Rampart Apex Legends

Rampart is a brand new Legend came in season 6 and become one of the best Defensive Legend in Apex Legends Arena. 

She loves to mod weapons from her young age which is became her business afterwards and in all the outlands she is best weapon modder you can find.

With her Defensive Abilities and Sheila she can Dominating Apex Legends.

Rampart Apex Legends
Rampart Apex Legends

Real Name –  Ramya Parekh

Age – 21

Home World – Gaea

Rampart Abilities

In Apex Legends Rampart comes locked in but you can Unlock Her with

750 Apex Coins or

1200 Legend Tokens

Being A weapon modder can gives her lot of advantages in her Ability which are specially made for defense but some time Sheila can be real dominating.

Rampart’s Tactical Ability is Amped Cover which is A cover helps to shoot her and her teammates through wall without getting heat.

Ramparts Passive Ability which is Modded Loader Can gives ability to get most out of LMG’s extending their magazine size making it best in modder hands of Rampart.

And at last her Ultimate Ability Emplaced Minigun ‘Sheila’ can rain the bullets for enemies which makes them run for there lives

Ramparts Abilities

Rampart Apex Legends
Rampart Apex Legends
Rampart Abilities

Amped Cover




30 seconds


Built a Wall of Amp cover to protect any one who want to use it which deflect damage from one side.

Ability Info

  • Every 30 seconds we gain 1 charge and in this ability we hold 3 charge at a time.
  • Outgoing damage boost by 20%. Once amp damage we can shooting though an multiple walls and after the first wall and all wall also destoyed.
  • The amped barries and base have seperate-separate health: the amped barries health has 175 and the base health has 400 amped cover can be desroyed in 1 hit during the needs 4.5 seconds to can deployed.
  • Non-damaged cover can once picked-up and restore one charge

Ability Interaction with Other Legends

  • The amped barriers can be destroyed by crypto’s drone EMP.
  • The amped barriers can  be damaged by Caustic’s Nox Gas Trap and Nox Gas Grenade
  • If the amped cover is under the frag grenade’s or arc star’s explosive radius, the damage deals always 200 damage of its base
  • the amped cover base damages by only thermite grenade.

Ability Tips

  • While first amped cover is destroyed then making an another amped cover behind that makes harder for enemy to destroy it.
  • Always consider orange for enemy side and purple for us.
  • Grenade’s explosion can be prevented by deployment of amped cover.
Modded Loader-apex-legends

Modded Loader






Reduce the reloading time and increase the magazine capacity when using LMG’s and the Minigun.

Ability info

  • Reduce the reloading time of guns by 25% and increase  magazine capacity by 15%.

Ability Interaction With Other Legends

  • Magazine capacity increase by include:
  • Devotion: 36→41/40→46/44→51/48→55
  • L-STAR EMG: 23→27
  • Spitfire: 35→40/40→46/45→52/55→63
  • Sheila: 150→173

Ability Tips

  • While using two L-star with rampart, changing gun when it reaches a critical and start reloading animation. it makes unlimited ammo L-star.

Emplaced Minigun "Sheila"




120 seconds


Rampart comes with high mazagine and size with “sheila’ which also has long realoading time. (Max: 3)

Ability Info

  • While deployed, the health of sheila is 360 and a magazine capacity is 150 (173 ammo with an Modded Loader), infinite reserve capacity ammo.
  • The damage of sheila per bullet is 14 and by headshot can 2x multiplied damage and leg damage also 14, The fire rate is 20 bullets per seconds.
  • Required 2 seconds barrels to spin up
  • Sheila comes with built in sight which is 1x to 3x and can be switched using sprint button.
  • Rampart can be able to pick only undamaged mini-gun and it charges it 50% of ability back.

Ability interaction with other Legends

  • Any Legend can use Sheila if its not broken and have 2 inspection animation for sheila but only one for other legends.
  • It gets destroyed by only two melee attack of enemy.

Ability Tips

  • Its always wise to use Amped cover before sheila to protect you.
  • Also creating amped cover at sides or back can save you from many shots.
  • If enemies running for zone or combed in one place make sure to use Sheila with its full force and also placement is key.
  • Always take Sheila back if you and your teammates done with it because enemy can use it against you. (also charge 50% ultimate)


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