Play Apex Legends Mobile on Android (APK & OBB)

Apex Legends Mobile Regional beta

Finally, the apex legends mobile soft launch beta for download is now available on android We have been playing Apex Legends Mobile for some time now and really find it interesting, and today in this article.

We will show you how to download and play Apex Legends Mobile right now on your phone. so first of all the game looks awesome and the graphic looks amazing this is the PUBG mobile killer and if you’re also tired of waiting for PUBG mobile then I’m sure you’ll find this game a very good game.

Apex Legends Mobile Regional beta

so without any further ado let’s begin the process first of all guys there are few apks available online which will not work properly and you will get the google license verification error so if you’re getting that error then this article will help you to play this game right away on your phone.

and also if you already downloaded the obb data file from anywhere then don’t delete it as it might work with the apk we’re going to show you in this article.

Apex Legends Mobile Global Update 12th May 2022.

apex legends mobile Global has been Lauched 12th may, to the current world events we made the decision to shift the limited regional launch of apex legends mobile our intention is now to release the game to participate in countries on march the 7th pacific standard time.

First Try using VPN and method listed below, its for IOS and Android

Download APK and OBB only if methods did’nt works…

Apex Legends Mobile Global APK Download link

1. First you need to download the apk file.

Apex Legends Mobile Global APK & OBB download link.

2. Now you need to install the apk on your phone now once the apk is installed you need to open the game and wait for an error message.

and now just tap ok and provide the permission which you see on the screen.

3. If you already have the previous version of Apex Legends Mobile installed then uninstall it.

4. If Game Doesn’t Create OBB Folder then go to Android/OBB and Create Folder name –

5. After installation opens the game and download the necessary resources.

6. That’s it you’re now ready to play Apex Legends Mobile when you start the game for the first time it will download an update so wait till it gets installed and here it is we’re on the login page and now you can play as a guest or sign up with the Facebook or your google id.

this was a simple tutorial on how to install the apex legends mobile on any android phone let us know if you have any questions or queries or if you are getting any error messages let us know in the Forum section.

  • Apex Legends Mobile Beta
  • Apex Legends Mobile Beta
  • Apex Legends Mobile Beta


How many GB (Size) is Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile APK is 78 MB and OBB is Nearly 1 GB after Successful installation game updates about 1.5 GB online makes the full game 2.7 GB whole

When Does Apex Legends Mobile come out?

Apex Legends Mobile is in a beta stage from year and game launched Globally at 17 May 2022.

How to get Apex Legends Mobile beta?

From App Store. or
Simply by Downloading APK and OBB given and Following the process.

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