now cloud gaming platform that is completely compatible with android devices and can enjoy playing apex legends and many more games with seamless Nvidia gaming.

don’t even have to download the game to play saves you lots of space on mobile devices still enjoying your favorite games.

Play Apex Legends in Mobile

now let’s get started with it.

  • first time installing it then need to create an account in Nvidia Gforce Now if you have an account already then sign in directly. 
  • to play apex legends on Nvidia Gforce Now you need to add apex legends in-game library first, but in order to play apex legends, EA account is also needed if you have one sign in with else create EA account and sign in with it.

that’s it now you can play apex legends on your mobile without any hassle.

Nvidia Gforce Now Currently has two plans…

Free: Standard Access, 1 Hour Session Length.

Founders: Priority Access, Extended session length, RTX ON

Nvidia Gforce Now supports only android devices for now.

To play Apex legends in Nvidia Gforce Now, an external game-pad like a Bluetooth controller is needed to play, if you have a controller of X-box, PS4, or any other then you are good to go. (next platform don’t need a controller)

In matchmaking, you’ll face PC players so it gets tough out there but in time you’ll get used to it and dominate them with your playing.

2. Vortex Cloud Gaming

If you want to play Apex legends on mobile Vortex Cloud Gaming will cover you up with its top-notch Cloud Gaming experience, Vortex has lots of features and it is very much compatible with all devices, vortex cloud gaming has its own feature where you can set up a layout of buttons on mobile and you set to play without any gamepad and controllers.

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  •     Open up  Vortex Cloud Gaming and  Create an account to get into it.
  •     Search for the apex legends game and connect with your EA account.
  •     Before playing configure your game layouts as you want.

Enjoy apex legends on your mobile.

Vortex Cloud Gaming supports only in Android, for now, so Ios devices must wait till the Apex Legends mobile version launch.

Vortex cloud gaming is not free you need to purchase plans for casual or heavy gamers. which are…

Mobile – $9.99 – , play 50 hours/month,  includes 65 games

Premium – $19.99 – play 80 hours/month,  includes 217 games

Ultra – $29.99 – play 140 hours/month, includes 465 games

That’s not so costly if you think of buying a PC, Xbox, or any other gaming device.

you can just enjoy gaming with your android device which is also fun and lots of its advantages.

So here are two ways you can play apex legends on mobile both are on cloud gaming but works 100% and ensure seamless gaming.

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